5 Best Dog Harnesses for Irish Wolfhounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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It is the imposing height of courageous Irish Wolfhounds, which acts as their defining characteristic. Their slightly arched loin, long legs, and rough coat make them look exactly like the Arabian Greyhound. Because of their harsh and wiry coat, these dogs can survive extreme cold and come scratch-free from their trip to the long bushes.

These Irish Wolfhounds with an ancient origin, are often seen chasing after other animals on the road. This is why novice dog parents need to be extra careful and vigilant while go out with their Irish Wolfhounds. To have control over your Irish Wolfhound’s movement, you can buy a dog harness of its size.

Best Dog Harnesses for Irish Wolfhounds

Here are our dog harnesses for Irish Wolfhound reviews.

1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles Enhanced Strength

Kurgo Tru Fit Smart Harness With Steel Nesting Buckles Enhanced Strength

Available in multiple sizes, this Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Harness with Steel Nesting Buckles bids goodbye to your Irish Wolfhound’s destructive behaviors and Houdini acts forever. This all-steel dog harness has no less than five adjustment points. This crash-tested dog kit keeps your large Irish Wolfhound safe during car rides and unfortunate traffic accidents.

  • The chest pad makes it a no-choke dog harness.
  • Kurgo offers its customer a lifetime warranty for this model.
  • This dog harness comprises a carabiner and belt loop.

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2. PetSafe 3 in 1 Reflective Dog Harness

Petsafe 3 In 1 Reflective Dog Harness

This multicolored PetSafe 3 in 1 Reflective Dog Harness is an all-inclusive dog harness and can be the perfect choice for large breed dogs like Irish Wolfhounds. This walking harness has a number of points for leash attachment. This lightweight harness includes both front clip and back clip as a permanent solution to pulling.

  • This everyday harness uses reflective nylon for optimal visibility in low light.
  • The neoprene padding allows your Irish Wolfhound to wear it comfortably for several hours.
  • Petsafe provides a manual for the proper use and care of this harness.

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3. Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

This Frisco Padded Nylon No Pull Dog Harness prevents your witty Irish Wolfhound from slipping out of your hand on the road. This high-quality nylon harness allows the moisture to escape in hot summer days keeping the inside ventilated. The special manufacturing formula of the dog harness deters hard pullers like Irish Wolfhound from pulling it time and again.

  • Available with the O ring.
  • On both sides of the belly strap, you will get to see buckles for instant release.
  • For further adjustment, there are slides on the shoulder strap and belly straps.
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4. Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness

Sporn Non Pull Mesh Dog Harness

Available in only red and black color, this Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness is a one of a kind dog harness for your amiable Irish Wolfhound. This no-pull dog harness provides ultimate control while walking and helps the dog maintain the pace with their owners. This one-piece harness takes only a few seconds to wear it and take it off.

  • This is a vet-approved dog instrument.
  • This training harness can check the bad behaviors of your Irish Wolfhound.
  • The chest piece has elastic attached to it.

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5. Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

With its dual clip attachment, the Mighty Paw Padded Sports Reflective No Pull Dog Harness can be one of the best choices for Irish Wolfhound dog parents. This uniquely devised dog harness is absolutely weatherproof and can survive a machine wash. This durable harness encourages natural body movements while dogs run and walk with the harness on.

  • There is a cushioned handle on top of the harness.
  • This gives dog owners five different size options to choose from.
  • This safe and secure harness tightly fits on the dog’s body.

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Dog Harnesses For Irish Wolfhound Buyer’s Guide

Graceful and sensitive Irish Wolfhounds first appeared in the 391 AD during the Roman Empire, and back then, they were famous for their unforgettable role as gladiators. These dogs showed bravery and companionship at best of their capacity, but by the early 1800s, they were about to be extinct. The great famine of Ireland, 1845, caused their disappearance and almost wiped out these dogs from the country except some. 

But luckily, a dog breed enthusiast took charge and crossed the last existing Irish Wolfhounds with Scottish deerhounds, Tibetan Wolfdog, and others. This resulted in a modern Irish Wolfhound, which has a similar hunting instinct as that of its ancestors. To curb its nature of coursing, put a dog harness on your Irish Wolfhound and grab the chance of being a good dog parent.


The back clipped and front clipped dog harnesses are most popular these days. The tradition of adding a back clip to a dog harness is going on for several decades. For powerful and inquisitive dogs like Irish Wolfhounds, a no-pull harness will be the best-suited one. As safety matters to your dog too while in a car, a crash-tested dog harness can be apt for such traveling. For crippled dogs, there are also special kinds of dog harnesses for walking purposes. This handicapped support harness requires the help of the owner for a nice stroll.


As the dog harness passes through the belly and shoulder region apart from the chest, you should measure its entire body before shortlisting harnesses for it. Take the actual reading using a measuring tape and then add 1 inch extra to each data. This step will help your Irish Wolfhound feel comfortable. Try choosing medium and large-sized harnesses only for your gigantic Irish Wolfhound.


Dog harness was first made to help the dog owners in house training. But these days, for walking purposes, dog harnesses are used most. If the control is in your hand, you can guide your Irish Wolfhound while out for a stroll with the help of a dog harness.

We genuinely hope these points come in handy. Please read the above points attentively before placing the order.

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