Pomchi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Pomchi is a hybrid dog produced as a result of the cross between the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian. There is little available information on this hybrid itself, though one would think it originated in the US within the past 50 years, as this is the time frame in which the production of hybrid dogs became popular.

She is a small-sized dog with a distinctly round head, tapered muzzle, round bulging eyes, and moderately sized, erect ears. This pup is known to get along with children; however, she should not be treated harshly. The other names of this hybrid are Chi-Pom, Chiapom, Chimeranian, Chiranian, Pom-A-Chi, Pomachi, or Pomahuahua.

Pomchi History

Pomchi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowPomchi is created in recent years, so it has limited information, which tends to look at its parent breeds. So, the Pomeranian is an ancient dog breed that originated in Pomerania, now known as Germany and Poland. The name of this dog is the reference to its origin place. It was developed from the Spitz-type sled dogs from Iceland who gave their longer and fluffy coats to the Pomeranian. These charming looks made it famous among royals and nobles, and even Queen Victoria also owned them.

She started breeding them down in size, which made them so popular in England. The theories on Chihuahua’s origin vary. One theory suggests that it came from China on Spanish trading ships as cargo for trade in America. The most well-known theory is that it is a descendant of the Techichi dog, who the Aztec people thought spiritual with healing properties. Other than these theories, it is confirmed that this dog was first discovered in 1850.

Pomchi Characteristics

The Pomchi has a distinctly round head, tapered muzzle, round bulging eyes, and moderately sized, erect ears. Their tail is medium in length with plumage of thick brush. In addition, they have longer, unique fur that can even be spun into wool. The coat colors are attractive and can be black and tan, red and black, or brown and tan. Other than companions, they may be kept as show dogs or for dog sports, in which they display great agility, stamina, and trainability.

How Big to Pomchi Get

The Pomchi is a smaller to medium-sized dog with a medium-length or long coat. It weighs around 5-12 lbs. On average, it stands around 6-10 inches at the shoulders. On the flip side, the bitch is comparatively small with almost 6-9 inches in height and 4-11 lbs.

How Long Does Pomchi Live

The median life expectancy of a Pomeranian breed is around nine years. However, it has been known to live up to 17 years. The Chihuahua’s lifespan is also recorded to be the maximum of 19 years, so expect their hybrid Pomchi to live a longer life.

How Much Does a Pomchi Cost

Get a feel for the breeding business of a breeder before buying a pup. If you get a bad feeling about them (if they refuse to give the puppy’s health clearance or else), see it as a warning sign and go for another breeder! The Pomchi can cost you around $800-$1500.

Pomchi Temperament/Personality

The Pomchi is an energetic, keen, and affectionate little dog. They are not dog-aggressive and tend to get along with other canine or non-canine pets and make great companions.  Intensely loyal, they can watch after your house and belongings, ensuring your safety.

Because the Chihuahua parent contributes frequent barking traits so appropriate socialization should be utilized as early in her life as possible to ensure that she will be good with kids, this tiny fluffy doggo enjoys snow and cold weather for having a very weather-resistant coat. As a family dog, she adapts well to apartment living and considers herself part of your family.

Caring for Pomchi

Until now, you have known about your Pomchi’s information and personality; let’s take a look at everything he needs to live his best healthy life.

Pomchi Nutrition

Pomchi can be a greedy eater, and if you let her overindulge in delicacies or treats, she will show on the scales. So always measure her calories to keep away from obesity as it can lead to severe health conditions. You better feed this little doggy on Food for Small Dogs.

How to Groom a Pomchi

The Pomchi can be single or double-coated depending on which parent genetic dominates. Whether this canine ends up with a wiry or fluffy, long or short coat, the minimum you should brush her is once a week. Use a Dog Brush for this purpose and avoid metal brushes that cause hair breakage.

Pomchi Activity Levels

Both the parent breeds of Pomchi are high energy, but this hybrid has moderate activity measures. She may enjoy a short walk, romp inside, or outside trip, but prefer to lounge around the house, watching her humans. You can provide Puppy Toys, or Dog Fountains to entertain her on your part.

Caring for Pomchi

An intelligent dog, the Pomchi not only needs daily activity, but she must also have the opportunity to use her brain in various activities, such as obedience and agility training. You will need to provide up to 1.5 cups of Dry Dog Food a day, and if your pup is very active, she will likely need more than this. Leash training is a must for this breed, especially due to its small size and lack of road sense. Furthermore, she can be prone to weight gain if not exercised properly.

Pomchi Health

Pomchi could be prone to the health issues her parents are at risk of. These health problems may include Patellar Luxation, Epilepsy, Hypoglycemia, Legg-Calve Perthes Disease, Allergies, and Shivering. This hybrid is relatively healthy, but you must do your homework and buy from a responsible and reputable breeder due to the sheer number of breeders developing her. Also, you can reduce the risk of potential dog diseases by ensuring regular vet visits.

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