Bossie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bossie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBossie is a mixed breed dog crossing two wonderful dogs, the Boston Terrier and the Australian Shepherd. It is a medium-sized energetic dog that mixes the characteristics, i.e., the parent breeds’ temperament and appearance. Resulting in an intelligent, loyal, and fun-loving dog which can be a hundred percent true companion.

The Bossies, also spelled Baussies must always be supervised and if you are keeping them in a yard, then make sure it is fenced. The two parents’ qualities are not uniform, and it is hard to determine how much of each parent breed the hybrid will have. However, it is an amazing canine overall that can be a loving new member of the family. Read on to know Bossie in detail.

Bossie History

Recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and Dog Registry of America, DRA, Bossie has a little-known history. It is a modern hybrid that one must create after designer breeds trends started in the 19th century. Its parent Boston Terrier originated in the 18th century and was used in pit fighting. However, today’s Boston Terrier has smaller size as compared to the old one.

This dog has so many dogs in its lineage, i.e., English Bulldogs, English White Terriers, French Bulldogs, and Hooper’s Judge, etc. On the other hand, of Bossie’s parentage, we have Australian Shepherds. Its name assumes that its origin must be in Australia, but this is not the case. It originated in the Pyrenees Mountains, which are situated between France and Spain. Both these parent breeds are AKC registered.

Bossie Characteristics

Bossie is a character mix of both the parents. However, you can notice the inclination in certain traits, e.g., appearance, temperament more towards one parent than the other. It depends on the dominant genes which the hybrid gets from either parent.

How Big to Bossie Get

This designer hybrid is a medium-sized dog weighing around 11to 18 kg and standing almost 15 to 23 inches tall. It is relatively larger than its Boston Terrier parent, and the male Bossie tends to be slightly larger than its female.

How Long Does Bossie Live

Bossie has the normal life span of a medium-sized dog and can complete it if you give a quality diet, care and exercise. Generally, it can live for 10 to 15 years. Ascertain to keep your pup away from the diseases to which they can be prey (mentioned at the end of this article).

How Much Does a Bossie Cost

You can expect to pay around $900 – $1500 for a Bossie puppy from a reputable and good breeder. A good breeder always gives you the health and lineage clarification of the dog.

Bossie Temperament/Personality

The Bossie is a sweet, loving, energetic, and smart dog that can be wonderful with early training. Along with the herding and hunting instincts, it also has a stubborn streak, and it can misbehave. That is why you must ensure training at an early age to keep the negative tendencies away. It would be best if you take a professional’s help in this regard.

Apart from the hunting instinct, the Bossie is a harmless pup with gentler nature. It tends to be sweeter with older children than with the smaller ones. Keep an eye while the dog’s interacting with the kids as it can get a little clumsy sometimes at treating kids. Bossie can’t help itself chasing small pets, i.e., squirrels, rabbits, kittens, etc., when outside, so never take it out without a harness and collar.

Moreover, this doggy can be barky and nippy, specifically when it sees strangers. To avoid this susceptibility, give proper socialization to your dog when it is young to get familiar with human faces and doesn’t behave awkwardly. You can also train your Bossie to be your guard or watchdog.

Caring for Bossie

What comes under the heading of a dog’s care is its good diet, exercise, environmental needs, grooming requirements, and health maintenance. In this section, we discussed it all for your convenience, so keep on reading further!

Bossie Nutrition

Give your medium-sized Bossie a diet specially formulated for a medium-sized breed with high energy. We recommend a daily 2-2.5 cups of dry dog kibble. But remember, you don’t have to give this amount at a time; split it into 5-6 regular meals per day. It helps avoid conditions like bloat and obesity and aids in digestion.

How to Groom a Bossie

Bossie’s maintenance requirements are low because of having a short coat. A one-time brushing around the whole week is good to go. This canine has no specific dog odor, so bathing also must not be frequent. Clip its nails, brush its teeth regularly to promote good hygiene and discourage growing bacterias, etc.

Bossie Activity Levels

Bossie is an athletically built active dog breed that requires plenty of exercises daily.  Keep them dynamic and engaged by exercising, walking, and playing various physical and mental health stimulating games. Give this pup at least 60 minutes of exercise regular exercise to remain fit and sound.

Caring for Bossie

As with all other dogs, Bossie can have health or behavior issues apart from being a nice friendly dog. Ensure your puppy gets an hour of daily activity at any rate. Please keep it away from harsh climate conditions.

Examine the ears and clean them with a vet-approved solution applied on a cotton ball. Trim your canine’s nails before they get excessively long and start wearing down. Maintain good oral health by brushing dog’s teeth once a week.

Bossie Health

Bossie is a healthy dog except for some of the health conditions it gets from the Australian Shepherd and Boston Terrier parents. These are Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Elbow Dysplasia, PRA, and allergies.

Take your vet’s advice to help you build up a schedule that will keep your canine fit and fine. Moreover, regular veterinary checkups can help detect any health concerns early.

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