5 Best Dog Herding Balls (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Dogs may not be the right agents for control for large herds of the flock, but a dog herding ball is an excellent training aid. Dogs are swift learners. They respond to verbal instructions and are even more eager with an excellent teaching aid. You can incite a surprising controlling behavior in your pooch with the help of a dog herding ball.

Best Dog Herding Balls

Here are our dogs herding balls reviews.

1. Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Bouncing Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Floating Bouncing Dog Toy

Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Bouncing Dog Toy can endure the rigors of herding ball exercises. The ball retains its shape and robustness even after an accidental deflation and offers your dog a good grip without slobber. With Jolly Pets Soccer Ball Bouncing Dog Toy’s ability to float on the water, you and your pooch are good to go on that water retrieval exercise.

  • Jolly flex Material makes it durable
  • Sizable and suitable dogs of all sizes
  • Puncture proof
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2. Monster K9 Chew Toy Ball for Dogs

Ultra Durable Chew Toy Lifetime Replacement Guarantee Tested By Pitbulls, German Shepherds, & Ot

Monster K9 Chew Toy Ball for Dogs is the perfect toy for the more aggressive bunch like pit bulls, who love to chew. Your dogs may chew on the ball without intoxication as it has a safe, non-toxic skin.  No worries about deflation as it has the most hardened grade of rubber you can get and a guarantee to back it up.

  • Perfect fetch toy
  • Suitable for herding and grasping exercise
  • Amazing color choices
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3. Boomer Ball Outdoor Dog Toy

Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball Outdoor Dog Toy is best for a rolling exercise since the designers never had to grasp in mind. It’s a toy for the bigger pups that excel in the art of chasing down objects and making a plaything out of them. The Boomer Ball is the best toy for a swell sniff-and-push time at the pool with your pet.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor herding games
  • Sturdy polyethene material makes it puncture-proof
  • lasts a lifetime
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4. Chuck it! Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs

Chuckit! Kick Fetch Toy Ball For Dogs

Chuck it! Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs has a fantastic feature of ridges that enhance grasp and easy pickups for dogs. The grooves provide ample space for gripping both for you and your pet, giving you great playtime together. The ball has both foam and rubber, an excellent combination for an outdoor chase and fetch game.

  • Bright colors enhance visibility
  • Durable Design
  • Hands-on float ability
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5. Doggie Dooley Indestructible Ball for Dogs

Doggie Dooley B00cit99bc Virtually Indestructible Best Ball (hard Plastic, Colors May Vary)

Doggie Dooley Indestructible Ball for Dogs is a perfect training aid for your dog’s catching ability. The sturdy-skin deflate proof ball is tailor-made for your extra pound pups seeking to stay sharp and in shape. It’s the ultimate play toy to teach your dog the art of organizing and grasping.

  • Excellent floating ability
  • Indestructible
  • Wide range of color choices
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Dog Herding Ball Buyer’s Guide

You should consider these features if you want to pick out the ideal herding ball for your canine.


Before you consider this feature, you should have known the capabilities of your dog. Some dogs are calm on the ball. Some fall to the category of aggressive cheers with a sturdy of set of teeth. Aside from that, you should get a herding ball with a durable material that promises puncture-proof ability. Since some dogs chew their toys, you may want to get a non-toxic ball for the health of your dog.


Picking the correct size of the ball not only ensures a more exciting playtime with your puppy bug also makes learning faster. You either go for the plus side herding balls or the smaller ones depending on the size of your pooch. A big ball will spell no fun for a Chihuahua as it will more or less static and immovable, likewise a smaller ball for a big dog.


You have to decide your play location before settling for a herding ball weight category. Indoor games usually need a featherweight herding ball, which is also a perfect choice if your dog is little. The massive balls works best for outdoor shepherd training games and are the best pick for a giant adult dog.


If you are conversant with herding ball games and how aggressive it is, then this feature should be top of your consideration list. With the high level of aggression that accompanies both indoor and outdoor herding games, a durable ball is your best choice. Getting low-quality balls will only send you back to the market in no time because your dogs will quickly rip them to pieces.

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