Beaglemation Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Beaglemation Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Beaglemation, also known as the Dalmatian-Beagle mix, is a crossbreed of Beagle and the Dalmatian dogs. This adorable dog breed is combined with the wonderful traits from its ancestry. You will find Beaglemation as an intelligent and goofy canine with a lot of energy and a hardworking spirit.

These dogs are generally playful and affectionate, so they can easily snuggle up with you after some exercise, work, and play. Having good looks, companionable nature, a well-defined and muscular body Beaglemation is the best dog breed to have around you. Keep reading the article to get to know further details about this special and unique dog breed.

Beaglemation History

According to the AKC, the Beaglemation is not a known breed of dog; instead, it is a hybrid dog. Although this dog is a relatively new breed introduced in the late 1900s, both parent breeds have very long-standing histories.

The Beagle is a small tracking dog, and its history traces back to the fifteenth century. But the breed has undergone some changes, and it would not be wrong to say that the Beagle in the 17th century resembles very little to the Beagle of today. The Dalmatian is also an ancient breed, and their history traces as far back as the 16th century.

Beaglemation Characteristics

Beaglemation is an enthusiastic and playful dog, or you can say that it is energy bottled in canine form. Typically, it is a medium-to-large-sized dog with a short coat. They will be your friends within no time, but their training can be tricky as their jolly nature lets them focus less.

How Big to Beaglemation Get

These are medium to a large-sized dog and also an athlete. The body of Beaglemation is muscular, with a deep chest, flattened tummy, and straight, strong legs. The tail is long and whip-like, which use to wag most of the time. Their average weight is 35 to 60 pounds, whereas their height varies from 15 to 20 inches.

How Long Does Beaglemation Live

The average healthy lifespan of the Beaglemation dog breed is approximately ten to twelve years. However, there are exceptions in case of an ailment such as heart defects, ear and eye infections. We have also discussed some of these in this article below.

How Much Does a Beaglemation Cost

These hybrid puppies have a surprisingly low amount that ranges between $200 and $600 on average. It is one of the cheaper dog breeds, but tits genetic testing is important before buying. They can inherit health issues from their parents, such as deafness which is common in Dalmatian hybrids.

Beaglemation Temperament/Personality

A hybrid dog such as Beaglemation can vary in temperament depending on which parent breed they inherit their personality traits. These are goofy and silly at the same time. Moreover, they love to be the center of attention and the cause of joy.

Their playful nature makes them very intelligent dogs who will quickly pick up commands and learn new tricks. However, the playful nature of this little bundle of joy sometimes makes their training a little tricky as well. They love and enjoy human interaction with a little to no tendency to show any aggression.

When we talk about their bonding with other dogs, it is confident, friendly, and welcoming. But they are recommended to keep away from cats, rabbits, hamsters, or other small animals. Another interesting feature of Beaglematians is that they inherit a very high prey drive making them the best dog breed to track and hunt. 

Caring for Beaglemation

This hybrid canine clan is easy to maintain with a proper health and care regimen. Here are some important points to help you in this regard.

Beaglemation Nutrition

It would be best if you opted for commercial dog food for your Beaglematian according to its size and energy requirements. The medium-sized, high-energy dog food is suggested, of which you can feed about 2.5 cups a day (splitting into two or three meals). Also, make sure to provide your dog with plenty of freshwaters.

How to Groom a Beaglemation

When it comes to Beaglemation’s training, use a calm and persistent approach as these puppies can a little stubborn during training. Obedience training is necessary to turn them into well-mannered dogs. Go with various positive reinforcement such as food rewards, treats, and praise for better and quick results. Keep introducing them to strangers, including kids, adults, and other pets.

Beaglemation Activity Levels

The Dalmatian nature of Beaglemation makes them high-strung if they are not getting enough attention or if they are not properly socialized. Try all the ways to utilize their energy in the best possible ways. It is essential to keep both their mind and body busy with regular exercise, different outdoor activities, and games.

Caring for Beaglemation

The fur of this joyful and goofy hybrid canine is short hence not prone to tangling or matting. You will see that these are typically clean and only require bathing after two to three months. Being an active dog with great energy to run and exercise, Beaglematians demands long hours of daily activity.

Furthermore, these are dogs with hanging ears that are more likely to contract ear infections, so a proper routine checkup is recommended. They will be pleased if you take them on jogs and hikes. These activities will also improve their overall fitness keeping away the behavioral or developmental problems.

Beaglemation Health

Unfortunately, Beaglematians can inherit certain health issues from their parents. These health issues include Intervertebral disk disease, eye problems, epilepsy, deafness (most common), Beagle Dwarfism, CBS, Patellar Luxation, Urolithiasis, ear infections, and skin allergies.

But you need not worry as a regular vet checkup at least once or twice a year can help prevent this all. Moreover, check the ancestral health clearances before you buy the puppy.

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