Basschshund Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Basschshund Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Basschshund are adorable dogs with medium built and floppy dangling ears. These dogs aren’t just friendly and cuddly; they are also highly obedient when it comes to following instructions. They function very fine with children and will be their companions growing up.

The Basschshund are not the angry types. They are great watchdogs but not very good guard dogs. They will alert you about the presence of a stranger in the vicinity but would not attack them. With a Basschshund, you need to be a bit patient when it comes to training. Even though they follow instructions well, they can be a little stubborn about things every now and then.

Basschshund History

The Basschshund is a hybrid breed created by a cross between the basset hound and the Dachshund. The breed that we see today does not have very elaborate history documentation. It was first bred in France to take benefit of the best traits from the parents. The basset hounds are known for their excellent power of smell, and the Dachshund is known for its brave and courageous approach towards the prey.

The Basschshund has excellent smelling power and determination. They are not of the ferocious kind, but they are courageous enough to stand up in front of a stranger. This breed is very sensible and intelligent and obeys the owner quite easily. They are very friendly and playful and adjust well in a household.

Basschshund Characteristics

The reason why Basschshund hybrids were produced was to get a companion for the hunters. This trait is now the highlight of this breed as they are for their owners. The playful and jolly nature of these dogs makes them great family members.

How Big to Basschshund Get

Being a breed of the medium-sized category, you don’t have to worry about this dog growing in abnormally big size. The average height of this breed is only about 6 to 10 inches. They are slighting longer than they are taller. They can weigh anywhere between 25 to 45 lb.


How Long Does Basschshund Live

The average life expectancy of a basschshund is about 12 to 15 years. Even though they are susceptible to a few diseases, with proper care and nourishment, you can expect them to live a long and healthy life.

How Much Does a Basschshund Cost

The cost of a Basschshund pup can range from $500 to $1000. Because it is quite expensive, it is advisable to go for a quality breeder. Check the breeding ground before making a purchase. If possible, opt for adoption. There are a lot of rescue groups that can help you get the same.

Basschshund Temperament/Personality

A Basschshund is an adorable pooch that is perfect for any type of owner. Be it a family with children or a single person in need of a companion; this breed makes a perfect choice. Because of their adorable size, you can keep these dogs in an apartment, a condo, or even a studio.

Their temperament is the most mellow kind. They are very loving and gentle towards humans as well as other pets. You don’t have to worry about your child being hurt while playing with this breed. However, it is always advisable not to leave the dog unsupervised with a small child.

Apart from being loving and affectionate, this breed is also a very good watchdog. They might not harm others, but they will alert you about the presence of a stranger. Basschshund can get a bit stubborn sometimes, especially during training. So, you should be patient and slow with your approach.

This breed is also very easy to travel with. Because of a medium built, it simply hops on the seat of the car and is ready to travel the road with ease.

Caring for Basschshund

The Basschshund is not a breed that requires extra care and attention. Regular grooming and some amount of activity are enough for them to live a healthy and hygienic life.

Basschshund Nutrition

Being a dog of medium built, about 1.5 to 2 cups of good quality dog food spread in two meals would be sufficient. You can change the quantities depending on the physical activities of your dog. Make sure to include a balanced amount of protein and carbs in the diet for better growth and development.

How to Groom a Basschshund

The Basschshund is not a breed with a heavy flowing coat. So, you can be relieved from finding a hair shed everywhere in the house. Brushing once a week can help keep the fur-free from any kind of debris. This breed can develop a mucky smell, so bathing twice a month can help counter this problem.

Basschshund Activity Levels

A Basschshund requires only mild physical activities. Long walks twice a day, coupled with few days of running or playing, are sufficient to maintain their physical health.

Caring for Basschshund

After reading the requirements of this breed, one can get a clear idea about how low maintenance they are. Regular grooming, some hours of exercise in a week, coupled with good quality dog food, is enough. This breed makes a great family member and adorable companion. Low maintenance does not mean you pay any attention absolutely. Shower them with all the love you have, and they will have a healthy and happy life.

Basschshund Health

This breed is not prone to a lot of medical issues. There are a few common canine problems that you should be on the lookout for after a certain age. These dogs often become obese that creates stress on the vertebral column. Overfeeding should be avoided for the same reasons.

They are also susceptible to a few medical problems that are common to their parent breeds. Regular vet visits and proper nutritional care can help in keeping these disorders at bay.

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