Muggin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Muggin is produced as a result of the cross between Miniature Pinscher and Pug dogs. Also known as Pug-Pin, this athletic dog is a favorite of owners who value the dog’s spirited nature and confident personality. The recognition of this hybrid with American Canine Hybrid Club and Dog Registry of America, Inc. shows that it may originate in America. Other registries to officially recognize this breed are Designer Dogs Kennel Club and International Designer Canine Registry. When you plan to have a pet at home for the first time, the Muggin is the perfect option you can ever have.

Muggin History

Muggin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThis hybrid of Miniature Pinscher and Pug is a new breed of dog without a detailed history. However, the parent breeds of the hybrid have long histories. The Miniature Pinscher is thought to have originated in Germany centuries ago. Also known as the Zwergpinscher and Min Pin, it freed the houses and factories from rats. Apart from its size, the Min Pin looks like the Doberman, but it is much older. This little dog marked its appearance in ancient art, and 1895 saw its standards.

 The Pug, by contrast, is an ancient breed having originated in China. It is a Mastiff smaller in size that has been serving as a companion for several hundred years. During the 1500s, the dog came to Europe by trade. In the 1800s, its standards were set in England, and during the 19th Century, it made its way to the US. Here the breed became recognized by the American Kennel Club recognized the Pug in 1885.

Muggin Characteristics

 Relying on the characteristics of both parents, the Muggin is a small-sized canine with an athletic body. Its smooth coat with a characteristic black mask, prominent dark eyes, and flat face are instantly attractive. With its short snout and curly tail, this lovely natured dog is a healthy breed and serves as a wonderful companion. The ears may be set high or drop down on the large round head.

How Big to Muggin Get

Mini St. Bernard is around 10-14inches in height and weighs between 12-22 lbs. The female is comparatively smaller, weighing around 12-18 lbs. while standing 10-12 inches.

How Long Does Muggin Live

The Muggin has a long lifespan of a small-sized dog. Its lifespan depends on its health which you can improve with proper supervision and care. On average, this dog can live for around 13 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Muggin Cost

There are a wide variety of factors that can impact the price of the Muggin. It can be anywhere in the range between $600 to $1,000. Both Miniature Pinscher and Pug can be quite expensive as a purebred. The hybrids with a quality pedigree are substantially more costly.

Muggin Temperament/Personality

The Muggin is a fun family pet to have around the home. He is affectionate, gentle, and fiercely loyal to his master. Combined with intelligence and an eager-to-please nature, he will pick up the rules in no time. However, he can also be a bit stubborn at times due to various factors; the greatest of them can be using harsh techniques or words while training.

Train this little buddy using a positive and friendly approach. Lay down ground rules and be patient in requiring that your pup follows them. He does well with children that he is raised with. A well-socialized and well-trained Muggin can be the best pet ever.

Caring for Muggin

Muggin has short length coat, which needs brushing once a week. It would help if you remained in touch with your concerned vet for regular medical checkups and further assistance regarding your furry fellow. The following heading entails the essential care tips of this canine.

Muggin Nutrition

1-1.5 cups of good quality dry kibble should be enough for Mugging as it is a small-sized inactive dog and can be more prone to obesity. There is far too much variation among individual dogs, including weight, energy, and health; thus, their dietary needs vary. It is best to ask your veterinarian for recommendations about your dog’s diet.

How to Groom a Muggin

Brushing once a week with a Dog Brush should suffice for Muggin. Check your pup’s ears while grooming, and if they are flop down, they need regular cleaning with Dog Ear Cleaners. It sheds very little and may be considered a hypoallergenic hybrid. Get your Muggin used to the grooming regimen as a puppy and create love, attention, and bonding.

Muggin Activity Levels

Muggin is not a dog that will be hyper indoors. It is quite laid back and inactive inside the home. However, it loves having daily long walks, trips to the dog park, and playtime when it is out. Provide it with a Dog Playpen inside the home where it can play freely and safely.

Caring for Muggin

For its size, Muggin can adapt to living in an apartment if he has to, as long as there is room for moving around. Still, taking your pup out daily for fresh ear and sunshine is essential for its health. However, you should not get over-exercise it as it can have breathing problems.

Since canines thrive off positive reinforcement, training your Muggin for obedience or agility drills could be a great way to keep it mentally and physically fit. However, this hybrid may be prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke, which you can avoid using Cooling Pads for Dogs and Cooling Vests for Dogs.

Muggin Health

There are few health issues in your Muggin hybrid that are mainly genetic. These include Hip Dysplasia, Epilepsy, Megaesophagus, Von Willebrand’s Disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, Liver Problems, Elbow Dysplasia, Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, and Patellar Luxation.

A healthy diet, good hygiene, regular grooming keeps your pup away from infections and allergies. In addition, a routine health checkup is necessary to avoid the rest of the ailments.

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