Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Japanese Spitz is a magnificent-looking dog with a white coat. It has a luxuriant mane featured neck and a tail that is always curling and rolling like other dogs. If you want a family-friendly dog, then you are at the right choice. A Japanese Spitz with its child-like qualities and small size is best for you. We have provided complete information about this dog breed in this article.

Japanese Spitz History

Japanese Spitz Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowJapanese Spitz dogs developed in Japan about 90-100 years ago in between the 1920s and 1930s. They were grown by breeding Pomeranian and Samoyed. This breed might come from China or Siberia to Japan. In a dog show in Tokyo (1921), it appeared for the first time. Two white spitzes were imported from Canada for that show. Kennel clubs further developed this breed.

It is difficult for everything new to get fame, but the situation was completely different for Japanese Spitz. Its smaller-sized and lush white coat gained immense popularity as a show dog and companion dog within no time. Dog breeders from Japan exported Japanese Spitz to Sweden, England, and many other countries. As a result, Japanese Spitz is now present in many regions of the world.

Japanese Spitz Characteristics

Japanese Spitz is a small to medium-sized beautiful dog breed. These dogs are characterized by a neat white coat and a great mane-like neck. It is having a striking resemblance with its cousin Pomeranian. In addition, Japanese Spitz dogs are beautified with their long tail, triangular-shaped ears, and wedge-shaped face. Their hair coat’s outer layer is a bit hard, but the inner layer is extremely soft.

How Big to Japanese Spitz Get

A male Japanese Spitz size lies between 10 to 16 inches in their height at the shoulders, but a female dog of this breed may be smaller than the male, weighing 11 to 20 pounds. Many kennel clubs disagree with this size and weight, but it is clear that they are larger than their smaller cousins.

How Long Does Japanese Spitz Live

A Japanese Spitz dog’s lifespan is 10-16 years. But it can have increased longevity with quality care and health maintenance. Moreover, the cold weather is suitable for spitz breeds to survive longer.

How Much Does a Japanese Spitz Cost

Nothing will stop you once you decide to buy this adorable doggy. A puppy of this dog costs from about 1000$ to 2500$. A fully adult Japanese Spitz dog is more than 4300$. Therefore, it is clear that it is not a cheap dog breed.

Japanese Spitz Temperament/Personality

Japanese Spitz dogs are well known for their courage, loyalty, and intelligence. These dogs have proved to be the best companions of older people and children from their childish or intelligent acts. In addition, they are the best watchdogs for their service of barking on strangers.

They are extremely courageous and gentle but tend to show the stray or street dogs’ habits in hungriness and loneliness. They love to play outdoors, but it is best to keep your pup inside the home instead of letting him wander outside.

Your Japanese Spitz is a highly attentive dog and loves to play with Interactive dog toys. Their puppies are second to none in their beauty. They are very obedient dogs and are in love with humans. Early socialization is essential; otherwise, this dog can develop excessive shyness or aggressive behaviors.

Caring for Japanese Spitz

We hope we shared all the general characteristics of this unique dog breed. However, it is advised not to leave your Japanese Spitz alone at any place. Now, it is time to talk about some major caring issues of this pup.

Japanese Spitz Nutrition

Japanese Spitz is very active as compared to the other dogs of Spitz breeds. It requires about 1 cup full of Dog food a day, and per day, food costs about 0.80$. You can also contact your nutritionist for further inquiries about this canine’s diet. Moreover, you can opt for well-known dog food brands, i.e., American Natural Dog FoodCatered Bowl Dog Food, and Bil-Jac Dog Food.

How to Groom a Japanese Spitz

Your Japanese Spitz requires proper brushing at least thrice a week. Because of its long white fur, it is not easy to keep it clean. The mud and garbage may reduce your dog’s beauty. So, it is very important to keep brushing with a Dog brush and occasionally bathe with a Dog Shampoo. Clipping nails and brushing teeth are also considered essential.

Japanese Spitz Activity Levels

Japanese Spitz dog requires about 45-50 minutes of daily activity. It is comfortable for you to keep your dog in a medium-sized home or a home with a small yard. This breed loves to play outside, but you have to keep an eye. It also loves fetching games, intelligence, and obedience games. You will find your dog the happiest while playing with you and the family.

Caring for Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz suffers from extreme weather conditions and is perfect to live in a moderate environment. This breed is well adapted to colder climates as the dense coat is not suitable for warm areas. Furthermore, keep your dog active by doing proper exercise.

If you buy a puppy, it is extremely important to keep him in a proper, well-managed, clean, and neat environment. Good caring will increase your dog’s life span, while proper socialization and training will make him a well-mannered pet to keep at home.

Japanese Spitz Health

Japanese Spitz is a healthy dog breed with very few chances of serious illness. However, the development of Patellar luxation is the main health issue of this breed. It is a situation in which the kneecap of your dog dislocates from its position.

Also, your dog suffers from some allergies to the grass due to its clean nature. Taking your pup to a reputable veterinary doctor is highly encouraged to get more inquiries about the dog’s health.

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