American Bully Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Bully Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe American Bully is one of the most spectacular dog breeds in the breeding market. These hybrids have become quite famous due to their humungous, muscular build.

You might get deceived by their large size, thinking them as some, fierce dogs. You might be amazed if you get to know that they are quite friendly. These dogs can perform their duties well as a companion dog.

American Bully History

The American Bully is known to join the breeding world between the 1980s-1990s and is quite a new breed. These dogs have been recognized by some significant Kennel clubs like UKC quite recently.

They were a hybrid that was developed by mixing the American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. However, according to some researchers, these dogs were also influenced by American Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Olde English Bulldogges, and English Bulldogs.

Upon first interaction, people mostly mistake them as American Pitbulls or the American Bulldog. Those of you who know how to observe dogs will understand that there are some significant differences between them.

These hybrids were selectively bred meticulously to ensure that the traits of aggressiveness were removed. The American Pitbull Terriers were known to have hunting instincts, so the breeders tried removing this trait from the American Bully to ensure that these dogs become an ideal choice as a family pet.

American Bully Characteristics

The muscular American Bully is reported to come in four different sizes and has been allotted with unique names. The shortest one is called the pocket version. In this version, the males are under 17 inches tall while the females are under 14 inches. Then there is a Standard version followed by the Classic version.

After that, there is an XL version. The biggest of all is the XXL American Bully. These spectacular dogs are up to 23 inches tall and can weigh around 120 pounds.

The one thing that is common in all the sizes is the ultimate muscular build. These dogs have a well-proportioned head, a large nose, broad muzzle, and cheeks. Their facial features are excellent and well-defined.

Their nose can be of black, brown, blue or isabella in color. They have a broad, deep, and muscular chest and strong legs.

These dogs have a shorter coat, which gives them a silky-smooth look. Their fur is found in several colors, including sable, brindle, black, brown, and others.

American Bully Temperament/Personality

The American Bully is known to be a sweet pet. If you have kids and are looking out for a dog that can get along with them, voilà! The American Bully is the dog for you. These dogs love to stay around children and play with them. These dogs are known to have an amiable nature; therefore, they are not suitable as your guard dogs.

These affectionate dogs are loyal to their owners. Although these dogs are not bred to show aggression, they are known to have a canine drive when they see other dogs. They are not known to have good relations with other pets. So, we would suggest you socialize them early to improve their relationships with other pets.

Caring for American Bully

You might be wondering how difficult it would be to pet these dogs. For your ease, we have shared all the necessary details regarding their care, below.

American Bully Nutrition

Observing the size and muscle mass of these dogs, we suggest you feed them 4 cups of kibble per day. These dogs have high dietary requirements. However, it is also true that they might suffer from obesity like other large dogs.

We would suggest you buy a high-quality kibble for these dogs. Due to their large size, the American Bullies often face a joint pain issue. You can add glucosamine supplements in their diet to avoid such situations. It is also necessary that you keep your dog well hydrated throughout the day.

American Bully Grooming

The smooth and glossy American Bully does not require heavy grooming. These dogs are known to be moderate shedders, so it will be fine if you brush them just a few times weekly. You may use a bristle brush in this regard.

However, it is essential to brush their teeth regularly to ensure dental hygiene. You should also keep a keen check on the cleanliness of their ears and their nail growth. Their ears should be cleaned every week using a soft cotton cloth.

American Bully Activity Levels

The American Bully will need a significant amount of exercise daily. Their physical activities depend much on their sizes. The XXL American Bully requires a higher level of movement, while the Pocket version cannot do much due to a lesser muscle mass and shorter legs.

On average, these dogs require a moderate level of exercise. This includes at least a 60-minute walk daily. Per week, the American Bully likes to walk or run at least 12 miles to stay fit.

American Bully Maintenance

We have observed that if you pet an American Bully, it will not be much hard for you to maintain them well. This is one of the reasons why these dogs have gained such massive popularity in such a short time. It is not much difficult to train these dogs even.

You are only supposed to keep a proper check on their hygiene, diet, and activity levels, and it is evident that it is not that difficult to do that.

American Bully Health

Since an American Bully is a new breed, the researchers are not sure of all the health disorders which might afflict these dogs. However, due to their large size and muscular build, these dogs might be susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia.

It is also seen that these dogs are at risk of having BOAS, which is associated with breathing problems. They might also encounter cherry eyes. However, if these dogs stay healthy, they can stay by your side for around 12 years.

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