Ausky Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Ausky Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAusky is one of those designer breeds which is quite popular among the dog lovers. They are quite a new breed in the dog breed stakes. Ausky is an offspring of an Australian cattle dog and a Siberian Husky. If you were looking for a good companion who also plays its role efficiently as a working dog, then we would recommend you to go for Ausky. These medium-sized intelligent dogs are really active and playful. If you are an active owner who wants some fun in their life then we would say Ausky is the one for you.

Ausky History

Since Ausky is quite a new breed, we do not have much information about the time when breeders first started to develop them. However, we have got enough information about their parents to make you understand their traits and qualities well. The Australian Cattle dog or the Blue Heeler is known for herding cattle in Australia. These dogs are strong and incredibly intelligent dogs, who have been serving their masters since a long time by now.

On the other hand, Siberian Husky hails from Russia. It is said that they were developed by Chukchi Indians more than 3000 years ago. These dogs were used as sled dogs during the World War II due to their immense stamina. Both parents are known for their agility and strength. The cattle dog adds the trait of having a protective nature in Ausky. Since both parents are from such different climates, Ausky can survive in almost any climate.

Ausky Characteristics

Ausky is one of those medium-sized sporty dogs. The height of the male Ausky is around 19-25 inches whereas the female is around 18-20 inches. You can see that these dogs are not much tall. However, they are quite longer and have a compact muscular build which contributes to their agility. Being medium-sized dogs, these dogs weigh roughly around 41-65 pounds. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to carry them rather than carrying a giant dog.

Auskies have pointed triangular ears and a broad skull with almond shaped eyes, Auskies have sharp features with a strongly built medium-sized muzzle. Their eye color can either be blue or brown. Auskies have a double coat like their parents. However, if the coat is inherited from the Australian Cattle dog it will have a more kinky inner coat and shorter guard hair. If it inherited them from Husky, the inner coat will be downier and have a longer top coat covering it. Its base color can be black, brown, gray, cream or white with combinations of random patches and shades.

Ausky Temperament/Personality

Auskies are friendly in nature. These dogs are quite protective and if you will not socialize them at an early age, they can get fierce upon meeting someone new. Your kids would love Ausky because these dogs are extremely friendly with kids. Since both of the parents are quite tolerant around other animals, Ausky is supposed to have a similar nature. However, if you do not provide Auskies with activity which satisfies them, they can turn arrogant and strong head.

Caring for Ausky

Once you have decided to pet an Ausky, it is necessary that you know how to take a good care of them. We have collected some information to assist you in this regard.

Ausky Nutrition

You are required to get your hands on the best kibble in order to feed Ausky well. You need to make sure that you provide a nutritious diet to them. We would suggest you to go for kibbles that have nutrients from plants and animal extracts rather than just feeding them with some grains.

We would also suggest you to alternately feed them with protein supplements like omega 3s. For that purpose you can add fish, chicken or some fruits in their meals. It is necessary that you feed Auskies in correct portions. We would suggest you to talk to a veterinarian in this regard.

Ausky Grooming

Since Auskies have a dense double coat, you are suggested to take out some time on a daily basis to brush them. We would advise you to use a slicker brush or a bristle brush in this regard. Since both its parents are known for shedding, you have to be extra careful during spring and fall as they shed more during this seasons. You are also advised to trim their nails and clean their ears from any wax deposits in order to keep them tidy.

Ausky Activity Levels

Ausky is a highly active and agile dog. Hence, it has high activity levels. Since it belongs to the working breed, it likes to keep itself busy doing something throughout the day. Auskies does not like if you do not provide them with enough physical activities. They are quite an outgoing dogs and would love to go on a walk with you.

If you are unable to take them out due to some reason, we would suggest you to provide them with some puzzle toys in order to keep them busy. Even though Auskies are medium-sized we would not suggest you to go for them if you live in some apartment. Since these dogs crave for physical activities, they will never like to live in a small space.

Ausky Maintenance

In order to maintain an Ausky well you are supposed to keep a keen check on its hygiene and provide it with enough opportunities to play and work. These dogs like large open areas so, we would suggest you to take them to parks. You have to take care of these little things because if an Ausky gets annoyed it howls and can even get destructive. We would also suggest you to take it for medical checkups at least once a year to ensure good health.

Ausky Health

Auskies are known to have no major health concerns and are a healthy breed. However, they can have some rare health conditions like cataracts,  corneal dystrophy, deafness, hip dysplasia or progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) for whom you can consult a veterinarian.

Since these dogs are healthy usually, they tend to have a lifespan of around 15 years. So, they can be your best friend for quite a long time.

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