5 Best Vibrating Dog Collars (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Obedience training is an essential part of being a dog owner and vibrating collars can be an effective and humane tool in the process.  The vibrating collar is used primarily to stop excessive barking and uses a gentle vibration and tone instead of an electrical shock.  These no-shock options are proving popular to help dog owners correct barking behavior quickly and effectively.

Best Vibrating Dog Collar

Here are our vibrating dog collar reviews.

1. Dog Rook Bark Collar

Dogrook Rechargeable Bark Collar Humane, No Shock Training Collar Action Without Remote Vibrat

The Dog Rook Bark Collar is a popular no-shock training collar for small to large dog breeds.  The collar is water-resistant and is also available in a rechargeable model.

  • Suitable for dogs from 10 to 110 lbs.
  • Intensity and tone increase if barking continues
  • Many colors and styles available
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2. Wolfwill Remote Dog Training Collar

Wolfwill 100% Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar 1980ft Blind Operation With

The Wolfwill Remote Dog Training Collar is a completely waterproof and rechargeable remote-controlled dog training collar. This economical collar has three modes: tone, vibration (levels 1 to 16) and light.

  • Suitable for dogs from 22 to 88 lbs.
  • Remote range up to 1980 ft.
  • Comes with belt strap, finger ring and neck strap
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3. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Trainer

Educator E Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

The Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Trainer is a remote-controlled no-shock collar that uses a tapping sensation and Pavlovian tone to control barking.  This premium collar features two sets of contact points, a rechargeable lithium battery and up to ¾ mile remote range.

  • Set-and-lock stimulation levels from 1 to 100
  • LED light on collar for night use
  • Rechargeable – full charge in two hours
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4. Authen Bark Collar

Authen Bark Collar Barking Control Training Collar With Beep Vibration And No Harm Shock

The Authen Bark Collar is a highly rated and economical training collar with three training modes: beep, vibration and “no-harm shock,” as well as a no-shock setting.  The collar has five levels of adjustable sensitivity for almost all dog sizes.

  • Suitable for dogs from 7 to 120 lbs.
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable battery
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5. No Shock Bark Collar for Small to Large Dogs

Nps No Shock Bark Collar For Small To Large Dogs Smart Chip Adjusts To Stop Barking In 1 Minute

The No Shock Bark Collar by NPS runs through seven cycles of sound and vibration intensity in one minute. The bark detection system filters external sounds to prevent false triggers.

  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • For dogs from 6 to 120 lbs.
  • Battery-powered (batteries included)
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Vibrating Collar Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right vibrating collar is important for the success of anti-bark training.  A negative experience with “false triggers” (tones/vibrations when the dog simply shakes or growls, or a trigger from a nearby barking dog, for example) may confuse your dog and make the process much longer.  Investing in a quality collar can help prevent a negative outcome and successfully end the excessive barking problem.

Our buying guide reviews the best vibrating collars on the market so you can choose the right collar for your dog.  The following features should be considered when purchasing the vibrating collar that will work best for your needs.

Remote Control

Vibrating dog collars are often available as remote-controlled collars, where the dog owner initiates the vibration and intensity, as needed. This allows the owner to control when and how often the vibration occurs and prevents false triggers.  Alternatively, hands-free vibrating dog collars are initiated by the barking of the dog via microchip, and usually increase in intensity if the barking continues.

Vibration Modes

Most vibrating dog collars have several levels of vibration.  If the unit is controlled by the user via remote, the intensity is also controlled by the user and can often be locked at a particular level that is suitable for the dog.  Be sure that you choose a vibrating collar with a wide range of intensities. This will give your dog a chance to correct the behavior while the intensity is still low. Vibrating collars usually deliver a tone or beep before the vibration to help the dog associate the discomfort with the tone, so eventually the dog will stop barking upon hearing the tone alone.

Battery Life

Vibrating dog collars are battery-operated. While some have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, others require batteries to be changed after a period of time.  Ensure you have extra batteries, if necessary, and choose a collar with a long battery life or a rechargeable battery to ensure that the dog is not confused during training if the collar stops working.

Style and Comfort

There are many different styles, colors and patterns of vibrating dog collars, and it ultimately depends on your personal preference which one you choose. The important thing is that the collar is comfortable and safe for your dog. Choose a vibrating collar that is made in a hypo-allergenic material, is lightweight and is adjustable. Many of these collars also have an overvoltage safety switch, that turns the light and vibration off in case of default.

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