Boxollie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Boxollie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Boxollie is a lovely breed with all of the love in the world contained in their soft bodies. The Boxollie is a hybrid between the Boxer and the Border Collie. Both of these breeds are renowned for their own reasons. They are medium to large-sized and can be charming around adults and children equally.

This breed is very resourceful and friendly. Its attributes and traits will be explained in detail in the next few paragraphs. Without further ado, let’s go. 

Boxollie History

The Boxollie is a breed with a long history in the form of its parents. We don’t know much about Boxollie’s origins. The Boxer is thought to be related to numerous fighting dogs, including the German Bullenbeisser and the Tibetan Fighting dogs. It was famous in the 1800s for its fighting capabilities. Once the sport was outlawed, the Boxer became much tamer. The AKC accepted it in 1904.

The Border Collie is a mysterious breed on its own. It is thought to be related to a dog by the name of Hemp. Hemp was from the first officially documented sheepdog trial in 1873. The Sheepdogs’ main purpose was to gather sheep calmly and efficiently. The Border Collie title was officially awarded in 1915 to the class of Sheepdogs. In 1995 the AKC recognized this magnificent breed for its superb qualities.

Boxollie Characteristics

The Boxollie will generally resemble the Boxer. It will have a strong muscular body beneath its coat. The length of its coat will vary between medium and short. Its coat will most likely be water-resistant. The color of this breed will vary between Black, Brown, and White. This breed can be quite imposing if its wants to. The height and weight of this breed largely depend on the dominant breed. They will have a smiling and joy-filled face, and their eyes will tempt you to hug them.

How Big do Boxollie Get

The Boxollie being a hybrid, will have a height and weight dependent on the dominant genes. It will range from medium to large size usually. Its height will vary between 20 to 25 inches for males, while it will be 18 to 24 inches for females. The males will weigh somewhere between 55 to 85 lbs, while the females will weigh between 45 to 70 lbs.

How Long Does Boxollie Live

The Boxollie, along with being a cutie, also has a long lifespan. It will generally live between 12 to 15 years. This value is further very important due to its relative immunity to diseases. You can expect it to live a very healthy life.

How Much Does a Boxollie Cost

The Boxollie is a new breed, but its parents’ pricing means that you may have to pay a hefty sum for this breed. Usually, a Boxollie puppy should cost you nay value above 700 dollars. The price of the Boxollie will be highly dependent on the quality of the parents and the health of the puppy.

Boxollie Temperament/Personality

The Boxollie is a highly energetic breed and requires a lot of exercises. It needs qualitative exercise sessions instead of quantitative sessions. You will need to shower it with attention. The Boxollie may remain slightly reserved because of its inherent attitude. To get rid of this, you need to give it opportunities for socialization early on.

This breed is absolutely harmless. You can leave it around children without any hitches. The Boxollie is furthermore a very intelligent breed. This makes training easy and efficient. It will listen to almost every command and will remain loyal throughout thick and thin.

Caring for Boxollie

The Boxollie is a furry joy ball, and it will melt you with its cuteness. To keep it that way, you need to take of it properly, somewhat similar to the guidelines highlighted in the next few paragraphs.

Boxollie Nutrition

The Boxollie is a moderately active breed with a medium size. You will need to give it at most three cups of dog food per day to keep it happy. Obesity may be a problem with this breed if you overfeed it.

How to Groom a Boxollie

The Boxollie may have a slightly taxing grooming routine. This will depend on the coat that inherits. If it has a short coat like the Boxer, then it will need moderate levels of brushing. If the coat is similar to that of the Collie, it will definitely need more time to remove the tangles and knots. Check its ears for the buildup of waste and trim its nails accordingly. Give it baths when it needs them. Excessive bathing can lead to irritated skin.

Boxollie Activity Levels

The Boxollie is a moderately active dog, with the obedience and intelligence of the Boxer. It loves being trained and walked. You can allot it 30 to 40 minutes of walks per day to keep it healthy. It may need more time if the workouts are too mellow or ineffective. This breed can live pretty well in small apartments as well as large mansions. As long as it has ample walking space, it will be happy.

Caring for Boxollie

The Boxollie isn’t a very demanding breed. The main difference in effort required for the type of coat is only a few minutes. It doesn’t need a lot of running and walking, so you can keep it happy with minimal efforts in that area.

The Boxollie is a healthy breed, so you can expect the medical bills to remain minimal. The main issue that you may face will be training and socialization. Even in that the Boxollie is known to be quite harmless. No major problems will arise if you give it a lot of love.

Boxollie Health

The Boxollie is a hybrid that, despite its widely different parents, remains surprisingly healthy.  This healthiness of this breed can be greatly attributed to its activeness. You may have to face one slight problem Hip Dysplasia and a few fractures with this breed.

Occasional trips to the vet’s office for testing and checkups would still be encouraged. It would be best to carry out Physical examinations and X-rays, along with blood tests and allergy tests. All of these should help you identify any problems early on. After that, it’s all about medication and care.

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