Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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Australian Kelpies belong to the working breed and have been originated in Australia, where they were bred to bare the harsh climatic conditions of Australia. They are still used for herding livestock there. They are now recognized by the American Kennel Club as well.

An Australian Kelpie can prove out to be a great companion and family dog too. These devoted dogs can prove out to be your loyal companions. They love to live families and due to their immense stamina, they can accompany you on long walks.

Australian Kelpie History

Australian Kelpie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowIf we talk about their history so, Australian Kelpies first appeared in 1870s. These dogs were named after the mythological creatures of Celtic Folklore which were called Kelpies. During those days farmers greatly felt the need of a companion who could herd the dramatically large quantities of sheep. Thus, Australian Kelpies came into being.

We have observed that the history of Australian Kelpie’s ancestors is not well-documented. Some researchers say that they were the offspring of the long-haired Collies, imported from Scotland, and the smooth-haired Collie breed. While other researchers claim these dogs to be the offspring of local Australian dogs who were crossed with Dingoes. It is also said that possibly the Scottish Collies were cross bred with Dingoes to produce these highly clever and active dogs.

Australian Kelpie Characteristics

Australian Kelpies are firmly built, medium-sized dogs. The male Kelpies are around 18-20 inches tall while the females are 17-19 inches tall. The height of these dogs is not much but these dogs have a longer body. They have a flexible appearance with a broad chest and a strong hindquarter. The male dogs weigh around 33-44 pounds while the females weigh around  24-35 pounds.

The Australian Kelpies’ head is long and narrow with pointed triangular ears. They have short well-arched toes and a low set medium length tail. These dogs have a double coat comprising of a shorter dense inner coat and a hard water-resistant outer coat. These coats come in seven colors which entails fawn, black and tan, smokey blue, chocolate, red, black and red and tan.

Australian Kelpie Temperament/Personality

Australian Kelpies are known for their alertness, intelligence and loyalty. They are extremely active dogs with high stamina. When you have an Australian Kelpie at your home or farm, you do not have to worry much about the work as these dogs are independent thinkers. However, they can become upset and destructive when left alone for a longer time. Australian Kelpies are extremely territorial and they do not mingle well with strangers. They bark upon seeing strangers, this makes them a great choice as watchdogs too. Australian Kelpies do not get along well with children and other pets due to their natural instincts for herding. We would suggest you to go for some other dog if you have children or you are already petting some cat or dog.

Caring for Australian Kelpie

Owning an Australian Kelpie, you might wonder what will be the ways in which you can take a good care of your pet. So, we have done a research on such ways to make it possible for you to maintain your Kelpie well.

Australian Kelpie Nutrition

We would advise you to feed an Australian Kelpie with high-quality dog foods. These dogs are highly active and perform rigorous exercises so they need a diet accordingly. However, you should plan a diet by keeping the age and size of your Kelpie in mind, so that you can feed them well.

You can even consult a veterinarian in this regard. Since these dogs carry out great physical activities, we would advise you to keep a check on their water intake too. You should always have clean water in store for them. Australian Kelpies require a highly nutritious diet when you are training them. They are not much difficult to feed and are quite light on pocket as their food only cost around $10-$15.

Australian Kelpie Grooming

It is not much tough to groom an Australian Kelpie. All you need is to brush them at least twice a week to remove any dead hair. However, it would be much better if you brush them daily because of their double coat. We would advise you to bathe it less frequently, in fact once a month. Bathing it more frequently can remove the natural oils which are there on its coat to make it water resistant. You should keep a keen check on the cleanliness of their teeth. Although, Australian Kelpies’ nails tend to wear down naturally, you should keep a check on their nails.

Australian Kelpie Activity Levels

Since Australian Kelpies are super active dogs with great stamina, they have higher activity levels. They need a lot of exercises to keep them content. Since they were primarily bred to be herding dogs, they like to have a job to do. Australian Kelpies are not just active but are also quite intelligent, so you have to arrange some mentally stimulating activities for them.

Trainings for rally, obedience and agility would be a great choice in this regard. These dogs are quite easy to train and you can use games like fetching. Keeping in view the high activity levels of the Australian Kelpie we would say that you should not adopt it if you live in an apartment.

Australian Kelpie Maintenance

It is not much difficult to maintain an Australian Kelpie because they require a low to moderate maintenance and grooming. You just have to take a few things like brushing their teeth and keeping a check on their health. You should also keep a check on the cleanliness of their ear. We would advise you to wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

Australian Kelpie Health

Australian Kelpies are generally healthy dogs with no major health concerns. However, they are genetically susceptible to some disorders. These include hip dysplasia, cryptorchidism, progressive retinal atrophy, cerebellar abiotrophy and Collie eye anomaly.

Nevertheless, it is quite rare that an Australian Kelpie encounter these disorders. Usually the good breeders perform genetic testing before breeding them, so you should go for such breeders to get a healthy dog. Normally, an Australian Kelpie lives for around 10-13 years.

Breeds Similar to Australian Kelpie


Best Dog Food For Australian Kelpies

Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Overall nourishment for Australian Kelpies is possible with the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food. Since it does not contain any grains, vegetables like sweet potatoes make it easier to digest. All other ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, are organic and help improve absorption while forming a balanced diet.

