Havashu Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Havashu is one of the cutest breeds in existence. It also has one of the best personalities in existence. If you want a smart and joyful breed at the same time, then the Havashu is the best choice for you. Read on and understand why we believe that the Havashu is the best of the best.

Havashu History

Havashu Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Havashu is a cross between the Shih Tzu and the amazing Havanese. The first parent is related to Havana, Cuba. This fact you may have inferred from its name. Its history is undefined and murky. The most probable theory states that it came about because of the Spanish settlers. Back in the 14th Century, they came to Cuban shores with their dogs. The Spanish dogs mingled with the local dogs to produce the ancestors of the Havanese. The breed was accepted wholeheartedly by the Cuban nobility and local people.

The Shih-Tzu is a Chinese breed that is considered ancient in its origins. The Shih-Tzu has always remained a companion dog. It was especially popular with the emperors of China. It was almost sacred in its existence. Its desirable appearance and unique personality made it the most prominent breed in China. The breed was registered with the AKC in 1969.

Havashu Characteristics

The Havashu is a small cute breed. The body shape of the Havashu is small. It doesn’t have a stocky body. The general shape of the body will also usually be muscular and sturdy. The coat of the Havashu will be long and dense. The coat colors will be Black, White, Sable, Grey, and Brown. The legs of the Havashu will usually be short and strong. The eyes vary between the colors Amber and Brown.

How Big do Havashu Get

The Havashu, like both of its parents, is a small breed. The height of the Havashu is usually between 9 to 12 inches for males and 8 to 11 inches for females. On the other hand, the weight is 8 to 15 lbs for males and 7 to 14 lbs for females. Yes, it isn’t chonky, but the plus side is that it’s easy to carry around.

How Long Does Havashu Live

The Havashu is like the immortal lord of Dogs. It has an amazingly long lifespan of 13 to 17 years. Considering that this figure can be pushed even further, the Havashu is perfect. You will have to be very careful about its medical conditions to give it extra security for its life.

How Much Does a Havashu Cost

The Havashu puppies will not cost you a major figure. Why? Not a lot of people know about this breed. At most, the Havashu will cost you 1200 dollars. Anything more means that you have to be careful about what you are getting.

Havashu Temperament/Personality

The Havashu is the freshest gust of spring. It will dance around while laughing at the simplicity of life. It has the perfect positive demeanor to become a man’s best friend. It will become a favorite of the whole family very quickly. If you want a breed that can adapt well to the whole family, then this is the guy for you. We recommend giving it a bit of socialization to reduce any first-time shyness.

Training the Havashu probably won’t be that hard. It loves doing tricks. Along with that, it also loves being the center of attention. It means that it will generally respond well to a majority of the commands. If it does show some rebellious attitude, then please don’t be hard on it. Slow, steady, and compassionate routines will help you win the race of training. If you still find training the Havashu hard, then contact a professional to guide you properly.

Caring for Havashu

The Havashu is a good breed that deserves and needs your attention to maintain its health. For that specific reason, we believe that you will have read this next section.

Havashu Nutrition

The Havashu is a small size breed and requires food according to its size. Normally the Havashu consumes one cup of food per day. It hardly costs 1 dollar per day for food. We can give it healthy food like Purina Dog Food or Pedigree Dog Food. We recommend looking into the Food for Small dog section to understand the best option for your buddy.

How to Groom a Havashu

Grooming of the Havashu can be problematic or potentially easy to manage based on its coat. Normally the Havashu will need to have its coat brushed daily. It would be best if you were willing to brush its coat with a good Dog Brush to maintain its health. You should also bathe the Havashu whenever you feel an unpleasant odor coming from it. To sweeten the bathing proposition for your buddy, use a Dog Shampoo. Trimming its nails is an important part of the grooming routine. Fortunately, you won’t have to trim its nails that often. Finally, please keep its teeth clean.

Havashu Activity Levels

The Havashu is considered a moderately active breed. It will still need a considerable amount of daily activity. You will have to give it at least an hour per day. It tends to be voiced about its needs for exercise and recreation. If you don’t like making noise and a fuss, please take it to the park at least once per day.

Caring for Havashu

The Havashu, as you may have guessed from the data above, doesn’t need much. Yes, if you take care of certain things, it will make both your and its life easier. What are those things? First of all, you should be willing to give it lots of love. The Havashu thrives on love. Without love, the Havashu will fade into a shell of nothingness. Ideally, keep it beside you no matter what. Secondly, keep its ears clean too. If you don’t keep its ears clean, then things will take a turn for the worst. Apart from that, keep it engaged and immersed in everything.

Havashu Health

The Havashu is a hybrid breed. You probably know that means if you don’t know, let us tell you it isn’t good. Being a hybrid means having a double multiplier activated for inheriting vulnerabilities. The Havashu inherits some seriously dangerous conditions too. The most lethal and problematic conditions include Patellar Luxation, Chondrodysplasia (Chd), Bladder Stones, Mitral Valve Disease, and Allergies.

Some age-related conditions will most probably affect the health of the Havashu. These age-related conditions are mostly concerned with the eyes or joints. The health of the Havashu should be kept under strict supervision. The most important part is ensuring ample examinations. You should make sure that it gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

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