Aussie Wheaten Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Aussie Wheaten Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAn Aussie Wheaten has recently been introduced to the breeding world. It is a result of a cross between Australian Shepherd, and a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, which some of us also call a Wheaten or Wheatie. If you go to a pet store to get a new puppy, the extensive breeding market confuses you as to which breed is the right one. Well, to make your task easier we have shared everything you want to know about this cute and affectionate Aussie Wheaten. If you were looking for a loyal buddy, then you can surely trust an Aussie Wheaten in this regard.

Aussie Wheaten History

Aussie Wheaten is not much old designer breed. There is not a particular place where we can say that the breeders first started developing this cross. This is because Aussie Wheaten are known to be developed by breeders in various countries. You can understand this breed much better by studying its parents’ pedigree.

The Australian Shepherd originated from Western America, where they were bred from Collie varieties, in the early 1900s. They are used now as handicap guides, rescue workers and therapy dogs. The other parent, i.e. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, is a large dog and it belongs to Ireland. Both parents are sheep dogs and are known for their protective nature. Hence, Aussie Wheaten has inherited these traits. These dogs are greatly admired in North America as family dogs. However, AKC has not recognized them yet as they are usually overshadowed by other Aussie designer breeds.

Aussie Wheaten Characteristics

Aussie Wheatens are cute medium-sized dogs with a square shaped head, oval eyes, slightly narrow snout and a large round nose. They have compact thick padded paws which helps them on a long walk. Their tail is of a medium length which at times have a feathered coat.

Aussie Wheatens have an extensive range of coat colors and patterns. They have a medium to long coat that is slightly wavy, which usually comes in tri-color combinations. The color combinations consists of white, beige, brown, grey and black with darker shades around their ears and snout. Being medium-sized these dogs usually weigh around 35-45 pounds and are 18-19 inches tall.

Aussie Wheaten Temperament/Personality

Aussie Wheatens are playful and affectionate dogs which are quite energetic. They love going outdoors and are enthusiastic when it comes to family activities. These dogs are great with well-behaved children which means they will be better with some elder children rather than younger ones. Aussie Wheatens are really sociable and gel well with people. They usually do not have much issue in welcoming new people due to their sociable nature. As far as the issue of mingling with other pets like other dogs and cats is concerned, so you do not have to worry about that when you have an Aussie Wheaten.

Caring for Aussie Wheaten

Aussie Wheatens, being a part of your family, demand your care and attention. We have collected the information for you which will assist you in doing that.

Aussie Wheaten Nutrition

Like other dogs, the diet has to be planned according to the Aussie Wheaten’s age. Although we have done a research on their dietary requirements, we would suggest you to consult a veterinarian too in this regard.

An Aussie Wheaten puppy i.e. around 8-12 weeks old should be fed four times a day to ensure proper growth. When he becomes 3-6 months old you can cut down the meals to three times per day and once he gets a year old you are required to feed him twice a day.

We would advise you to use some high quality food which can be mixed with broth, canned food or water. If you want to increase their protein and mineral intake, you can feed Aussie Wheatens with eggs, cottage cheese, fruits and vegetables.

Aussie Wheaten Grooming

Aussie Wheatens can get very messy so, you have to take care about their grooming a lot. Since their coat is medium length and wavy, you are supposed to brush them daily to keep them tidy. We would suggest you to use some firm bristle brush in this regard. Although these dogs do not require a professional grooming, a slight trimming around their ears and feet and under their tails can make them look clean. We would advise you to brush these dog’s teeth daily and trim their nails every month or after every six weeks. You should also bathe them monthly and keep a keen check on the cleanliness of their eyes and ears.

Aussie Wheaten Activity Levels

These alert and active dogs have high activity levels. They want a lot of exercise and games to satisfy them. These dogs love running in parks and open areas. You can also take them on long walks as they love that. An Aussie Wheaten will absolutely love it if you have an active family.

These smarties require several physically and mentally stimulating games to keep them engaged. These pets are known to form strong family attachments so you have to make sure that you are promoting their socializing abilities while training them. Although, it is easier to train an Aussie Wheaten, at times it can get nippy due to the herding and hunting lineage which they come from.

Aussie Wheaten Maintenance

Aussie Wheaten are so playful that they can get shabby quite often. It is your responsibility to take care of their maintenance by grooming them well. You are also supposed to ensure that they are not getting infected by any severe infections by going to some good veterinarian for a regular checkup. The risks of encountering any infections can also be minimized by maintaining a proper routine for cleaning Aussie Wheaten’s ears and eyes.

Aussie Wheaten Health

Aussie Wheatens are susceptible to several health issues as they are quite outgoing. Their coats can get infested with mites and ticks. This can lead to several infections. Apart from this they have a susceptibility to encounter some other diseases too.

These diseases entails skin growth, tumors, ear infections and some allergies. Nevertheless, they are not prone to major health issues like cardiovascular problems. On average, Aussie Wheatens have a life span of 12-14 years.

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