5 Best Dog Toys for Pugs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Are you looking for dog toys for your Pug but are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choices available to you? There are thousands of options on the market and each one has its own benefits for your Pug. Whether you want a Dental Chew, Tug Toy, Fetch Toy, or a Teething Toy the market has what you need and more.

Below are the top five recommended dog toys for Pugs with short item descriptions to explain why you would want to buy that product. At the end of the article is a buying guide with extra information about the various options on the market for you and your Pug.

Best Dog Toys for Pugs

Here are our Pug dog toy reviews.

1. KONG Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy Durable Natural Rubber Fun To Chew, Chase And Fetch

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is made with the highest quality of non toxic rubber to give your Pug something to play with safely. The light weight and bouncy design allows you to play fetch with the toy as well as being a treat dispenser. The rubber is made to be durable and last years of your Pug’s play time.

  • High quality and safe materials are used in the toy
  • Bouncy design allows fetch play as well as treat insertion
  • Durable toy is perfect for aggressive chewers

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2. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

The ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Dog Toy is made with quality materials for a durable and fun bouncy ball for you Pug. The ball is designed to fly further and bounce higher to give you and your Pug a satisfying play time. The easy grip outer portion of the ball is easy to pick up for you or your pup.

  • High quality materials are used for a durable ball
  • Flies far and bounces high for a fun play time
  • Outer material is made for easy grip

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3. ZippyPaws No Stuffing Dog Toy

Zippypaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Fox, Raccoon, And Squirrel Large

The ZippyPaws No Stuffing Dog Toy is made to last with durable material for your Pug to play with. The no stuffing design allows them to shred the toy with less mess for you to pick up. The squeakers in each of the animal themed toys are sure to get your Pug playing and happy in no time.

  • High quality materials are used for a durable toy
  • No stuffing makes the toy stronger and reduces the mess
  • Squeakers in each toy are loud to keep your Pug’s attention

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4. Hartz Dura Play Dog Toy

Hartz Dura Play Bacon Scented Dog Toys

The Hartz Dura Play Dog Toy is made with firm latex to give your Pug a sturdy toy to chew on. The bacon scent will make your Pug fall in love with this toy and stop them from chewing on other things like shoes or furniture. The material is soft to the touch and flexible for your Pug’s enjoyment.

  • Latex material is durable and made to last for years of play
  • Bacon scented toy that your Pug will love
  • Soft material is still sturdy enough to play with

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5. Star Factory Rope Dog Toys

Star Factory Puppy And Small Dog Breed Chew Toys. Soothes Gums And Teething Pain, Cleans Teeth, Less

The Star Factory Rope Dog Toys are made with the best quality of materials to ensure a durable and fun toy for your Pug. The toy is designed to soothe teething pain and gums to reduce pain of teeth erupting. The rubber is all natural for a safe toy for your Pug to gnaw on as they grow and play.

  • High quality materials are used for durability
  • Soothes teething pain and keeps the Pug off other things
  • All natural rubber is safe and healthy for your dog
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Pug Dog Toy Buying Guide

As you can see from the above products, there are many options for you to choose from and they all have their own benefits that your Pug will love. When buying dog toys you should always keep in mind that your Pug’s mouth doesn’t open wide so you need to get smaller toys that won’t strain their jaw to play with. Now we will go over some of the toys on the market and why you would want them for your Pug.

Interactive Toys

Interactive Toys or Puzzle toys are known for their ability to increase your Pug’s critical thinking skills and intelligence. These toys come in a wide variety of styles but the main idea stays the same. There is a puzzle for your Pug to solve for a treat or toy. Some are actual plastic puzzles for your pup to explore while others are plush toys you hide for them to find.

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat Dispensing Toys are nice if you need to clean or do something but your Pug keeps getting under your feet. You can set the toy up with treats and leave your Pug to fight the treats out. Some of these toys can hold up to a full meal of kibbles, making it perfect for busy pet parents and your Pug will love it.

Dental Chew

Does your Pug have bad breath or a build up of plaque and tartar? A dental chew can solve this problem for you. Whether it is made with baking soda for breath or has grooves in the rubber to catch excess plaque, these toys are made to better your Pug’s dental health.

Teething Toys

If your Pug is in its teething stage and chewing on everything that it shouldn’t be you should consider buying them a teething toy. There are a wide variety of teething toys available for your Pug to enjoy and they are all made to endure the heavy chewers. When you see the toy begin to wear down then you should replace it to avoid your Pug breaking off pieces and swallowing them.

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