Mini Jafox Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

The Mini Jafox is a crossbreed of the Miniature Fox Terrier and the Japanese Chin. The quiet and lap canine characteristics of the Japanese Chin ancestor usually diminishes the lively spirit of the Mini Fox Terrier; however, this hybrid needs active practice every day. This canine is appropriate for metropolitan living as he likes to stay indoors for an entire day. It is the same as the Jafox, yet slightly taller and might confuse its nearby breed. All information that may be helpful to you regarding this breed is provided in this article.

Mini Jafox History

Mini Jafox Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe mini Jafox is a half-breed of the Japanese Chin and the Miniature Fox Terrier; these parent breeds have different looks. The objective of crossing two guardians is to get a canine with the most desirable characteristics, which isn’t generally the result. The mini Jafox doesn’t look like his parent. The Miniature Fox Terrier was created in Australia, while the Toy Fox Terrier was created in the US.

In the mid-20th century, the Mini Fox Terrier known as “Little Foxie” became mainstream in Australia as a little pests tracker. The Japanese Chin is an old canine of China and was given as a present to visiting officials. The West perceived the Japanese Chin as the Japanese Spaniel, but its name changed to the Japanese Chin. Finally, in 1888, it was perceived by AKC.

Mini Jafox Characteristics

The coat of Mini Jafox is delicate and short to medium in length, which contains two tones and white as the base shading. It can be white, black, brown, red, and fawn. It has a small round head that is balanced with its smaller, square molded body. It has a short gag with a dark nose and brown eyes. They have skinny legs and short tails.

How Big to Mini Jafox Get

The average height of Mini Jafox is 9 – 10 inches and weighs 6 – 10 pounds. However, it grows up to 9 inches tall in 6 months with a weight of 7 pounds.

How Long Does Mini Jafox Live

The average life expectancy of Mini Jafox is around 12 to 14 years which can be increased with extra care and condition.

How Much Does a Mini Jafox Cost

You can find the Mini Jafox puppy within the range of $500 – $1,000. Luckily they are not expensive as their parents breed.

Mini Jafox Temperament/Personality

The Mini Jafox has a soft and laid-back personality as their Japanese Chin parent. However, they are friendly and protective for their family and barks to caution against outsiders and different dangers. Their pure breed, the Japanese Chin, is kind towards kids, while the Mini Fox Terrier might be cranky with kids when bothered, so you need extra care when they are around the youngsters.

You can also look into Dog Training Book for their early training, making him a caring ally to all relatives. They are fit for living with different pets but want to be the focal point of consideration. Their energy level also differs from breed to breed; give them some Interactive Dog Toys and Dog Food Topping while training sessions.

Caring for Mini Jafox

Mini Jafox has short length coat, which needs brushing once a week. As they are not pure breeds, you can ask your veteran for regular medical checkups for their longevity. The following heading entails the essential care tips of this hybrid.

Mini Jafox Nutrition

The Mini Jafox needs a half cup of Dog Food for Sensitive Stomachs per day, which daily cost around $1.00 – $1.20 and a monthly expense of $20.00 to $30.00. High-quality food will ensure that all of your pup’s dietary needs are taken care of.

How to Groom a Mini Jafox

The Mini Jafox is not difficult to keep up with however isn’t a hypoallergenic canine. Regardless of which parent breed the Mini Jafox takes after, they will have a delicate and smooth coat. A pin dog Brush will eliminate a large portion of the knots and extra hairs to make the coat smooth. It doesn’t require continuous washing. They have long hairs around the ears, so check for any infection and wipe them after bathing.

Mini Jafox Activity Levels

The Mini Jafox has medium energy but still requires everyday practice. The Mini Jafox loves to run and chase. They act like a feline and hop onto high regions, so they ought not to be left alone in a low fenced yard. They might be obstinate while training sessions. However, this hybrid feels pleased around different pets and kids. They are suitable for apartments and indoor life as they don’t endure outrageous weather.

Caring for Mini Jafox

It’s recommended to give the Mini Jafox breed a Dry and Wet Dog Food mixture to make them healthy and interactive during the whole day. Also, give him water and proper shelter during extreme weather conditions. As they are small dogs, they will require special care and caution when they are around small kids. They can also be prone to stress when left alone for a long time. However, they are suitable for apartments and love being around their owner. They are protective of their family and get alarmed when a stranger came by.

Mini Jafox Health

They are not pure breeds, so it’s difficult to detect which disease they will get from their parent breeds. You can also look into the health records of Japanese Chin and Toy Fox Terrier. The Japanese Chin can have Patellar Luxation, Obesity, Cataracts, and Dental Issues. At the same time, the Toy Fox Terrier is detected with Demodicosis, Elbow Dysplasia, and von Willebrand’s Disease. In addition, they are occasionally diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Mitral Valve Disease. Ask your veteran to run occasional tests of Radiographs, Thyroid Testing, and Complete Physical Examination.

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