Alano Español Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Alano Español Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAs you might have already figured out, the Alano Español is a Spanish breed of dogs. You might also know them by the name Spanish Alano or simply Spanish Bulldog. They are one of the most popular breeds for catching cattle, hunting, protecting, and such.

Did you know that Alano Español was also used during Spanish bullfights? And unlike their fierce nature as full-grown dogs, they make one of the cutest puppies! However, there is so much more to this mysterious breed than its strong posture. In this article, you will be able to explore the nitty-gritty of everything that makes an Alano Español!

Alano Español History

The Alano Español breed originally got its name from Alani, which was an Iranian nomad tribe. Around the 5th century, they migrated over to Spain. Along with went the dogs they used for guarding the livestock and cattle and for hunting. It was the Alano Español breed indeed. 

By the time that the 20th century came around, their number depleted significantly, almost driving them to the verge of extinction. Ever since, an effort has been actively taken to restore their healthy existence. In fact, the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture even recognized the breed as an indigenous one.

Alano Español Characteristics

Needless to say, that Alano Español is quite a protective and fearless kind. After all, they do have the build and posture for it. However, as mentioned before, the mysterious breed is more than what meets the eye. Scroll away to know about the essential characteristics of the Alano Español.

How Big do Alano Español Get

Have you seen the Molossoid breed by your locality? If you have, recognizing Alano Español would be easy! Just like the former, the latter type also has a strong and large head. Typically, a full-grown male dog from this breed has a head up to 58 centimeters. Meanwhile, its weight ranges from 75 to 90 pounds. The figures are more or less similar for females too.

How Long Does Alano Español Live

If you find yourself invested in dog-trivia, you would know the relation between a dog’s size and age. While it is not a hard-and-fast rule, larger dogs have a lesser life expectancy as compared to the smaller kinds. Reason being that they tend to catch a number of genetic disorders and age earlier. So, to directly answer the question, your Spanish Bulldog may live up to 11 years.

How Much Does an Alano Español Cost

Since the Alano Español is an exotic breed from Spain, its cost tends to be on the higher ends of the scale. Depending on what region you are from or live in, a Spanish Bulldog pup could cost you along with the range of $600 to $2000. That, of course, is excluding the incurred costs post the buy.

Alano Español Temperament/Personality

You will find that Alano Español is surprisingly calm for the kind of appearance it has. While they might look fierce, they do not require a whole lot of attention. However, you should consider getting a trainer since it is instinctually bred for fighting and hunting.

Needless to say, they are extremely protective of their family. Their loyalty extends the same way as well. If you have little children at home, you do not need to worry about leaving your pup alone with them. This big breed gets along with your young ones effortlessly.

While the type does not mind getting along with other animals, strangers might be a bit of a concern. In terms of this concern, they might on to attack one without reason. So, if you live in a neighborhood of old people or frequent foot traffic, training is essential.

Caring for Alano Español

As mentioned before, you do not need to worry much about giving excessive attention to your companion. They are bred to be independent and think of their family as something that needs their protection. Is the not the most charming trait of a dog? Regardless, there are some brief pointers that you must ensure while looking after your Alano Español.

Alano Español Nutrition

We have already established that Alano Español is a large-fog breed that loves to protect its family. Two of these characteristics give away a lot when it comes to its nutrition. So, it is safe to assume that it will need three to four cups of typical dry dog food every day. That being said, you should avoid overeating, too, since the breed tends to bloat.  

How to Groom an Alano Español

As you might have gathered from the pictures, Alano Español does not have very long hair or fur. In fact, grown hair can cause your companion quite the irritation. So, if you trim its hair along the neck fold, that would be sufficient. Secondly, combing out the wrinkled areas is also a good thing to add to the small list. Apart from that, its brushing needs are similar to many others, that is, once or twice a week.

Alano Español Activity Levels

Since it belongs to a working stock, Alano Español has quite the stamina bags. It means that you would have to engage in activities that provide that kind of mental and physical stimulation. Thankfully, it is a social breed, and arranging occasional playdates might just work out for the best! However, if you live in an apartment or a small house, this breed could get a little irritated.   

Caring for Alano Español

As long as you stick to a twice-a-day meal plan and a strict exercise routine, it will be fine. Remember that since it was bred to be a hunting and guarding dog, physical activity is integral to its lifestyle. Secondly, maintaining a proper hygiene level for your pup is just as important as it is for you. So, bathing it regularly and brushing through should be ensured. 

Alano Español Health

Since the breed is quite a rarity, especially outside Spain, there is not much information on its health conditions. That said, select a pup from a known family line. In that case, you would know if there are any preexisting or genetic diseases to look out for. Like other large-dog breeds, Alano Español might get hip dysplasia as it grows old, but not necessarily.  

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