Eurasier Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Eurasier, also known as Eurasian, Eurasian spitz, is an adorable dog that originated from Germany. It is devoted and loyal to its family. These are even-tempered dogs with a great personalities. This dog is the best choice for families with small kids. They have adaptive nature and adjust to any environment in no time. 

Eurasian is great with pets and small kids, but supervision is recommended with toddlers. This dog does not bark that much, but it will if strangers come closer to its property. These canines are social animals and socialize them early to build their confidence and respect for others. 

Eurasier History

Eurasier Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowEurasier is quite a new breed, produced in the 1950s to 1960s by a breeder named Julius Wipfel. He wanted to create a medium-sized, even-tempered companion dog. After some research, he produced a breed by crossing between Wolf Spitz and Chow Chow. The resulting breed was named Wolf Chow, and after some time, it changed to Eurasier. 

Eurasiers are popular in Switzerland and Germany, and a negligible amount of these pups are found in the United States. There are 8,500 Eurasier dogs in the world, and most of them are in Germany. The UKC(United kennel club) accepted this breed in 1996. After some of these dogs stepped into the United States, AKC (American kennel club) accepted them in 2008.

Eurasier Characteristics 

Eurasier is a medium-sized pup that has a long and dense coat. The tail and back of its legs have longer and denser hairs than the rest of the body. They have a double coat, and the undercoat is smooth and soft while the outer coat is straight and coarse. Their eyes are almond-shaped and deep, which has a brown color. These pups have erect ears that look like shepherd’s. The most common coat colors are silver, red, sable, and black or can be a mix of these colors.   

How Big do Eurasier Get

Eurasiers are medium-sized dogs. The males’ height can be anywhere between 20 – 24 inches and weigh around 50 – 71 pounds. The females’ height is somewhere between 19 – 22 inches, and their weight varies between 40 – 57 pounds. 

How Long Do Eurasier Live

Like most medium-sized canines, they tend to live an average of 12 to 14 years of life. You can enhance their life by meeting their daily requirements and giving them quality time. 

How much does a Eurasier cost

Eurasier is a rare and amazing dog. They would be pricey because of their best qualities which they inherited from their parents. You should expect to pay anywhere from $950 to $1200. The price of the pup varies depending on the reputation of the breeder, assurance of their healthcare, and many other factors. If you’re given the confirmation of lineage by DNA test, then expect to pay more than the average price.

Eurasier Temperament/Personality

Eurasier is a loving, affectionate and caring dog who carves the attention of the family. They need constant love and care from their family. It would become devastating and extremely destructive if left alone for a long time, so it would be your responsibility to accompany your little one. They have natural resistance towards strangers, and they would not let them come close until you introduce them. 

Eurasiers can be conservative and stubborn , so don’t force them to interact with strangers, as it will cause uneasiness and stress for your pup. They are great with children and other pets but should be supervised around small kids. Early socialization is recommended to build their confidence and manners. 

Caring for Eurasier dog

Eurasier is a purebred dog. They have dense, double coat so groom them accordingly to avoid skin infections. Give them clean and fresh water and don’t let them eat freely, as they can get obese. Ensure their daily playtime and meet their daily requirements. Continue to read to get to know more about your dog.

Eurasier Nutrition

Like other dogs, Eurasier should be provided with only top-notch food. They are medium-sized canines, but they don’t require a huge amount of food. They are picky and sometimes reluctant to eat. 2 to 3 cups of high-quality food will be enough for your pup. Make sure to feed them dry food. It’s best to consult their vet in this regard. 

How to Groom  Eurasier

Some people believed that Eurasier requires a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance due to its dense and long coat, but it’s quite easy to groom. Brush them at least twice a week using a special dog’s brush to avoid matting and tangling. Remove dirt from their coat by wiping it with a soft cloth. They shed twice a year heavily, and during shedding season, brush them daily. Don’t bathe them too often, and bathe them only when they are really dirty using special dog shampoo. Trim their nail as per need using a special dogs’ nail clipper and check their ears weekly. Professional grooming is also recommended for your pup after 8 to 9 months. 

Eurasier Activity Levels

Eurasier is an energetic and active dog, but it does not need a huge amount of exercise or activity to stay fit. 30 minutes of walk in a day would be enough to keep your pup happy and healthy. If possible, take them with you for a hike or jog as they enjoy to explore and meet new people. 

Caring for Eurasier dog

Eurasier is an energetic and active dog. Provide the proper environment and place to release their energy. Laying idle in the house can cause boredom, and they may produce destructive behaviors, so ensure their daily outdoor activities to keep them healthy and fit.

Eurasier Health

Eurasier is one of the healthy dog breeds, but possibly it can inherit some diseases from its parents like Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and patellar luxation. Nothing is more important than your pup’s health so make sure to visit its vet at least once a month. 

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