Border Collie Bernard Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Border Collie Bernard Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Border Collie Bernard is a mix of the Border Collie dog and the Saint Bernard dog. Loyal, curious, and protective by nature, this is a dedicated canine that appreciates having the option to participate in various games and exercises. This hybrid dog variety shows medium-to-large sized dogs with a bigger appetite and high activity needs.

Talking about its appearance, the Border Collie Bernard has a thick coat that needs high maintenance. If you want to have a companion dog around you, then you are at the right place. This dog can be available to you as a mix of two wonderful traits list (from parent breeds) at reasonable rates.

Border Collie Bernard History

There is no actual inception of Border Collie Bernard’s origin. It was created after the hybrid breed trend in the 19th century.  It is believed that the Border Collie parent of Border Collie Bernard existed before 1800. At first, this dog doesn’t have any name, and the only recognition it has was that of a working dog. Later a standard Border Collie was developed in 1906.

Saint Bernard is a giant-sized breed also known by various other names such as the Alpine Mastiff, the Alpine Dog/ Spaniel, the Barry Dog, the Good Samaritan Dog, the Mountain Dog, etc. It is a well-known dog for its rescuing talents. History tells that Saint Bernard saved over 2000 lives in the Swiss Alps. Bot, these parent breeds of Border Collie Bernard, are AKC recognized.

Border Collie Bernard Characteristics

After reading the introduction and history, you must be planning to have this dog around you. In this case, we recommend you to keep reading this article as it will help you a lot.

How Big to Border Collie Bernard Get

A fully grown-up male/female Border Collie Bernard under normal life circumstances can have 45-120 lbs. Besides, the male-female pup of this breed stands 20-35 inches at the shoulders.

How Long Does Border Collie Bernard Live

You can anticipate your Border Collie Bernard to live for almost 13-15 years. It lives the average life of a canine, but this can also vary depending upon the level of care which your dog is having.

How Much Does a Border Collie Bernard Cost

Typically, the breeders produce hybrid dogs to reduce the health risks common in the parent dog breed. Still, hybrid dogs are less expensive than purebreds, which can be a plus for buyers. You can get a healthy and intelligent Border Collie Bernard for a lower cost ranging from &600 to $700.

Border Collie Bernard Temperament/Personality

The Border Collie Bernard is a delicate and gentle dog that loves to be around the company of its master and its family. You will have to give it a lot of attention as it is an attention seeker. If not provided with its owner’s care and time, the Border Collie Bernard can likely have destructive behaviors.

Do you remember the herding instincts of this designer dog? Your Border Collie Bernard will keep on reminding this by nipping your feet and leg. However, it can resist this habit with the right training at early ages. This instinct and each such trait that you don’t want in your dog can minimize by a patient calm and influential training.

Protective, highly loyal, lovable, and gentle towards children can be the best option to keep in a family house.  It has great vocals coming from the Beagle parent, but as we mentioned, early coaching could also minimize it.

Caring for Border Collie Bernard

Caring for a Border Collie Bernard is not difficult as it is not very demanding at grooming and other needs. This designer dog has moderate requirements in everything that you must know.

Border Collie Bernard Nutrition

Your Border Collie Bernard is a medium-sized dog that needs to have an adequate measure of nutritional elements. So, go for food that has fewer fillers and more nutrition. For this, you can buy dry dog kibble and give your pup 2 cups full of it per day.

How to Groom a Border Collie Bernard

Your Border Collie Bernard isn’t a hypoallergenic canine and is likely to shed moderately. Brush its coat with a pin brush twice a week to avoid shedding as much as possible. Furthermore, brush its teeth to avoid tartar and clean its ears to keep away dust, wax, and debris.

Border Collie Bernard Activity Levels

The activity levels don’t depend upon its size; rather, it is a part of its nature. Similarly, the medium-sized Border Collie Bernard has moderate activity levels that you can satisfy with a less hectic exercise of at least 30 minutes a day.

Caring for Border Collie Bernard

The Border Collie Bernard appears to be a delicate dog, but it has a muscular and sturdy body. It is not a tough dog to care for. Just following a good grooming routine, ensuring your dog’s healthy checkups, maintaining its exercise routine, and you have done your part well!

Take your puppy to a professional groomer at intervals for extra care and prefer taking it to a doggy park than a regular park near your house. There is a great tendency for your dog’s higher life span with extra care.

Border Collie Bernard Health

Border Collie Bernard tends to be a healthy hybrid dog except having the risk of some common canine disease. These are Entropion, Congenital Heart Defect (CHD), ear and skin infections.

You can avoid or alleviate all these health issues by taking your dog to a healthy regular veterinary visit. Furthermore, avoid infections by keeping your dog’s good hygiene with a regular grooming and cleaning routine.

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