American Bull-Aussie Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

American Bull Aussie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThe American Bull-Aussie is a hybrid breed, created by breeding an American Bulldog and an Australian Shepherd. Just like it’s parent breeds, the American Bull-Aussie will be energetic, with need for exercise, as well as a loyal family companion.

American Bull-Aussie History

While a specific date is unknown, the American Bull-Aussie is a relatively new breed. We do know the history of its parent breeds, however. The American Bulldog has been in the United Sates since the 17th century. Their ability to catch feral cattle and pigs made them popular with farmers and many became farm dogs. This ended up saving them during WWI and WWII when the breed almost dying out, only the farm dogs remained. They have since been brought back from the brink of extinction.

The Australian Shepherd actually got its start in Europe a few hundred years ago in a region between France and Spain. The native Basques named their favorite herding dog after nearby mountains. The Pyrenean Sheppard, which is still around and recognized by the American Kennel Club, were the original breed of the Australian Shepherd. Many Basques immigrated to Australia in the early 1800s, taking their beloved herders with them. The breed was refined by crossing with Collies and Border Collies.

American Bull-Aussie Characteristics

The American Bull-Aussie will have physical traits from each of its parents, so while some traits will be unknown until they are born, two things they will have are long tails and short ears that fold over at the top. Their coats are short with stiff hair that can be white, cream, brown, or brindle.

There is a wide range of size possibilities with the males growing to be somewhere between 19 – 25 inches and 70 – 120 pounds. If they are more like their American Bulldog parent, they’re more likely to be heavier than if they take on the body style of the Australian Shepherd.

American Bull-Aussie Temperament/Personality

The American Bull-Aussie doesn’t make a good watchdog as they rarely bark. They do, however, make a great family pet. They are a playful, affectionate, and calm breed that enjoy playing with children. Highly intelligent, they are protective of their family, and while they are not usually dog aggressive, it is still a good idea to have them trained and socialized at an early age.

Caring for American Bull-Aussie

Caring for an American Bull-Aussie is relatively easy as they don’t require a lot of maintenance. There are some maintenance tasks that will need to be done on a regular basis, but not frequently. The main focus of care is with the activity levels for the American Bull-Aussie.

American Bull-Aussie Nutrition

American Bull-Aussies should be fed high-quality kibble, twice a day. As they have a high activity level, it is important that your American Bull-Aussie is getting the proper nutrition with a mix of high protein, healthy fats and carbs. The amount of food required will depend on the size of your American Bull-Aussie. Most packages of dog food will give you the amounts per weight and you can always talk with your veterinarian.

American Bull-Aussie Grooming

American Bull-Aussies have short, dense coats, with moderate shedding and should be brushed at least once a week to ensure the elimination of dirt and debris, as well as dead hair, leaving them with a nice shiny, healthy coat. A brush mitt is a great option for the American Bull-Aussie to promote good circulation of the body’s blood and natural oils.

American Bull-Aussie Activity Levels

The American Bull-Aussie is an energetic and active breed who benefits from regular physical and mental exercise and should have at least 45-60 minutes a day of physical activity. If they don’t get enough exercise, they become upset and can be destructive. As they are intelligent dogs, providing them with mental exercise is important as well, this will tire them physically in addition to mentally.

American Bull-Aussie Maintenance

The American Bull-Aussie does require a little maintenance. Their ears should be checked and cleaned once a week to prevent debris and infections. Their nails should be clipped once, or twice a month, unless they are worn down naturally.

American Bull-Aussie Health

American Bull-Aussies are a healthy breed and they generally live to be between 13 to 16 years old. Some health issues that they have been known to have are traits passed down from their parents such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cherry eye, entropion and hypothyroidism.

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