Baseagle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Baseagle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowA hybrid of the quiet one, Basenji, and the loud and outspoken one, the Beagle, Baseagle is one of a kind to have around. As there is no involvement of a Baseagle in history, you might not find a lot of historical information on it besides its parents.

Baseagle has both its parents’ medium inbuilt but athletic. They both love to play and be active most of the time. The characteristics of your Baseagle could be similar to any of its parents. However, they are more likely to resemble Beagles when it comes to fur color.

Baseagle History

Basenji and Beagle, both being hound dogs, give Baseagle its hound origins. The exact time of its breeding is not known, but it is known as the dog of modern times. It is believed that the dogs were bred to produce a pup that wouldn’t be as vocal as Beagle. Therefore, choosing the very quiet Basenji came to play.

Basenji have their roots in Rome and England. Basenji is one of the ancient breeds; they were preferred by hunters in Africa. As for Beagles, if it were not for the farmers, they must have gotten extinct long back. Beagles assisted them in hunting rabbits and vermin.

Baseagle Characteristics

Baseagles can have the characteristics of any of their parents. Beagles and Basenjis are hound dogs and share similar physical characteristics. They both medium built but can be seen closer to the smaller size. Baseagles are usually seen with striking fur coats, just like Beagles but have legs that are more graceful and lean the way Basenji has.

How Big Do Baseagle Get

As has been already mentioned, Baseagles don’t grow to be gigantic. The average height of Baseagle goes to not more than 13 to 17 inches. If you keep their diet and nourishment in check, their weight will come around 20 to 26 pounds. Their lean body has an average length of 30 inches.

How Long Does Baseagle Live

Baseagles have an average life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years. If you have a Baseagle at home, you can expect it to tag along for quite a long time, especially more than other breeds do. As they don’t suffer from a lot of serious diseases, you don’t have to worry about them getting sick very easily.

How Much Does a Baseagle Cost

Baseagles, if brought from a trusted breeder, can cost you around $800 to $1200. If this is the first time you have a puppy, you will probably have to set aside around $2600 to $3200. All the visits to the vet, its bedding, toys, collar, leash, etc., would be included in this. As raising a dog could be expensive, saving up money beforehand should be the way to about it. 

Baseagle Temperament/ Personality

To understand the temperament of your Baseagle, you would also have to understand the personality traits of its parent breeds. Just like Basenji, a Baseagle stays aloof but shows enough affection towards its family. However, you can socialize them to make them more comfortable from their young years.

Although Baseagles get along with children and other dogs, they still share a hunting personality with their parents. Due to this, they are bound to run after any cats in your home. This may disrupt the calm of the house for a minute or two, but by proper training, their urge could be controlled. 

Caring For Baseagle

When you have a Baseagle as your pet, you need to take proper care of its health, emotions, and physical activities. To help you with all the essentials, below mentioned are all the important points that will help you take better care of your Baseagle.


A medium-sized dog such as a Baseagle would do great if served with high energy providing foods. It is, although, recommended that you keep the food free from grains so that it is easy for them to process. This would also provide your dog with tons of energy and, in turn, keep the mood uplifted.

How to groom a Baseagle

Baseagles have parents that are hypo allergic and non-hypo allergic, but the resulting dog might not have these allergies. You will not have to take too much effort to maintain your fur coat. You can smoothen the Baseagle coat by using a hound glove. This will also help you remove any dead or loose hair on your dog.

Baseagle Activity Levels

Baseagles are known for their even-temper and keep energy to an average level. Baseagle love being around kids and, therefore, enjoy playing light games with them. They constantly need to be around their family members to feel happy and cheerful, although they don’t get clingy. If you want to train them properly, you can resort to food rewards.

Caring for Baseagle

Baseagles are mischievous but friendly creatures who love to be around their family. They make good family dogs and are very accepting. To make sure that your Baseagle doesn’t feel lonely, you need to keep them company. Giving them attention from time to time can cheer up their mood very quickly.

Baseagles get their fun-loving attitude from the beagle but can keep their energy in check due to Basenji. They feel independent in mind but like to be around other dogs too. They could be stubborn and can be difficult to train as well.

Baseagle Health

Baseagles inherit several genetic diseases that may have occurred to their parents Basenji and Beagle as well. If you want to avoid these problems, you should always go for breeders that have a good reputation. This would decrease the chances of the parent breeds having any genetic disorders.

Baseagle goes through several minor conditions such as hypothyroidism, glaucoma, cherry eye, Basenji Enteropathy, and pupillary membranes. Other serious conditions that are found in Baseagle are epilepsy and patellar luxation.

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