Boxmatian Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boxmatian Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boxmatian is a cross between a Boxer and a Dalmatian. It can be your guard and your friend if you give it your attention and your love. The Boxmatian is also as good as a fitness coach. Take it to the park, and it will give you the jog of your life.

It will commonly have a Dalmatian’s coloring, spots, and all. It may look slightly intimidating, but if you can get it trained and socialized, it will be your best friend. In the next few paragraphs, we will try to look at the traits and characteristics which make it special.

Boxmatian History

The Boxmatian has unclear origins. We do know that it has a Boxer and a Dalmatian as parents. The Boxer is a strong breed with a long extensive history. According to some theories, it is related to the fighting breeds from ancient Tibet. Others say that it’s also a descendant of the German Bullenbeissers. It was famous in the 1800s for its fighting potential. Afterwards, the sport declined, and the Boxers became tamer. In 1904 it was recognized by the AKC.

The Dalmatian is a breed thought to be ancient. It was first bred in ancient Croatia, while others say it is from the long-gone Middle Ages. The Dalmatian has remained versatile throughout the years with all sorts of jobs. It has very keen senses, and its size makes it a good search and rescue dog.

Boxmatian Characteristics

The Boxmatian will visually be strong like the Boxer, with its muscular and tall body. Its coat and facial features, on the other hand, will remind you more of the Dalmatian. It will usually have a spotted coat with the dots focused around the belly. It will have a short muzzle and long tail.

How Big do Boxmatian Get

The Boxmatian is a comparatively large dog. Its height will vary between 19 and 25 inches for both males and females. Its weight will range between 50 and 90 lbs for both genders.

How Long Does Boxmatian Live

Unfortunately, the Boxmatian doesn’t have a very long lifespan. It will live between 10 to 12 years. The good thing is that throughout its life, it will remain healthy. You can extend its life with the help of proper diet and exercise.

How Much Does a Boxmatian Cost

A young puppy should cost you something around 500 dollars to 2000 dollars. This price may vary largely depending on the breeder and the area that you are living in. You may find Boxmatian puppies up for adoption, which would be a much better choice.

Boxmatian Temperament/Personality

The Boxmatian is, in simple words, an energetic and hyperactive breed. It loves running around and playing with all sorts of things and people. It can be slightly naughty if it is not given its daily dose of attention and playtime.

Generally, it’s a kind dog, but it shouldn’t be left freely around children or strangers if it’s not properly trained or socialized. It may have bouts of aggression due to its Boxer genes. This can be reduced with the help of proper training in its childhood. It will not welcome new pets to its trust circle unless it’s trained and socialized to do so.

The plus side to this all is that training the Boxmatian is relatively easy. This is possible because of how obedient it can be and how genetically intelligent it is. It is a loyal and affectionate breed, which will stand tall to protect you.

Caring for Boxmatian

Knowing its past and its traits were important, but knowing its future and its needs is of even greater significance. In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you how to live a fruitful and happy life with your Boxmatian.

Boxmatian Nutrition

The Boxmatian is a very active breed and requires a generous amount of food to keep working. The general figure for a Boxmatian should be three cups of enriched food per day. The Boxmatian may need more depending on how active it has been. You don’t have to worry about overfeeding it as long as it’s getting its fair share of exercise.

How to Groom a Boxmatian

The main part of grooming any dog is Brushing. A Boxmatian has a coat that sheds moderately. You will need to brush its coat at least once per day with a Rubber-Curry brush. This will make its coat more manageable and breathable. The second thing is brushing its teeth. It would be best if you brush its teeth as often as you can. Trimming its nails and bathing it should be done when it’s necessary. A bath every six weeks should be the right figure.

Boxmatian Activity Levels

The Boxmatian is an active dog and requires a lot of exercises. Generally, it can take almost anything that you throw at it. You cannot exhaust the Boxmatian. To at least release its pent-up energy, you should give at an hour’s worth of walks or exercises. You should go for adopting this breed if you have a spacious place. The energetic nature of this breed is the main reason why it’s so healthy.

Caring for Boxmatian

The Boxmatian needs certain care and caution. Its grooming is simple and doesn’t require extra effort. The problem is its aggressiveness to other breeds and humans. You will need to put in extra effort to have it socialized and trained. You will also need to dispense a lot more time, to give it proper exercises and activities.

Boxmatian Health

The Boxmatian, despite being a hybrid, with two very different parents, is very healthy. Usually, a hybrid has to face a bunch of medical problems throughout its life. You may have to attend the vet’s office occasionally for some tummy aches and Hydrothyroidism.

A few medical tests weekly and regular checkups should monumentally decrease the chances of your little buddy contacting any medical problems. Physical Checkups, Eye tests, and Blood counts should be carried out at regular intervals.

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