Best Dog Breeds For Cats

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You might have heard that cats and dogs are not best friends.

However, not all cats and dogs hate each other, and in this article, we will go through some dog breeds that are cat-friendly dogs and love to have their company.

1. Basset Hound

Basset HoundThe Basset Hound is a small-sized dog and has long floppy ears. This canine has a mellow personality, which makes it the perfect companion for humans and cats. This dog is incredibly patient and loyal, which enables the canine to become friends with cats. The main characteristic of Basset Hounds is that they don’t spook the cats and are low-key dogs.

Not only do these dogs tolerate cats, but they also like to play with their feline friends. However, you will need to train the dog a bit so that it can become a great cat companion. The training usually doesn’t last more than a few weeks, and then both the animals get comfortable with each other. 


  • Low-key dog breed
  • Loyal and friendly breed
  • Does not spook the cats


  • Easy to train
  • Likes to play with cats
  • It is a good match for all cat breeds


  • Requires training to get comfortable with cats
  • It can howl for long periods

2. Beagle

BeagleThe Beagle was initially bred to be pack dogs, so the canine has no problem sharing its space with other animals such as cats. Beagles love interacting with other dogs and are always willing to make new friends. This dog breed is also comfortable around humans and cats. The Beagle is not aggressive towards cats and likes to play with them.

The Beagle is compatible with all cat breeds; however, the dog may sometimes howl in excitement, but that is not a concern. While the Beagle can sometimes get annoyed, it is a loving and caring dog breed and hardly ever shows aggression towards its feline friend or friends.


  • Have no issues sharing space with animals
  • Always willing to interact with other dogs
  • Friendly with humans and cats


  • Loving and caring dog breed
  • It never shows aggression towards cats
  • Compatible with all dog breeds


  • It can get annoying sometimes
  • May howl in excitement

3. Bulldog

BulldogThe Bulldog is built like a mini tank and has an intimating presence. The dog is built low to the ground, and for some, the dog looks like a four-legged bully. However, looks can be deceiving, and while Bulldogs take a while to become friends with other dog breeds, they immediately become friends with cats.  

The Bulldog is a lazy dog who doesn’t like playing in the water. However, the dog likes to sleep frequently, and don’t be surprised if you see your bulldog sleeping with your cat. Bulldogs are one of the dogs that immediately become comfortable with cats, and you don’t even need to give them any kind of training.


  • Strong and muscular built
  • Comfortable around cats


  • No training required
  • The dog likes to sleep with cats
  • Compatible with all cat breeds


  • Lazy dog breed
  • Doesn’t like playing

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles SpanielThe Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the world’s most beloved and popular toy dog breeds. This dog breed is small-sized and has hearts made of gold, as they shower love on anyone they interact with. These dogs are perfect for emotional support and have an intuitive nature that offers encouragement and affection to patients.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is also comfortable around cats. These dogs can become friends with cats in a short period of time. This dog breed knows when to back off and enjoy napping with their feline buddy. The Cavalier Charles Spaniel doesn’t shy away from socializing and is always excited to interact with other dog breeds and pets.


  • Good intuitive nature
  • Loving and caring dog breed
  • This dog knows when to back off


  • Beloved dog breed
  • Comfortable around cats
  • Not shy about socializing


  • It might get irritated sometimes

5. Border Collie

Border CollieYou might be wondering, how can a dog bred specifically for herding purposes become best friends with a cat? While most herding dogs are not safe to keep around cats, the Border Collie is an exception.  This dog breed is harmless towards cats and is incredibly loyal to its owner and the cats. 

The Border Collie is a sweet-natured dog and is extremely smart. This dog breed is always excited to play with the feline friend and will also protect it from other animals. These dogs are so smart that they can learn how to adjust and interact with cats. The Border Collie has no issues sharing its shape with cats and other pets.


  • Incredibly loyal dog breed
  • Harmless towards cats and other pets
  • Extremely smart dog
  • The dog has a gentle nature 


  • This dog can learn to adjust to cats
  • This breed is protective of its feline friend
  • No training required


  • It can get annoying sometimes

6. Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverThe Golden Retriever is a beautiful dog breed and comes with a golden or dark-brown coat. This is a sweet-natured dog breed and has good manners. The Golden Retrievers are gentle giants and hardly ever show aggression. Due to its kind nature and gentleness, this dog is perfect for house cats. This dog is comfortable with all dog breeds.

The Golden Retriever is an adaptable dog breed, and you can easily teach it to share its space with cats. Once the dog gets used to cats, it will enjoy its company and play games with them. The Golden Retriever and its feline friend can also become napping buddies. The Golden Retriever has a sturdy and muscular body, intelligent eyes, and a broad head. 


  • This is a highly adaptable dog breed
  • Gentle and kind-natured dog
  • Lacks aggression


  • Typically comfortable around cats
  • Loyal to its owner and its pets
  • It doesn’t mind sharing its space
  • It can quickly become best buddies with the cat


  • Requires training to be comfortable around cats

7. Poodle

PoodleThe Poodle comes in three sizes: miniature, standard, and toy Poodle. The Poodle is a beautiful dog breed and usually attains a height of 10 inches. The Poodle has a single-layer coat accompanied by dense and curly fur. This dog breed also comes in various colors, such as apricot, brown, black, and white. 

The small size of the Poodle makes it easier to keep with cats. Also, the dog is highly intelligent and is typically well-behaved. The Poodle needs to be trained to be accustomed to cats. However, once the dog is trained, it loves playing and hanging around with its feline friends. The dog is comfortable with cats of all breeds.

