American Lo-Sze Pug Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The American Lo-Sze Pug is a unique and adorable mixed breed that was the creation of Rebecca Manns in the United States. The reason behind the unique name of this breed is because it has characteristic features of the Chinese Lo-Sze Pug. They have smaller legs with a longer muzzle.

By nature, these are amiable dogs with an extremely social nature. It is not a prey driven type of breed but might get a little fuzzy on meeting strangers. By the end of this read, you will get all the information you may need to know about the American lo-Sze Pug.

American Lo-Sze Pug History

American Lo Sze Pug Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Lo-Sze isn’t one of the old classic dog breeds. It was recently developed in the United States to recreate another older Chinese breed called the Lo-Sze dog or Lo-Sze Pug. These dogs were popular in the 1700s as the companions of the royalties in ancient China. Quite a few royal family paintings in China show the Lo-Sze Pug appearing under the table or chair.

In appearance, these dogs showed uncanny resemblance to the modern-day Pug. The only difference was the length of the limbs was shorter, and the tail’s size was longer, set in a prehensile fashion. In the 1980s, Rebecca Manns, a breeder in America, created the modern American Lo-Sze Pug to bring back the ancestors’ resemblance.

American Lo-Sze Characteristics

The primary distinguishing characteristic of the American Lo-Sze breed is the length of the limbs. The legs are shorter in comparison to the modern-day Pug. The muzzle length is also relatively longer. This breed has a broader distance between the two eyes. Therefore, the space between the ears is even more in comparison to modern Pug.

How Big do American Lo-Sze Pugs Get

When it comes to this breed’s structural growth, it is pretty much similar to any small-sized dog. These pups grow up to an average height of ten inches or 21cm. They are very light in weight, about 5-12 pounds or 2.5-5.5kg. The length of this breed is slightly more than their height.

How Long Does American Lo-Sze Pug Live

The American Lo-Sze Pug is prone to a few health issues. That can be a reason for a shorter life expectancy. But in general, a dog with a healthy lifestyle has a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years of age.

How Much Does an American Lo-Sze Pug Cost

If you are lucky, you might be able to adopt a pup from somewhere or someone who owns a pair. Depending on the breeder and the breed’s purity, an American Lo-Sze pup can cost you anywhere between $250 – $500.

American Lo-Sze Pug Temperament/Personality

The American Lo-Sze Pug falls under the toy dog category. As history suggests, these dogs were used as companions to royalties. That means they are highly friendly and can blend in well in any environment.

Not just humans, this breed gels well with even other pets, be it a dog or a cat. You don’t have to worry about your toddlers or small children around these adorable animals. They are highly trustworthy, and you can be very sure about your child’s safety with them.

Like any other dog, this breed is also highly loyal to the owner. They are usually friendly with everyone but might get a little uncomfortable with strangers on the first go. This breed won’t go chasing around squirrels or hamsters (if you own them as pets). They are not much prey driven. Their adorably small size makes it relatively easy to travel with them.

Caring for American Lo-Sze Breed

When it comes to caring for this cute breed, you don’t have to worry much. These dogs are pretty uncomplicated when it comes to care and maintenance. You don’t have to go out of your way to care for their coat or fitness plans.

American Lo-Sze Pug Nutrition

Dogs can be picky eaters sometimes. The food choice between the same breed of dogs can also be highly variable. But to maintain good health, one cup of quality brand dog food would be enough to provide all the nutrition to your pup. You can change the amount of food depending on the consumption of your puppy.

How to Groom an American Lo-Sze Pug

Since this is a breed with light fur, all you must do is brush the coat weekly. You can bathe your dog once in two weeks or so, depending on the condition of the coat. Also, these dogs’ body has folds or wrinkles, which can be a ground for fungal infections or skin irritants. Therefore, make sure to wipe these canine wrinkles regularly.

American Lo-Sze Pug Activity Levels

This breed is pretty jumpy and hyperactive, but it does not require any special attention in terms of activity. However, taking them out for daily walks, preferably twice a day, can provide enough exercise. Like any other breed, these dogs also like playing fetch so that you can engage them in such activities once a week.

Caring for American Lo-Sze Pug

Though this breed is pretty easy to maintain, you must take proper care of them. Feed the doggos at least twice a day and engage them in some light workout. Give them adequate attention so that they don’t feel left out.

Because it is a small breed, it is to be kept indoors and not in a yard. Keep the grooming sessions regular. Keep a careful eye on those canine wrinkles to avoid the chances of unwanted skin infections.

American Lo-Sze Pug Health

This breed can have quite a few health issues. They are prone to the health problems commonly seen in Pugs and Pekingese. There can be issues relating to their eyes, so it is advisable to get regular eye checkups after a certain age.

The small nose tends to overheat these pups quite quickly. So, make sure they don’t get over-enthusiastic in their playtime. If such a situation of overheating occurs, you can spill some rubbing alcohol on their fur. If it continues, consult a vet immediately.

