Pekehund Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

A cross between the Pekingese and the Dachshund resulted in the birth of the Pekehund. It’s interesting to note that both of the parents have small sizes and entirely different purposes. According to this, the Pekehund will have varying personalities. Nevertheless, by the end of this piece, we will have a comprehensive understanding of the Pekehund. So, without further wait, let’s get into it.

Pekehund History

Pekehund Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe royal title of the Pekingese cannot be neglected at all. The vicious and dangerous ancestors of the Pekingese also cannot be ignored or neglected. What do we mean by this? The Pekingese is a direct descendant of wolves. Yes, appearances can be misleading. Nevertheless, the Pekingese has long lost its viciousness and retired to a life of kinship and chasing after butterflies. The Pekingese was always a companion dog and was accepted by the AKC in 1909.

The Dachshund is the exact opposite of the Pekehund. It has remained an efficient exterminating dog from the beginning. The name of the Dachshund translates to Badger hunting dog. The Dachshund is a German breed. It was developed to following burrowing animals into their burrows. It was developed to have a stout and muscular body shaped like a hot dog. The purpose of this body shape was to make traversing the burrows easier. The AKC accepted the Dachshund in 1895.

Pekehund Characteristics

The varying degrees of the Pekehund’s appearance will render any speculative standards useless. The body shape of the Pekehund should, in general, be like the Dachshund. The ears will be long and hanging. The eyes should be lively and round. The coat for this magnificent breed should be medium length and moderately dense. The colors of the Pekehund’s coat will be Blue, Brown, Brindle, Fawn, Black, White, and a lot more. Variety is the Pekehund’s middle name.

How Big do Pekehund Get

The Pekehund is a tiny little breed. The height range for the Pekehund is a tremendous 7 to 9 inches for both genders. The weight ranges for both genders tend to vary by a few pounds. The weight range for the males is 12 to 22 lbs. The females weigh a bit less at 10 to 20 lbs.  Weight for the Pekehund needs to be kept within the appropriate range.

How Long Does Pekehund Live

The Pekehund, according to the life spans of the parents, should live a long life. However, to be honest, we have no clue about this breed. On average, we put its lifespan close to 10 and 15 years. Diet and exercise will as always affect the lifespan of the Pekehund.

How Much Does a Pekehund Cost

Similar to the lifespan of the Pekehund, we can only guess what the current price is. The reason for that is the rarity of this breed and its markets. The Pekehund should cost the normal purchaser a figure somewhere in the range of 500 and 700 dollars. Then, of course, you will have to pay more based on the health of your potential puppy.

Pekehund Temperament/Personality

The Pekehund was intended to be an acceptable baby doggie, and it will act that way.  The Pekehund may try to classify its family as a pack. This pack tendency stems from the Pekingese and ultimately wolf blood that courses through its veins. It will value its family/pack above its own life. We know that having a 12-inch dog as a guardian isn’t reassuring, but at least it’s cute.

What does it need to train the Pekehund? In blunt words, the Pekehund needs diligence and engagement. You should understand that the Pekehund needs immersive routines. There might be a few problems if you don’t switch up the routines a bit. If you want some hints on how to change the routines, then a Dog Training Book should help.

Caring for Pekehund

The Pekehund, like every doggie, will require certain things from its humans. All of these “Things” will be highlighted and explained in the next few paragraphs.

Pekehund Nutrition

The Pekehund will require food based on its size. The daily nourishment volume should remain close to one cup. We can suggest some great food types like Merrick Dog Food and Human-Grade Dog Food. Along with that, you may require an appropriate Dog Bowl.

How to Groom a Pekehund

The Pekehund is a breed that will usually require a weekly check-up. By weekly grooming brushing sessions, we mean brushing its coat about two to three times per week. The brushing sessions should be more regular in warm seasons. The Pekehund will require showers only a few times per year. At whatever point you bathe it, kindly guarantee the use of a Dog Shampoo. Manage the nails of this breed whenever they grow long enough. Brush its teeth as often as possible.

Pekehund Activity Levels

The Pekehund is a moderately dynamic variety and, accordingly, doesn’t request a lot of movement. On average, the Pekehund will require about 30 minutes of daily activity. The best routines will include both mental and physical stimulation. The ideal place for its activity is a park.

Caring for Pekehund

The most significant additional thing is separation anxiety in the Pekehund’s case. You should be ready to keep the Pekehund as close to yourself as possible. Even logically, the first and prime reason for getting the Pekehund is to keep it as a pet and companion. There is no reason for you to ignore it or keep it away from yourself. It would be wrong and cruel to do so.

Pekehund Health

Patellar Luxation, KCS, Skin Fold Dermatitis, Entropion, Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, Exposure Keratopathy Syndrome, Bloat, Brachycephalic Syndrome, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) are the potential risks to the health of the Pekehund. With a list like this, it’s only natural for concern and worry to rise. However, we would advise remaining calm and composed. With consistent and regulated visits to the vet’s office, everything will be fine.

You should also look into proper diet routines and the nutritional requirements of your buddy. For detailed information about these subjects, please approach your vet.

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