Billy Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Billy is a lean and well-built scent hound that is an amalgamation of some extinct French purebreds. The name Chien de France-Comte the Billy is a large, active and elegant dog that is good at hunting and tracking. It appears tall with a broad structure and a large head. The wide and floppy ears, almond-shaped eyes, broad chest, and a long, thick tail makes this canine pleasant to your sight.

It is a well-tempered dog that goes well with children and other pets. It can be friendly with strangers, so using it as your watchdog would not be the right option. Further features of Billy are its intelligence, lively personality, and dedication. 

Billy History

Billy Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Billy Dog’s creation dates back to the 19th century in central France by Gaston Hublot du Ribault. This dog is a genetic combination of the presently extinct breeds – Montemboeuf, Ceris, and Large. He bred the dog in his home and gave it the name Chateau du Billy.

Billy was developed to get the best aesthetic and character traits from different established purebred French scent hounds. While going through many phases, this great dog breed came across popularity and extinct threats then; Billy’s standard was first established in 1886. Still, it goes through phases and was finally recognized by the FCI (1973) and by the UKC (1996).

Billy Characteristics

Billy is a large-sized dog with a lean but sturdy body. The coat it has is short with harsh hair available with a light-colored base of white or off-white. The marking on the coat is often yellow or orange. Its face is slim with a slightly domed skull and a squarish muzzle. Read on to know more about this active, alert, and intelligent canine.

How Big to Billy Get

Billys have a sleek, trim overall build standing 58-69 cm at maximum. The females also have such slim bodies with a relatively shorter height of 58-62cm. The female and male Billy can weigh anywhere between 23kg and 32kg at the withers.

How Long Does Billy Live

The average life expectancy of this slim and active dog is 12-15 g year. Although it is a large-sized dog, it has a lean structure that somehow excludes it from the giant dog’s category. Hence its life span is comparatively longer than that of a big-sized dog.

How Much Does a Billy Cost

If you buy a Billy dog from any pet store or a breeder, it can range from $300 to $700. However, if you adopt it from a rescue group or animal shelter, it can be around $100-$200. 

Billy Temperament/Personality

Billy is a well-tempered dog as other French scent hounds, and its working dog nature gives it stamina, speed, and bravery. It can be the best family dog as well as a hunting dog. As it was to hunt in packs, this slim and sturdy canine is full of energy and eager to work.

The swift and high running speed is a perk of its lean body. It can cover miles within very little time and have can stay on a trail for hours at a time. You will always find Billy as a lively, energetic, and determined dog. Its determination can let it concentrate on the same scent for hours.

When it comes to the vocals, Billy has a unique voice that tends to change in volume and frequency which aware the owner about what they’ve found. A patient, an experienced owner, can make the best out of them with good commands and consistency. Billy’s dog is found to be gentle with children and other pets. However, it is hard to co-exist with other dogs in a pack. 

Caring for Billy

Billys are high-energy dogs with high nutritional and exercise requirements. It can live at its best in rural areas and go well if provided with an outdoor space to explore. You better keep your Billy in a house with a backyard. Read further to get to know other aspects of your pup’s care.

Billy Nutrition

The higher activeness level of Billy requires about 3 to 4 cups of dry dog food throughput day. Buy the dog food after the vet’s recommendation to ensure the appropriate nutrition. Also, you can feed it raw meat and semi-cooked fishes such as herring or salmon. The daily cost of Billy’s nutrition is about $1.00 – $1.50 that monthly becomes $30.00 – $45.00.

How to Groom a Billy

This slim and active feline is one of the extremely low maintenance dogs. Their short and harsh coat doesn’t need frequent brushing as it is less likely to get mats or tangles. However, Billy’s folded ears need regular concern, as it is more prone to collect excess dust and moisture leading to ear infections. The monthly grooming also involves nail trimming and teeth brushing.

Billy Activity Levels

Billys is a high-energy dog that can do well in a house with a fenced yard. You are putting it at risk of destructive behaviors if not providing it an outdoor environment and sufficient daily exercise. The average daily activity requirement of a Billy is around 70 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Caring for Billy

Since Billy is an active breed with little grooming, it can be easy to care for the pet. All you need to give is a proper and healthy diet under your supervision and lifestyle suitable to its temperament. Remember Billy’s background? It is a hunting dog that seeks for larger areas to run and sniff.

You don’t need to worry about its living environments, and it can adapt to colder and warmer conditions. However, keeping your dog safe from harsher environments can have positive outcomes in its health and fitness.

Billy Health

Billy is an easily maintained healthy dog. But its larger size with a lean body put it at risk of orthopedic conditions, such as hip and elbow dysplasia. These conditions can affect your pup’s working abilities, so you must take it to the vet’s checkup immediately in case of such an issue.

Other health issues that plagued your Billy dog can be ear infections and Bronchitis. A regular visit to the vet can help to avoid these health problems.

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Best Dog Food for Billy Dogs

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The best dog food for Billy is Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Dog Food. This recipe is ideal for a large dog, as its ingredients are added in the quantities that are required by a large dog like your Billy. The company has ensured your Billy is getting the highest amount of proteins to maintain a lean physique by using a farm-raised natural chicken as its primary ingredient.

  • The recipe is devoid of fillers.
  • Features natural ingredients mainly, so the recipe is easier to digest
  • Helps support bones and joints

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Best Puppy Food for Billy Dogs

Purina One Smartblend Large Breed Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Billy is Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Puppy Formula. This puppy food is ideal for serving a large puppy like your Billy, as its ingredients align well with the requirements of these dogs. The makers have ensured that this recipe is rich in proteins to ensure your Billy is able to have an apt growth.

  • Enriched with omega fatty acids, so will help your Billy have the ideal physical and mental development.
  • Features natural chicken as its first ingredient
  • Enriched with vitamin and minerals

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Best Dog Crate for Billy Dogs

Midwest Lifestages Single Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Billy is MidWest LifeStages Dog Crate. The makers have designed a securely-latched space for Billy to ensure that he stays safe and secure. They have also assured the structure is sturdy enough to carry your Billy, even if you wish taking him out.

  • Features a durable base designed using plastic
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  • Comes with a divider panel, so you can conveniently manage the space.

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Best Dog Bed for Billy Dogs

Big Barker 7" Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Billy is Big Barker 7” Headrest Pillow Dog Bed. The company has used the best orthopedic foam that is available in the USA currently so that your Billy gets the ideal rest that he wishes for. To enhance your Billy’s comfort, the makers have used a 100% microfiber cloth to cover this bed.

  • Completely machine-washable cover
  • The bed retains its original shape after every use.
  • Helps provide orthopedic support to your Billy

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Best Dog Harness for Billy Dogs

Petsafe Easy Walkdog Harness

The best dog harness for Billy is PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness. This harness features a very smooth design that is ideal for a hassle-free experience. Since the straps are adjustable, it is easier for you to manage the fitting as your Billy grows in size.

  • Features a front-clip design
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  • Available in various sizes

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