Breeds Similar to American Lo-Sze Pug


Best Dog Food for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Adult Dog Food

The best dog food for American Lo-Sze Pugs is Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Adult Dog Food. This dog food is formulated while considering a small dog’s physique and activity levels like your American Lo-Sze Pug. The recipe is such that it features sufficient proteins and carbohydrates, sourced naturally, that can be digested conveniently.

  • Features chelated minerals to ensure better absorption and supporting the immune response.
  • The presence of omega fatty acids and glucosamine is suitable for the maintenance of sturdy joints.
  • Overall, the recipe contains all dietary essentials and lacks common food allergens along with any potential fillers.

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Best Puppy Food for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Merrick Grain Free Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for American Lo-Sze Pugs is Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Food. The recipe is thoughtfully prepared to meet a growing pup’s dietary requirement, so it only contains such nutrients that are easily digestible. The recipe is planned to be suitable for sensitive digestive and immune response as it features efficient antioxidants and probiotics along with the dietary essentials.

  • Features natural chicken as its first ingredient
  • 60% of the recipe is dedicated to providing proteins for an apt growth
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids, so is a major source for healthier brain development and a lustrous coat

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Best Dog Crate for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Go Pet Club Double Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

The best dog crate for American Lo-Sze Pugs is the Go Pet Club Soft-Sided Collapsible Dog Crate. This lightweight dog crate is great for indoor as well as outdoor use, as it can be used to carry your American Lo-Sze Pug on picnic trips. The presence of mesh windows helps your American Lo-Sze Pug have a breathable experience, so he will not feel any suffocation.

  • Designed using a water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Features a removable fleece pad as its base
  • Comes with zippered doors

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Best Dog Bed for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Aspen Pet Self Warming Bolster Dog Bed

The best dog bed for American Lo-Sze Pugs is Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bolster Dog Bed. This dog bed is designed to provide a cozy and comfortable experience to your American Lo-Sze Pug, as the makers have used faux-lamb wool along with corduroy to cover the bed. The design is such that the bed radiates heat by itself that is not the result of any electricity supply.

  • Features a non-slip base
  • Lighter in weight
  • Can be washed in a machine

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Best Dog Harness for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness

The best dog harness for American Lo-Sze Pug is Best Pet Supplies Voyager Black Trim Mesh Dog Harness. This dog harness is designed to let you have hassle-free walks with your American Lo-Sze Pug. The makers have ensured that by using a mesh padding to design the entire harness, while the presence of a soft trim makes it further convenient to wear.

  • Features a back-clip design
  • Designed using high-quality fabric
  • A great choice for daily walks

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Best Dog Collar for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Gotags Personalized Reflective Nylon Dog Collar

The best dog collar for American Lo-Sze Pugs is GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar. This dog collar is designed using premium-quality nylon, while the attachment of a reflective strip makes it visible in low-light conditions as well. This collar also comes with an option of getting your American Lo-Sze Pug’s unique name customized on its strap so that he looks unique in-crowd.

  • Available in three adjustable sizes
  • Machine-washable
  • Features simple buckles that provide a hassle-free application

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Best Dog Muzzle for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

The best dog muzzle for American Lo-Sze Pugs is Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. This dog muzzle helps curb any potential negative behavior which your American Lo-Sze Pug might develop, typically when you leave him alone for an extended period. This basket-like muzzle’s breathable design makes it useful for any season and is pretty conveniently managed.

  • The makers have used thermoplastic rubber to design this muzzle.
  • Features adjustable straps
  • Available in various sizes, so picking the right one is pretty simple.

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Best Dog Toys for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Gorilla Dog Toy

The best dog toy for your fun-loving American Lo-Sze Pugs is Frisco Muscle Plush Squeaking Gorilla Dog Toy. This dog toy is a great cuddling partner for your American Lo-Sze Pug, who normally tends to stay indoors more often. The addition of hidden squeakers makes this toy more likely to interact with your American Lo-Sze Pug, as he will then stay active and engaged with the squeaks.

  • Can be used for fetching games
  • Helps build a better bond with your American Lo-Sze Pug
  • Help keep your American Lo-Sze active
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Best Dog Brush for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Handson All In One Pet Grooming Gloves

The best dog brush for grooming American Lo-Sze Pugs is HandsOn All-In-One Pet Grooming Gloves. It is suitable for short-coated dogs like your American Lo-Sze Pug. The makers have installed rubber nodules that are efficient in picking dead hair from your American Lo-Sze Pug’s coat.

  • Helps massage your American Lo-Sze Pug’s coat and skin
  • Lighter in weight, so you have a hassle-free experience
  • Can be used during bathing sessions as well

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Best Dog Shampoo for American Lo-Sze Pugs

Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

The best dog shampoo for American Lo-Sze Pugs is Buddy Wash Relaxing Green Tea & Bergamot Shampoo + Conditioner. This conditioning shampoo is ideal for nourishing and soothing your American Lo-Sze Pug’s coat. It also helps provide relief in any itching or dry conditions that your American Lo-Sze Pug might be suffering from.

  • Features pure botanical extracts like green tea and bergamot, so it is safer for use.
  • Help treat skin irritations.
  • Features an alcohol-free composition, so will not cause and skin dryness or flaking.

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