Carolina Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Carolina Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Carolina Dog is a medium-sized canine native to the United States. It is a rare dog breed that retains the primitive qualities of its ancestors. Moderately new to home life, coordinated, and autonomous; this pup keeps itself clean, and also, it is a healthy dog.

The American Dingo, the Dixie Dingo, the Yellow Dog, and the Yaller are uncommon, with extraordinary traits. Families can choose the Carolina Dog as their pet without any hesitation as these are friendly and kind to everyone, including the kids. This article covers every detail about this excellent and unique dog breed.

Carolina Dog History

According to the Carolina Dog’s documented history, it was brought to North America from Asia around 9,000 years ago. Historians confirmed that canines with the bone construction as the Carolina Dog were found an old Native American fossil. Also known to be a descendant of Asian Pariah Dogs, this pup is believed to have originated in Asia.

The Carolina Dog slowly migrated to the Southeastern United States and lived here for many years. Even today, you can spot this breed in various parts of Georgia and South Carolina. This variety is recognized by many clubs and registries such as the American Canine Registry, Carolina Dog Association, Dog Registry of America, United Kennel Club, and the National Kennel Club. However, the American Kennel Club officially accepted it in the year 1970s.

Carolina Dog Characteristics

The Carolina Dog has a medium-size taking after its ancestry, the Pariah dog. Having a long-curved tail, and large erected ears, almond eyes, a dark nose with open nostrils, this dog has a catchy appearance. Its coat can be short and thick with the colors potent cream, red, ginger, yellow, dark, and tan. See underneath for complete details of these dog breed attributes!

How Big to Carolina Dog Get

The medium in size Carolina Dog has a height ranging from 18-24 inches at maximum. Similarly, the weight varies from 33-44 lbs. It is the height and weight range of a fully grown pup, but the female pup tends to be slightly smaller than the male dog.

How Long Does Carolina Dog Live

In the presence of suitable living conditions, you can expect your Carolina Dog to live for about 12 to 15 years. It is not the exact life expectancy of this pup, as it is likely to exceed or reduce it depending on its health. The health of a canine can be maintained by taking care of the specific points listed below.

How Much Does a Carolina Dog Cost

The Carolina Dog is a medium- to large-size sighthound with outstanding traits and qualities. People select this dog to bring it home the moment they see it. The best thing about buying it is its moderate cost. You can quickly get it from a reputable breeder or store for about $300 – $500.

Carolina Dog Temperament/Personality

The Carolina Dog belongs to various grouped canines, so it can easily live with other pets at homes, whether dogs or cats. However, it has a high prey drive, so you should watch it keenly around other little creatures.

Having the distinctive appearance of a foxlike face and pointed ears, it appears harsh but is golden by heart. It loves large families and large homes with yards so that it can enjoy its independent nature. The balanced and somehow reserved nature of this puppy makes it irritated by overly affectionate kisses and cuddles.

When it comes to its owner and human family relationship, the Carolina Dog is exceptionally faithful and loyal and forms strong and ties with its family. Along with being friendly with elders, it is sweet and lively with kids. This doggy’s faithfulness can make it a little possessive, so it is wary of strangers and may bark at them. You can continue with this trait if you want to utilize this dog as a watchdog; otherwise, you can counteract with good socialization at the pup’s early age.

Caring for Carolina Dog

The wonderful companion, excellent watchdogs, and active working dog Carolina serves you in many ways. In return, it wants proper care circling so many aspects, which are given below. If you are a pet parent, then you must know it to care for your pup excellently.

Carolina Dog Nutrition

An ideal Carolina Dog diet ought to be high in protein. It would be best if the food contains the right amount of healthy fats and carbohydrates also. If convenient, give your dog food provided with all these nutrients made at home. However, commercial dog foods are also healthy but ought to be a good quality diet.

How to Groom a Carolina Dog

Groom your Carolina Dog by brushing its hair, bathing it, clipping its nails, and cleaning its ears. Make a proper routine of all these tasks and never skip a single of them.

Carolina Dog Activity Levels

The medium-sized Carolina Dog has moderate activity levels requiring a less hectic exercise. However, the activity levels must be daily as per routine for at least one hour. It would be best if exercise duration is high, but the intensity of exercise is medium. 

Caring for Carolina Dog

It would be best to stay aware of your Carolina Dog’s needs incorporating its grooming, hygiene, exercise, and dietary requirements. Assist your doggy during its exercise and interaction with human and furry beings.

The Carolina Dogs are known to be clean and healthy dogs that groom themselves practically like felines. Its water repellant coat has coarse hair, which is accessible to the groom and weather resistant.

Carolina Dog Health

In general, the incredible and rare Carolina Dog is a genuinely healthy breed. Having lived in the wild for such a long time, it doesn’t have the hereditary issues that numerous over-reared canine varieties have today.

An hour of activity each day helps keep them fit, maintaining a good metabolism and health. Moreover, your vet can assist you with building up a health consideration schedule which is necessary.

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