Welsh Sheepdog Information – Everything You Need To Know

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The Welsh Sheepdog is a breed that has existed for more than eight centuries. The Sheepdog was developed as a working dog and was used to herd livestock.

This article will discuss more about the Welsh Sheepdog, such as its history, characteristics, diet, size, and more.

Welsh Sheepdog’s History

Welsh Sheepdog Information Everything You Need To KnowUnfortunately, little is known about the origins and history of the Welsh Sheepdog. However, there are a few theories; some experts believe that the breed is descended from an ancient Welsh Staghound, also known as the Gellgi or Covert Hound.

The Welsh Staghound was kept by Welsh noblemen and used to hunt different animals.

The Welsh Staghound is mentioned in Welsh manuscripts that date back to the 13th century. These manuscripts also discuss a sheepdog that used to herd livestock, this could be a Welsh Sheepdog reference, but we cannot say it with 100 % certainty.

By the 18th century, there was a change in the farming practices, and the role of the Welsh Sheepdog was also changed.

The Welsh Sheepdog was used to drive sheep and cattle over long distances.

Sometimes, the dog would drive the cattle for several hundred miles. Later on, with the decline in driving and the introduction of new farm dog breeds such as the Border collie, the popularity of the Welsh Sheepdog decreased significantly.

Welsh Sheepdog Characteristics

The Welsh Sheepdog greatly resembles the Border collie; it has a tall animal and a sturdy build. The coat of this dog is short, and the head is broad and flat between the ears. The muzzle is strong and wide, whereas the jaw is extremely powerful and broad. The oval-shaped eyes are typically brown, although blue and light-colored eyes are not uncommon.

The size of the ears varies significantly, as they can be long or short.

The ears are set high and have folded tips. The body’s shape resembles that of an athlete; the broad back and neck give this dog an intimidating appearance. The chest of the Welsh Sheepdog is deep and large, while the abdomen is firm.

How Big Can A Welsh Sheepdog Get?

The males weigh roughly 18 to 25 Kg (40 to 55 pounds) and stand 22 inches (56 cm) at the shoulders. The females stand 20 inches (50 cm) tall and weigh roughly 16 to 23 Kg (35 to 51 pounds).

How Long Can A Welsh Sheepdog Live?

The average lifespan of a Welsh Sheepdog is 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does A Welsh Sheepdog Cost?

The Welsh Sheepdog’s price range is typical $ 1200 to 1500.

Welsh Sheepdog Personality/Temperament

The Welsh Sheepdog is highly curious and intelligent. The dog always tries to stay a step ahead of his owner and anticipates the next move. Since the Welsh Sheepdog is a farm dog, it is always ready to do its job and is the happiest when busy.

You also need to give the dog different jobs, such as collecting the dirty laundry or herding the chickens in the backyard.

The Welsh Sheepdog is a good watchdog and will sound the alarm at any sign of danger. However, the dog has a tendency to be aggressive, especially towards strangers.

To make the dog comfortable with strangers, you will need to socialize with him at an early age.

Welsh Sheepdog’s Nutrition

While you can feed the Sheep high-quality commercial dog food such as Dogswell dog food and Dr.Gary’s best breed dog food, typically, Welsh Sheepdogs are fed Raw dog food. Please divide the food into several portions before feeding it to the dog.

How Do You Groom A Welsh Sheepdog?

Since this Dog comes from the mountains of Wales, the breed requires moderate grooming. However, some Welsh Sheepdogs have a long coat, so that they will need grooming at least once a week.

You should also keep basic grooming equipment such as a Dog bathtub and Stain and odor remover.

You don’t need to bathe the Welsh Sheepdog every week, and the nails should be trimmed once every few weeks. It is recommended to brush the dog’s teeth regularly and start brushing the teeth when the dog is just a puppy.

Activity Levels of the Welsh Sheepdog

The Welsh Sheepdog is an energetic dog breed and requires at least two hours of physical activity daily. Ideally, you should keep the canine as a working dog, as it is tough to satisfy its physical needs through normal activities.

However, it might be a perfect companion for you if you are into long-distance running or hiking.

Health Concerns for Welsh Sheepdog

A few health issues affect the Welsh Sheepdog, but typically, the breed is healthy. Since a Kennel club does not officially recognize the breed, no screening programs have ever taken place for the Welsh Sheepdog. Here are some common health conditions:

  • Collie Eye Anomaly
  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes Mellitus

Collie Eye Anomaly

This condition is common in Collie breeds such as the Border collie. In this condition, the dog suffers from impaired development in the Choroid. The Choroid is the eye’s vascular support structure.

Lack of or poor nutrition leads to this condition. The Collin Eye Anomaly can also lead to partial or complete blindness in dogs.

Atopic Dermatitis

This is a common condition in Welsh Sheepdogs that like to spend most of their time indoors. This is a type of skin allergy that can cause severe or moderate irritation of the perineum, paws, or ears;

This condition typically happens as a response to allergens that either the skin comes in contact with or are inhaled by the dog.


This is a common condition in all dog breeds and is primarily a disorder in the brain. Epilepsy can cause seizures and cause a lot of distress for the owner. However, epilepsy is typically minor, and its effect on the dog is short-lived.

Treatment for epilepsy is lifelong, and the dog will also need to take medication.

Diabetes Mellitus

Though Welsh Sheepdogs are not prone to diabetes, they may sometimes develop Diabetes Mellitus. Signs of this condition are insulin secretion, and the condition can severely damage the pancreas.

Diabetes Mellitus leads to rapid weight loss and excess urination.

Breeds Similar To a Welsh Hound

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Best Dog Bed for Welsh Sheepdogs

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