5 Best Dog Crates for Spanish Water Dogs (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Spanish Water Dogs are a medium-sized breed with an immense level of energy and love to play, run around, or ramble throughout the day. On average, these dogs play for roughly one hour daily. Keeping in view the strenuous exercise levels of the Spanish Water Dogs, we can say that these dogs will require an equally satisfying amount of nap, regain their energy, and stay fresh. While planning to get a safe corner for your Spanish Water Dog, you will have to keep their security concerns in your mind, as these dogs love to nap or sleep in a protective and secure corner.

A comfortable and secure dog crate will be the best choice in this regard, but unfortunately, pet owners do not pick them up justly; thus, their doggies are often not happy. If you want to keep your Spanish Water Dog satisfied, and are interested in knowing more regarding some of the best dog crates, we suggest you read further.

Best Dog Crates for Spanish Water Dogs

Here are our dog crates for Spanish Water Dogs reviews.

1. Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate

Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate

Frisco has efficiently manufactured a safe and secure napping corner for your Spanish Water Dog, where he would love to lay down and relax. This wire dog crate comes with a smooth plastic base tray that gives your doggie a sturdy surface to sit or stand and can be cleaned handily. The crate comes with two doors to make it easier for your Spanish Water Dog to move in or out.

  • Features a securely locked latch system that stays intact upon fastening
  • Contains divider panels which allow your doggie to have more space as they grow in size
  • Easy to assemble
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2. MidWest iCrate Single Door Dog Crate

Midwest Icrate Fold And Carry Single Door Dog Crate

MidWest has created the iCrate Single Door Dog Crate to keep your pet happy, and to provide him ample space to sleep or relax. This crate has one latched door only, limiting movement to ensure your Spanish Water Dog stays in more and regresses his energy by sleeping a wholesome nap. This dog crate features a composite plastic base tray that can be removed whenever you feel like cleaning it.

  • Made up of sturdy wires
  • Features four rubber roller feet to make it more portable
  • Features divider panels

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3. Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

Paws & Pals’ Oxgord Double Door Wire Dog Crate is a viable option when you plan to buy a dog crate for your Spanish Water Dog. The crate features electro-coated, sturdy steel wires which enclose your pet pal in a safe and secure environment. The crate features removable divider panels that can be set as per the size of your Spanish Water Dog.

  • Features a sturdy ABS plastic base tray that can be conveniently removed and cleaned
  • An ideal choice for road trips with your pet buddy
  • Durable in nature

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4. EliteField 4-Door Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Elitefield 4 Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate With Curtains

EliteField has designed a Four-Door Soft Sided Crate, which can be easily carried wherever you go, as it can be simply collapsed and reassembled whenever you want. The crate contains curtains that prevent the entry of light in the crate to provide a den-like environment which the Spanish Water Dog find safe and secure.

  • Features mesh doors to let the sunshine in whenever your pet wants
  • Easy to assemble
  • Its structure is manufactured using sturdy steel tubing and hex mesh fabric

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5. Merry Products Double Door Furniture Style Dog Crate

Merry Products Double Door Furniture Style Dog Crate

Merry Products have designed this dog crate for a pre-trained Spanish Water Dogs who knows how to behave well when placed in a crate. It has a sturdy structure with a unique design that blends seamlessly with your place’s interior décor. This alluring crate has a beautifully chiseled tabletop space that can be used as a tea table too.

  • Contains a removable divider panel on center which lets you keep one more pet if you like
  • Features a sturdy plastic base tray that can be cleaned effortlessly
  • Available in three sizes

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Dog Crate for Spanish Water Dog Buyer’s Guide

The first few things that should be your concern while planning to pet a Spanish Water Dog should be its safety, security, and comfort. After a busy day, your Spanish Water Dog will want a sweet place to relax. This place is usually a dog crate. A dog crate is also pretty useful if you are not around it busy with someone, but you want your Spanish Water Dog safe and sound in a corner. The Spanish Water Dogs, like any other dog, is den-living animals that like spending time in an enclosed environment.

There are myriads of dog crates available in the market, so we picked up a few of them, which were best suited for Spanish Water Dogs by checking out some of the crates’ factors. To make you able to make a better choice in terms of dog crates for your Spanish Water Dog, we have shared our buyer’s guide with you, which comprehensively explains what you are supposed to add in your basket and what needs to be subtracted.


Spanish Water Dogs like living in those dog crates which are designed complementary to their size. If you buy a dog crate that is too large, it will make your Spanish Water Dog feel unsafe and increase their chances of creating a mess. Typically, a 30-inch dog crate is the best size for your Spanish Water Dog. However, you can measure your pet pal’s height and length to buy a specific dog crate.


There are roughly three types of dog crates, one is wire crate, the other is a soft padded crate, and then you have a furniture style dog crate. Out of all these crates, the most durable and suitable option for your Spanish Water Dog is a Wire dog crate. This is because these crates are sturdy and usually come with divider panels that ensure you do not need to buy a crate for an extended period. A furniture dog crate is only suitable for those dogs who have been trained already.

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