  • Salmons are delicious and are rich in protein content helping in developing muscles.
  • Regular meals ensure growing the immunity stronger. 
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote the growth of a healthy and shiny coat.

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Best Puppy Food For Australian Kelpies

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Puppies of Australian Kelpies require an adequate meal, the Purina Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. Along with its deliciousness, lamb content is easy to digest, enriched in protein and helps develop a strong muscular system. It also ensures the development of mental ability and visibility due to the presence of fish oil.

  • It supports their delicate digestive system and easy excretion. 
  • There are no artificial additives or colorants.
  • By releasing energy through absorption, it also supports an easy excretion.

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Best Dog Crates For Australian Kelpies

Elitefield 3 Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

During the phase of destructive behavior of Kelpies, the EliteField 3-Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate is one of the best ones. Its soft sides make it easier to dismantle, and its convenience of assembling makes it perfect while traveling. The removable cover is easy to wash and provides natural breathing ability and digestion.

  • With minimal time and effort, the assembling does not require any extra tools. 
  • Mesh in all the doors ensures better visibility and a natural exchange of breathable air.
  • It is light in weight and thus easy to carry while on a trip.

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Best Dog Beds For Australian Kelpies

Frisco Pillow Cat & Dog Bed

For ensuring sufficient relaxation, the Frisco Pillow Cat & Dog Bed is appropriate for Australian kelpies. The super-soft fabric encourages better sleeping positions, and the polyester stuffing supports the body and relieves pain. There is a removable cover that accompanies the dog bed, making it easier to wash at frequent intervals.

  • The look and appearance suits almost all kinds of homeowners’ interior décor.
  • Entering and exiting the bed is convenient, and it does not displace from its position.
  • The sleeping space is comfortable and minimizes pain and ensures a sound sleep.
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Best Dog Harness For Australian Kelpies

Petsafe Easy Walkdog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness supports to secure Australian Kelpies while taking them out on a walk. They minimize lash pulling and easily attach to the belts of vehicles to keep them safe during traveling. They help in taking authority over their movement and keeping them secure while crossing roads.

  • The buckles and straps are durable, ensuring utmost security.
  • There are multiple adjustment points for a secured and customized. 
  • A D-ring attached to it enables connecting the leash.

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Best Dog Collar For Australian Kelpies

Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar With Buckle

The Frisco Solid Nylon Martingale Dog Collar with Buckle suits Australian Kelpies and is ideal for regular use. Its adjustable sides ensure that it fits perfectly and does not irritate the skin while wearing for a longer duration. Since the material is nylon, it suits the comfortability and helps in protecting while on outdoor walks.

  • It can withstand high force and thus minimizes the pulling of the leash.
  • The adjustable straps ensure a customized fit and do not fall off.
  • It helps in providing more control and also adds to their personality.
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Best Dog Muzzles For Australian Kelpies

Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle

During destructive chewing, the Coastal Pet Products Best Fit Adjustable Comfort Dog Muzzle is ideal for Australian Kelpies. The customizable straps ensure a secure fit while being soft and gentle on the face. The mesh-covered area provides adequate provision for natural breathing, and the opening at the mouth helps in natural eating and drinking.  

  • Adjustable straps and hooks provide an encouraging fit. 
  • There are no complications in breathing or panting.
  • Nylon material in it makes it last longer and is durable.

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Best Dog Toys For Australian Kelpies

Frisco Holiday Santa's Helpers Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

If you often leave Australian Kelpies alone at home, provide them with the Frisco Holiday Santa’s Helpers Plush Squeaky Dog Toy. Along with the fun, they help distract and engage them in various activities, including a game of fetch. The internal squeakers make the playtime more interesting with added excitement, and they are ideal for snuggling while falling asleep.

  • One pack contains three toys, and multiple toys increase the duration of playtime.
  • The fabric is soft and gentle, with no sharp edges proving it to be safe for playing.
  • Ideal to minimize pain in gums during teething thus suits all ages.
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Best Dog Brush For Australian Kelpies

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush

The Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush improves the grooming sessions of Australian Kelpies and helps grow a shiny and well-maintained coat. It has two different types of bristles on either side, thus having multiple purposes with the same brush. The steel pins help in detangling and extraction of losing hair, while the softer bristles remove dirt.

  • Regular usage ensures the release of essential oil from the body and distributing it.
  • The pins are stainless and do not hurt their delicate skin.
  • The handle of the brush has a secure grip making it ideal for longer sessions. 

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Best Dog Shampoo For Australian Kelpies

Petag Fresh 'n Clean Tropical Fresh 2 In 1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

The PetAg Fresh ‘N Clean Tropical Fresh 2-in-1 Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is apt for deep-cleaning Australian kelpies. It has protein constituents, making the coat soft and smooth and retaining its natural shine. Aloe vera extracts leave a long-lasting smell and reduce if there is any itching or redness.

  • It cleanses and conditions the coat at the same time, thus saving effort.
  • Regular use keeps the skin moisturized and enhances the growth of a healthy coat.
  • It helps in restoring and strengthening the roots of the hair, thus minimizes shedding.

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