Kishu Ken Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Kishu Ken is a noble breed with noble aspirations. It was created by an unknown blessed man about 3000 years ago. Its loyalty has, from that day to this, remained unfazed and strong. You could even say that the breed has a remarkable sense of justice and protectiveness. You will learn a lot more about this breed in the next few paragraphs.

Kishu Ken History

Kishu Ken Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Kishu Ken’s accurate beginning date is obscure, yet numerous analysts accept that he goes back around 3,000 years or considerably more. The conception of the Kishu Ken is believed to be related to the area of Kyushu. He was reared to chase wild pigs, deer, and even bears. His work was to follow the prey and hold it until the tracker could make it to the spot.  

The Kishu Ken and Shikoku Ken, both of comparative size and area, were ordinarily crossbred. The reason for that was the Japanese belief that both were the same breed. Due to that, all Japanese canines are firmly related. The Kishu Ken is likewise called the Kishu Inu. The words ken and Inu both mean canine in Japanese. He is amazingly uncommon outside of Japan and has been registered on the Japanese Ensured Species list since 1934.

Kishu Ken Characteristics

Like all things Japanese, the Kishu Ken is a durable canine of medium size. His eyes are usually almond in shape and brown. He has triangular ears that remain slightly tilted or sometimes folded. The Kishu Ken has a wide head with Regal features. His tail will twist over his back in average spitz design. The Kishu Ken has a coat that is short, straight, and extremely thick. His undercoat is delicate and equally thick.

How Big do Kishu Ken Get

The Kishu Ken is a medium-sized breed, as stated above. The females of this breed will usually be 17 to 19 inches, and the males will be 19 to 22 inches tall. The weight ranges are bound to be the same for both genders. On average, they will weigh 30 to 60 lbs.

How Long Does Kishu Ken Live

The lifespan for the Kishu Ken isn’t that easy to determine. Yet, based on a certain degree of speculation and data, we can figure out a range. The average range for the Kishu Ken will be between 12 to 14 years. The lifespan of the Kishu Ken will usually be extended if you can give it a healthy diet and exercise routine. We have collected some points for this specific reason in the care section.

How Much Does a Kishu Ken Cost

The Kishu Ken is one breed that will cost you a significant sum. The average range is 1800 dollars to 2400 dollars, but the price can shoot up considerably. The main factor that determines the price is the health of the puppy. The healthier your buddy is, the more it will cost you. If you want a breed with both pedigree and health, then expect to pay big.

Kishu Ken Temperament/Personality

The Kishu Ken is an incredibly faithful and adoring canine to his family. When socialized with youngsters, the Kishu Ken will be supremely friendly. However, strangers will have a hard time adapting to this breed. Early socialization and regular prep are fundamental in guaranteeing a composed canine. Other pets in the house will find the Kishu Ken extremely if the Kishu Ken is introduced to them properly. Small pets will be at the hazard of being chased, but it won’t harm them.  

Housetraining is moderately simple since he is a spotless and clever canine who needs to please. However, it is a particularly solid-willed canine and requires firm training. This aspect of training is off-putting to a majority of people. You will have to use a Dog Training Book to keep the training session easy and manageable.

Caring for Kishu Ken

If you want to know about your buddy’s needs, then this is the place. In this section, we will comprehensively deal with all that you need to do to take care of its needs.

Kishu Ken Nutrition

The Kishu Ken will require enriched and nutritious food in copious quantities. It needs good food to maintain its strong muscles and above-average life force. Normally you should keep the Kishu Ken diet between two to three cups per day. Using food brands like Iams Dog Food and Eukanuba Dog Food will help with that goal. You may visit the Dog Food section for more choices.

How to Groom a Kishu Ken

The shedding of the Kishu Ken’s coat varies with age and season. In warmer seasons, you will find it shedding more than the usual amount. To remain safe irrespective of seasons and age, we recommend brushing its coat at least three times per week. The more you brush its coat, the better it will be. In addition, you should bathe the Kishu Ken after every two to three weeks with a Dog Shampoo. Finally, please trim its nail professionally or by yourself after every three weeks.

Kishu Ken Activity Levels

The Kishu Ken usually counts as a moderately active breed. Yet, the combination of its parents means that the Kishu Ken will require at least 30 to 50 minutes of daily exercise. In addition, you should take the Kishu Ken for walks to the park to incorporate socialization as well into the training sessions. Generally make the sessions both mentally and physically challenging.

Caring for Kishu Ken

What can you do to make your buddy’s life even easier? First of all, acquire a sense of responsibility. You shouldn’t, as a responsible parent or companion, leave your buddy alone for extended periods. The Kishu Ken is a very sensitive breed and tends to develop separation anxiety quickly. You should also ensure your buddy’s health by keeping it safe from vigorous exercise in the summers. Finally, it would be best if you also tried to train your children on how to handle this breed properly.

Kishu Ken Health

The Kishu Ken is a healthy breed thanks to its pure gene pool. I know it sounds weird, but in dogs, the mixed breed is weaker in immunity. The Kishu Ken has flawless immunity. Yes, certain things will affect your buddy with the onset of age. The most prominent of these things will be joint problems and eye problems. However, the most you need to do is take it to the vet’s office weekly or monthly.

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