5 Best Dog Toys for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (Reviews Updated 2022)

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All Cavalier King Charles Spaniels need a favourite toy to distract and entertain them. They’re ideal for relieving stress, whilst also working on keeping and maintaining healthy jaws and teeth. They love to play chase and catch, so take the time to find a toy to keep them happy. You can use them to train and teach them some essential ground rules.

We all know that chewing and biting is well up there in their playtime pleasures, so if you want to make sure you’re buying the right toy to give optimum hours of fun find a soft, rubbery toy that is good for their them too. Here we’ve put together a selection of the best toys to keep you Cavalier King Charles busy and also help develop their brain and behaviour.

Take a look at our selection of the best dog toys on the market for your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

Best Dog Toys for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Here are our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog toy reviews.

1. OOKU Teeth Cleaning Dog Chew Toy

Ooku Teeth Cleaning Dog Chew Toy

OOKU have created the ultimate healthy chew toy with this soft, circular rubber toothbrush. It is made from natural eco-friendly, durable rubber to withstand damage. The uneven ridges on the round hook help grind away at the plaque and tartar that can build up and effectively cleans your pedigrees teeth, whilst he plays with it.

  • 360 degree cleaning mechanism
  • Multifunctional healthy chew design
  • 100% natural rubber
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2. Qwerks Interactive Talking Pet Ball

Qwerks Interactive Talking Pet Ball 

Pet Qwerks have an excellent solution for those moments when you have to leave your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at home alone. This audio-interactive electronic ball gives off 20+ different sounds and phrases as they play with it that will keep them attentive and entertained for hours. It is activated and deactivated with a special sensory design.

  • Motion activated interactive toy
  • Electronic audio sounds
  • High-impact ABS construction
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3. RENZCHU Interactive Dispensing Dog Toy

Renzchu Interactive Dispensing Dog Toy

RENZCHU have created a state of the art food dispensing toy for small to medium-sized dogs, which is great for stimulating your dog’s IQ and relieving stress. It is made from 100% non-toxic plastic, whilst it’s unique design limits the dosage of treats as they take pleasure in playing and getting at them.

  • 100% eco-friendly material
  • Interactive modern design
  • Easy to clean
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4.  SPOT EZ Catch Football Squeaky Interactive Dog Toy

Spot Ez Catch Football Squeaky Interactive Dog Toy

We love this thematic American football squeaky chew toy made by SPOT EZ, so will your favourite pedigrees! It is made form excellent quality non-toxic rubber, which is durable for long-lasting play and fun. It can be used as anxiety-relief chew toy, as well as bonding throwing toy you can both play with, especially made with a handle shaped design.

  • Durable non-toxic rubber fabric
  • Multifunctional purpose
  • Specialised handle design for throwing
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5. Jalousie Dog Flirt Pole with Three Squeaky Toys

Jalousie Dog Flirt Pole With Three Squeaky Toys

The Dog Flirt Pole by Jalousie is a great all-in one toy for trining your beloved Cavalier King Charles entertained. It includes three squeaky, soft toys lined for durability, as well as a replacement rope and long flirt pole. It’s the ideal tool to teach your dog in a playful way instructions like drop, pick-up and tug.

  • Specialised design for dog training
  • All-inclusive with 3 attachable toys
  • Extra durable fabric lining
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Dog Toy for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Buying Guide

Here is everything you need to know about buying dog toys for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog toy is almost always made of a strong and durable, yet still slightly soft material. A malleable, hard material is perfect for them to grind their teeth into, so rubber and sometimes fleece and soft plastic are often used to give them that extra soft bite. They should be made of strong, hard-wearing material to last the wear and tear of years of play.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog toys have to be handled with care, especially as they almost always carried in their mouth. Dogs can get protective of their toys and may lash out if they don’t want to part with them. If you are taking a toy out of their mouth make sure you do it with care and gentle gestures. However, if you train your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel well they will give it back, may be only tease a little and growl as they are in playing mode. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will follow your command, so as soon as you change your tone more seriously they should drop it. Always take caution though, especially when strangers and children are going to retrieve the toy.

Extra Features

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog toys work to distract and provides a remedial form of stress relief. The squeaky rubbery toys are especially good for this. However,  there are many designs that include additional features, which can help develop their brain with sounds or teasing cues. The food dispenser toys are an excellent option to keep their mind attentive to their prize inside… treats!! It also teaches them moderation and keeps them locked in a trance for hours of play and interaction. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel chew toys are an old favourite, but choose an option with soft touchable bristles, which in effect are extremely beneficial and clean their teeth.


Choose from a wide range of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog toys, especially designed to relieve stress and keep him entertained for hours. In general dog breeds are nervous, they instantly use their teeth and claws to relieve stress by biting and chewing away at anything they can get hold of. They like hard, soft plastic or rubber toys to grind their teeth away at. They like to chase anything that moves suddenly, or which makes sharp sounds. There are some excellent interactive toys, which work with this and work to develop their mind, as well as entertain them.

Training tool

Dog toys are used as a distraction but they can be used to focus their attention as well. They are the perfect training tool to keep them attentive and in tune to your command. All dog breeds become attached to their toys, so if you want to teach them some boundaries use their toys to get them in line. A well-trained dog makes for a much easier lifestyle for you both and a stronger bond. Take time to teach him to listen to you and entertain them at the same time with a favourite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel toy chosen from one of these great options.

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