4 Best Dog Pools (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dog pools are a great accessory that actually has a variety of uses. There is, of course, the obligatory hot weather relief and summer splash parties, but they can also be used as a convenient bathing option or even as an easily cleaned location for mama to have that next litter of puppies.

In the following guide, we will highlight the most popular and well-reviewed dog pools and showcase the best options available for letting your pup put their parched paws in a portable pond. Stay tuned because at the end, we’ll help you identify important features you may need, and enable you to pick your new dog pool with confidence.

Best Dog Pools

Here are our dog pool reviews

1. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool Collapsible

The Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool is a simple, portable dog pool. The durable construction reduces wear and prevents slipping. It can be folded up for easy storage or transport.

  • The extra-tough PVC material provides optimal durability and flexibility
  • Walls are made with high-density fiberboard, thicker and longer-lasting than thinner fiberboard or cardboard found in other brands
  • A large drain valve allows the pool to be emptied and stored in just minutes.
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2. Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool

Fuloon Pvc Pet Swimming Pool Portable Foldable Pool Dogs Cats Bathing Tub

The PVC Pet Swimming Pool from Fuloon is a multi-purpose dog pool that is suitable for everyday use. It has a thick, slip-resistant bottom, for increased safety with your dog. The walls are constructed from 0.5cm thick high strength compression boards for durability.

  • Includes free storage bag for convenient storage once emptied and dried
  • Four sizes to choose from: 60cm x 20cm, 80cm x 20cm, 100cm x 30cm, and 120cm x 30cm
  • Multi-purpose design is fit for use as a pool, bathtub, or birthing area
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3. FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool

Frontpet Foldable Dog Pool Pet Bathing Tub

The FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool is a great option for larger dogs who need a wider area to splash in. It has 12” high walls and comes in 50” and 60” diameter sizes. The segmented side panels allow the pool to fold down even further for more compact storage.

  • The tough bottom is both slip and puncture-resistant
  • Easy to use drain plug is located right on the front and empties the pool quickly
  • Quick and easy set up with no inflation needed, just unfold, check the plug, and fill
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4. PUPTECK Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

Pupteck Foldable Dog Swimming Pool

The Foldable Dog Swimming Pool from PUPTECK is a value-priced dog pool that still retains the features of the more expensive models. It is foldable and has no inflatable parts, so set up and tear down is quick and easy. It comes in three sizes to fit most dogs comfortably.

  • Available in 3 sizes: 32”x8”, 48”x12”, and 63”x12”
  • Multi-purpose design can be used as a pool, whelping box, bathtub, or pond
  • Constructed from high-quality, extra-tough PVC, with a non-slip bottom
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Dog Pool Buyer’s Guide

Best Dog Pools Review

While the dog pool market isn’t exactly flush with innovation, there are two important factors to consider when browsing your options, and choosing a pool. Those factors are your dog’s size and the price point.

Dog Size

While it may seem fairly obvious to get a pool that will fit your dog, most people don’t really think about what that actually entails. Most dog owners are used to measuring their dogs for a crate, or clothing. While knowing the length of your dog is important, you will want to get a pool that is at least 25 percent longer that your dog is. You certainly don’t want them hopping in, and already being face to face with the opposite side, not giving them room to move around and relax.


All of the dog pools in our guide can be obtained for between 19 and 50 dollars. With that in mind, it is important to note that while they all have a similar construction, there are the occasional accidents that may necessitate replacement of the pool. If you are not opposed to spending the extra money initially, those accidents may have a lesser impact on the heavier duty construction of the more expensive models. Overall, of the pools we’ve listed, all have far more satisfied customers than not, and no one pool, in particular, is sacrificing quality or durability in favor of a lower price point.

Dog Pool Review Conclusion

We hope that this guide has helped you identify the leading dog pools and the features you want in yours. As long as you take into account the size of your furry companion, and how much you are wanting to invest initially, you can pick a great pool for your beloved dog.

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