Brug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Brug Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Brug is a breed that shall forever be referred to as his Royal Highness. Why? This breed has the disposition and attitude of a truly royal breed. It loves playing around and getting into all sorts of mischief. It has infinite stamina and a cuteness that can never tire one’s heart out. The true beauty of this breed lies in its loyalty.

It will listen to your rants, it will comfort you when you’re down, and it will laugh with you when you’re happy. To understand this amazing breed more, we have to dive into its history and its current traits.

Brug History

The Brug itself is a modern breed and doesn’t hold much value through its history. Its parents, though, are particularly well known and beloved. The Pug is a breed that has been associated more with royalty. It was first bred in China, where it was the emperor’s lapdog. From China, it made its way to Europe through trade. It became popular in Holland and then throughout Europe. From Europe, it went to the United States after the Civil War. The AKC accepted it in 1885.

The Brussels Griffon was primarily a hunting dog for small vermin, bred by the people for the people. This breed was, as you may have surmised, bred in Brussels, a part of Belgium. This breed became particularly famous after the Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium took notice of it. She fell in love with it and decided to take breeding and extolling its praises upon herself. From Belgium, it came to the United States in 1898. It was accepted into the roster of the AKC the very next year in 1899.

Brug Characteristics

The Brug is a designer breed with a combination of both parental characteristics. Its coat is short and smooth/rough, depending on the dominant breed. The colour of the coat will vary between Shades of Cream, Black, Brown and White. The Brug has a more stocky build with a face that’s somewhere in between Brussel Griffon and Pug’s feature. They have large round eyes and slight wrinkles on the face. The tail can be either curled or very short.

How Big do Brug Get

The Brug is always small in size. The dimensions for males are 9 to 13 inches for height and 10 to 15 lbs for weight. The height range for females is 8 to 11 inches, while the weight will vary between 8 to 13 lbs.

How Long Does Brug Live

The Brug will, fortunately, live a comparatively long and healthy life. On average, it will have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. You may expect it to live longer if you give it the right medical attention and diet.

How Much Does a Brug Cost

The Brug is a small breed, and that’s why it will cost you comparatively less. You should have a sum of at least 800 dollars for this breed. The price will vary depending on the quality of the breed, specifically its health and specifications.

Brug Temperament/Personality

The Brug is a sassy boy/girl. It has a regal demeanour and an elegant personality. This breed will need attention and care. They have an extremely loyal personality. Their love and affection is almost as much as their loyalty. They will do well with just about any person or animal if they are socialized early in life. They love playing around and especially with their owners.

The Brug will need to be taught how to withstand smaller pets, and it would be better if you taught children in the house to not rough His highness up. They are very intelligent and will respond to training quite pleasingly. Though sometimes, they may become resilient stubborn. In those cases, use positive reinforcement or reward-based activity to teach them new things.

Caring for Brug

The Brug will be there for you through thick and thin. In return, it’s your job as its partner and owner to give it good care and love.

Brug Nutrition

The Brug is a small breed and can stomach only a small amount of food. On average, you have to give a cup of delicious and nutritious food per day.

How to Groom a Brug

The Brug will need at least two brushing session per week to keep its coat free from dead hair and matting. Bathing should be an activity reduced to need. If the Brug is very grimy at some point, or an odour is wafting from it, then bathe it. Use a vet-approved shampoo, and refrain from excessive bathing. It will flush the nutrients from the Brug’s skin. Trim its nail when the need arises. Brush its teeth from an early age and consistently to maintain good dental hygiene. Clean its ears with a vet-approved solution and soft cotton balls.

Brug Activity Levels

The Brug is a very energetic breed. It will enjoy playing any games and exercises that you have in store for it. It has an inexhaustible bucket of stamina that should be physically impossible for a breed its size but isn’t.

Caring for Brug

The Brug is a moderate maintenance breed. Its grooming is average when compared to other breeds. The tricky part is getting it used to appreciate grooming. The socialization of this breed can become considerably easy because of its open nature. The training of the Brug can be quite easy if His Highness is in the mood for it. You should use reward-based systems to have it trained and appreciate it as much as you can.

Apart from that, the activity that this breed needs is quite intensive. The main idea, in the end, is that this breed is optimal for families with more than one person. Why? Because you will need to give it a lot of attention. The more people you have in the house, the merrier it will be for His Majesty, the Brug.

Brug Health

The health of the Brug is highly prone to troublesome diseases because of its mixed nature. The main problems are Patellar Luxation, Entropion, PDE(Pug Dog Encephalitis), Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease, Hip Dysplasia and PRA.

The best cure to all of these problems is, first of all, prevention. Give your buddy a good balanced diet and exercise. Take it for regular checkups, and have X-rays, Blood Counts, along with whatever your vet recommends. Once it’s diagnosed, then it’s all about the care and timely medication.

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