The Poodle is generally less intimidating towards cats, so cats don’t have a problem becoming friends with the dog. If you have many cats in your house and want to get a dog, then the Poodle will be the best choice. 


  • The Poodle is a well-mannered dog breed
  • The Poodle comes in three sizes: Toy, miniature, and standard
  • This dog has a single-layer coat
  • The Poodle comes in various colors


  • This dog is easy to train
  • The Poodle is comfortable around cats
  • The dog has curly and dense fur


  • It can sometimes show aggression

8. Maltese

MalteseMaltese is a small-sized and beautiful dog breed. The Maltese dog breed typically weighs less than seven pounds and is the size of a cat. This dog can be as tall as 8 to 10 inches and has alert eyes. The Maltese have a single-layer silky coat and white-color fur. The fur is naturally long, and the dog doesn’t have an undercoat.

Since this is a small dog breed, it is safe to keep around cats. The Maltese is a good-mannered breed and loves sharing its space with cats. The dog enjoys playing with cats and will run with them all day. The Maltese dog breed doesn’t have an intimidating presence like some other dogs, so cats are more comfortable being friends with the dog.

The Maltese breed has an easy-going attitude and loves lying on the couch all day long. The Maltese dog breed will be a good option if you have a cat at home and want to get a dog. You can also get the dog and the cat involved in fun-filled activities that will increase bonding.


  • Well-mannered dog breed
  • Small-sized dog breed
  • Easy-going attitude


  • This dog is safe to keep around cats
  • The Maltese don’t have an intimidating presence
  • No training required


  • The dog is too small; the cats can injure it

9. Newfoundland

NewfoundlandNewfoundland is a beautiful dog breed and has a large size. However, despite their large size, the Newfoundland is an extremely gentle dog and loves showering affection on its owner. This dog breed is typically 26 to 28 inches tall and can weigh over 150 pounds.

 While the size difference between cats and Newfoundland is immense, the two species are comfortable around each other. Newfoundland loves being friends with cats and other pets. People of all ages can keep the Newfoundland dog breed as a pet, and the dog is a popular choice due to its low activity levels and calm demeanor. 

The Newfoundland is also highly protective of its owner and other pets, but its size and overprotectiveness doesn’t intimate cats. This dog will be perfect for you if you have cats in your house. The dog will protect the house and offer the cats company. This dog also needs no training to get accustomed to cats and does well with all cat breeds. 


  • Extremely gentle dog breed
  •  Newfoundland are affectionate dogs 
  • Protective of its owner and other pets


  • No training required
  • It is comfortable around all cat breeds
  • Gentle dog breed


  • This dog is generally not interested in playing

10. Pomeranian

PomeranianThe Pomeranian is a small dog and is part of the toy group. This is a spirited dog and is always full of energy. The Pomeranian typically has a golden-colored coat and generally weighs less than seven pounds. This dog breed is usually smaller than cats, so cats have no problems hanging around with the Pomeranian or sharing their space.

The Pomeranian is rarely aggressive towards cats and is a highly affectionate dog breed. This breed loves to shower its affection on its owner and has a moderate activity level. This dog likes interacting with cats and can make a cat its napping buddy. This dog has a foxlike appearance, a curled tail, pointy ears, and a long double coat.


  • This is a highly energetic dogs
  • This dog is comfortable sharing its space with cats
  • This is an affectionate dog breed


  • It is not aggressive towards cats
  • Small-sized dog breed
  • No training required


  • The size of this dog is too small

Buying Guide

Dogs and cats are rarely friends, but some dog breeds are not only good at tolerating cats but can also befriend them. The list above will enable you to choose the bed dog breed for your cat or cats. However, before buying a dog breed, you should always consider a few factors. Here are some factors that you should remember when buying the best dog breed for your cat:


If you have cats at your place, then you will need to get a dog that is compatible with dogs. However, it is to find accurate information about dogs. The best thing you can do is do some research and then invest in a dog breed.

You can also discuss compatibility with a dog trainer, as trainers are professional and good at providing accurate information. No matter where you get your information, please ensure your dog is compatible with dogs; otherwise, it can seriously injure your cat. Some breeds you can invest in are Beagle, Bulldogs, Newfoundland, and Pomeranian.


The dog’s nature will decide whether it is safe to keep with cats. Some dogs may be small but are highly aggressive and hate when other animals invade their space. Please ensure that you invest in a dog breed with a good temperament and who loves playing with cats.

The dog should have no issues sharing its spaces and sleeping with the cats. One well-mannered and kind-hearted dog breed that does well with cats is the Golden Retriever.


You probably don’t want your dog and cat sitting idle on your couch all the time, right? Then you should invest in a dog that has good activity levels. Unfortunately, the dog activity levels vary from breed to breed. A large-sized dog such as the Newfoundland has low activity levels and likes to sit on the couch the whole day.

Bulldogs are also extremely lazy dogs and hate spending time outdoors. However, some breeds, such as the Pomeranian, are highly energetic dog breeds and like playing with other pets. Please invest in dog breeds with high activity levels and no problems playing outdoors with cats. Check out 10 Best Car Seats for Dogs


The size of the dog matters a lot when it comes to cats. A large-size dog may intimidate the cat, and they may never get comfortable around the dog. However, if the dog is too small, the cats can get aggressive toward it. It is always best to invest in medium-sized dogs. Check out 10 Best Kayaks for Dogs and 10 Best Allergy Medicines for Dogs

One dog breed that fits the criteria perfectly is the Poodle. The Poodle comes in different sizes: Miniature, standard and small. You can keep a standard version for your cats. The standard version lacks an intimidating presence. Check out 10 Best Human Shampoo for Dogs and 10 Best Essential Oils for Dogs

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