How To Train A Great Pyrenees?

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How To Train A Great PyreneesGreat Pyrenees are strong and majestic, but cute and fluffy at the same time. They have an instinct to protect the ones they love, which makes them the perfect pet to own. Once they start to trust you, they will go to any limits to shield you and your family. 

Even though they have an inherent quality of sturdiness and quick reflex, there is still a lot for them to learn, to adapt to a normal livelihood.

Are you having trouble training your furry friend? Continue reading to know exactly how you can do that!

How to train a Great Pyrenees puppy?

Despite popular beliefs, Great Pyrenees puppies are a delight to train. Once you get a hold of training them with reward-based systems and treats, it will turn out to be a rather fun and playful session.

Pyrenees puppies respond well to training. So you can start by giving them the basic instructions of ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘come’ commands. Also, remember to buy a comfortable collar and a sturdy leash. This will help you control them from wandering or getting injured while training.

A lot of their behavior and training results also depend on how often you socialize with them. Because of their protective instincts, Pyrenees puppies tend to become aggressive when they see any unfamiliar face. However, they tend to adapt more quickly to new surroundings when they are young.

So, to turn your pet into a more approachable dog, we advise you to take it out for regular strolls in the park with, of course, a leash at first. Once you are done teaching your puppy the basic commands, training can become a lot easier.

The key to perfect their understanding of your commands is to be patient with them. They might take their time to learn, but they can be exceptional watchdogs once they are done. And since this breed takes almost 1-2 years to mature, you will have a lot of time to completely develop their behavior and skills.

Young Pyrenees don’t have a very long attention span, so a training routine of merely 10-15 minutes can be enough for them. But make sure that you follow this regime every day.

An excellent way to motivate them would be to reward them with treats. Positive responses such as a hug or some quality time with them can also help them associate love with good behavior.

How to train a Great Pyrenees senior?

As they get older, Pyrenees tend to lose focus, and if you have to train them, it can get a bit challenging. Since they are more independent than other dogs, they can give you a hard time. The key is to show them love and care so that they start respecting you. 

They are smart and quick learners, but they will get bored quickly. The wise thing to do will be to keep switching your routine regularly to avoid losing their interest. Additionally, the exercises should also be short and simple for them to follow.

Since their stamina reduces with age, a short, relaxed walk in the park can benefit them greatly. This keeps them healthy and active and also does not exhaust their body.

Because of their defensive attitude, they can easily become agitated in new surroundings. Many a time, they do not understand the difference between an invited and an unwelcome guest. The key is to be patient with your senior!

Though you can train it on the major behavioral aspects, it is essential to note that a few habits, like digging and barking, are not going to leave your dog. So embracing your dog’s protective instincts is the best way to go forward.

Summing up

Positive and steady training from the beginning can go a long way for a Great Pyrenees dog. While training your dog, the main thing to keep in mind is to be patient. Their feelings can be hurt easily, so believe in them and their potential. When you learn to be their partner, they will learn to be yours!


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