Pugador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

If you want a picture of diversity, then just look at the Pugador. It has the Pug and the Labrador Retriever as parents. Whoever made this match has a lot of explaining to do. Both of the parents don’t look even slightly similar. The only thing common in both breeds is their friendliness. As far as we are concerned that’s the most important thing. We will learn more about this dog and its possible compatibility with you in the next few paragraphs.

Pugador History

Pugador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Pug is a breed native to China. It has been around for more than 2000 years. It reached peak glory and fame in the Han Dynasty Era. This doggie has always been famous for its connections to nobility. However, compared to the Labrador Retriever, its descent is entirely different. The Labrador, for example, is from Newfoundland. It is believed to be a version of St. Johns Water dogs.

Even when comparing purposes, both breeds are worlds apart. The Pug has always been a companion dog. The Labrador Retriever has been a retrieving dog. The Labrador was always found around Fishermen, retrieving scrumptious fish from nets. Why would anyone breed these two dogs together is anyone’s guess. We believe that it may have been to get a small doggie with the resourcefulness of the Labrador.

Pugador Characteristics

With Pug genes mixed in, the size of the Pugador was bound to be small. The coat of the Pugador is also more like the Pugs’. The color variations are more diverse and usually vary between Brown, Fawn, White, and Black. The build of the Pugador may be more like the Labrador’s. In short, it will be longer than its height. The eyes of the Pugador may be slightly bulgy. Overall the Pugador may love water and will be athletic.

How Big do Pugador Get

The Pugador has varying proportions for both males and females. The males are usually 17 to 19 inches tall and 30 to 50 lbs. The female Pugador is usually 15 to 17 inches tall. The weight range for females is 25 to 45 lbs. According to the proportions, the Pugador is classified as a medium-sized dog.

How Long Does Pugador Live

Unlike other Pug mixes, the Pugador has a very long lifespan. On average, the Pugador lives close to 15 years of age. However, you can expect the lifespan to fluctuate by one year. Mostly designer breeds have a life cap of 15 years. However, you can expect the Pugador to live close to 16 or 17 years with a proper diet.  

How Much Does a Pugador Cost

Like most Labrador mixes, the Pugador will cost you a considerable sum. Generally, the price for the Pugador will be above 800 dollars. However, the price can rise to 2000 dollars. Normally a pup costing 2000 dollars should be as healthy as possible. The breeder should also be credible enough. Shady breeders asking for exorbitant prices are ripping you off.  

Pugador Temperament/Personality

The Pugador is overall an extremely friendly dog. With the Lab genes, you can expect it to be the most loyal dog. It can become a child’s best friend and an adult’s reliable companion.  Small birds may be at risk from this doggie. Cats can adapt to this dog and vice versa. You will have to give it some socialization, however.

Training a dog like the Pugador should be child’s play for experienced people. But, even if you aren’t experienced, training the Pugador should be easy. Just give it lots of love and some bribes in the form of treats. That’s all it takes to keep the Pugador motivated.

Caring for Pugador

This final section deals with the most important information about the Pugador. It will tell you all about the needs of the Pugador and your role in achieving those needs. Paying attention to it all is highly recommended.

Pugador Nutrition

The Pugador is a medium-sized doggie with a fair bit of chunkiness. To maintain this muscle mass, you will have to give it an appropriate diet. Certain types of food will affect its health more positively than others. Dog Food for Labs is one such type since the Pugador is a Labrador mix. Try not to overfeed this doggie. If you do overfeed it, then use Dog Food for Weight Loss. It will help considerably.

How to Groom a Pugador

With its long coat, the Pugador is bound to have a lot of tangles. Therefore, you will have to be careful about its coat. Brushing its coat every day is essential for its survival. It won’t take that long. 20 to 25 minutes daily should be enough to maintain its coat. You should also brush its teeth at least five times per week. Bathe the Pugador only when you feel like it needs a bath. Different deodorants for Dogs could prove helpful in removing unpleasant smells. You should also keep the Pugador’s nails short and healthy.

Pugador Activity Levels

The Pugador requires moderate amounts of exercise for its size. Around 50 minutes of exercise every day should be enough. We recommend maintaining a balance between both mental and physical exercises.

Caring for Pugador

What would it take to make your buddy the absolute happiest? First of all, the Pugador loves water. This love for water is thanks to the Lab genes. So you could get some Water Toys for Dogs for your buddy. It would be a good source of cooling off in summers as well as fun. The second thing is a Dog Fountain. Believe us; the Pugador will love it.

With good fun also comes care. Remaining moist throughout the day isn’t good for your doggie’s coat and skin. However, towel drying it every time can also get tiresome. That is where the Dog Hair Dryer comes into play. It will keep your doggie dry and your energy levels high. 

Pugador Health

With mixed genes, the Pugador will undoubtedly have many health issues. The general list of conditions will include Portosystemic Shunt, Pug Dog Encephalitis, Otitis Externa, and Entropion. There are at least 12 more potentially overwhelming conditions in the Pugador’s case. Though minimized, breathing problems are another major concern for the Pugador. Bluntly put, you will have to be extra careful in the Pugador’s case.

First of all, understand the importance of diet. The healthier the food is, the better your doggie will be. After that, remember that exercise plays a vital role in the health of the Pugador. Exercise requirements have already been explained in the “Activity” section above. Finally, the most important part is to understand that your doggie needs vet visits. Ignoring visits to the vet’s office will lead to numerous problems later on. Bluntly put, just take it to the vet on time.

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