Carkie Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Carkie Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe playful and energetic Carkie is a famous hybrid dog produced by mixing two adorable and lovely doggies, the Cairn Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. With the confidence and mischievous nature, this pup makes an excellent companion choice for families.

It is a beautiful dog that can mingle with its human family and other furry beings easily. With moderate exercise grooming and diet requirements, this doggy can be a perfect home pet. Read along with us to explore all about Carkie.

Carkie History

There is not much-recorded history present for this hybrid. However, it is sufficient to know that it is a mixture of two British breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Cairn Terrier, two famous dogs with long histories. The Cairn Terrier originated in the fifteenth century and was a part of Scotch Terriers since 1873. It was the part of Scotland’s Isle of Skye group. It held this modern name in 1912.

It originated in America in1872. Marking its appearance on the AKC’s roster in 1913, the Cairn Terrier gained immense popularity throughout. On the other side of Carkie’s parentage, we have the Yorkshire Terrier, a descendant of the Waterside Terrier. Initially, this dog was used for hunting rats. American Kennel Club accepted this breed in 1885.

Carkie Characteristics

The Carkie stems from two purebred dogs having attractive characteristics. It is a small-sized furry and fluffy cute pup with deep shiny eyes and a long, silky coat marking the teddy bear’s appearance. You can’t resist caressing this cutest doggy when you see it. So, read on to know what else qualities do it has.

How Big to Carkie Get

The toy breed Carkie can grow to heights of between 21cm and 30cm. Besides, the weight ranges from 4.5kg to 7kg or in between. It is an average estimate of this dog’s male and female counterparts. It is somewhat larger than the Yorkie parent and has black, grey-brown and cream, coats.

How Long Does Carkie Live

Expect your Carkie to live the average life of a small-sized canine but only when you give proper care. It has a life expectancy of 14-16 years, but any negligence regarding the pup’s care aspects (mentioned ahead in this article) can result in a reduced life span.

How Much Does a Carkie Cost

Considering that Carkie belongs to purebred AKC recognized and famous parents, we can exact it as costly. But that is not the case. This designer hybrid is available at very reasonable rates starting from $500 to %800 on average. Opting for rescues or shelters to adopt a puppy is better than buying it.

Carkie Temperament/Personality

The Carkie is a more petite and cutest doggy of two smaller-sized adorable canines. It takes on an intelligent personality from the ancestry. An excited and affectionate pet who loves to play with children of all ages. The intelligence and lovely nature of this pup are pouring from its shiny eyes.

It is an easy-going dog comfortable in its surroundings despite its yappy and barky nature, which is dominant when there is a stranger nearby. The fun-loving Carkie has a real zest for life, and you will find it enjoying the picnics and adventures more than anyone else.

It has an independent spirit inside but doesn’t worry; the conservative nature never lets it go astray. It is protective not only for its itself but also for its family. Being equally friendly and gentle towards elders, youngsters, and kids, this dog is the one that most humans would love to have.

Caring for Carkie

The clever and adaptable Carkie does not let you spent much on its diet and other needs. It is smaller with little requirement for everything. The pet parent must take excellent care of its puppy, especially this smaller one, to help it live a healthy and fit life.

Carkie Nutrition

Although you can go for homemade food to feed your Carkie but remember that canine nutrition is far more complex than it seems. Most dogs are omnivores, so there are special commercially prepared foods in the market fulfilling their nutritional needs. We recommend a single cup of this dry dog diet per day.

How to Groom a Carkie

The soft, medium-length coat of Carkie requires regular grooming maintenance. You must brush its coat with a pin brush to avoid tangles and hair shedding. Its skin can be sensitive, so bath with a veterinary-approved doggy shampoo that doesn’t strip the pup’s skin of natural oils.

Carkie Activity Levels

The small-sized Carkie has high energy levels demanding plenty of exercises daily. It would be best to provide it with the stuffed toys every time so that it remains busy. Moreover, please take it to a nearby park in the morning or evening for at least one hour per routine.

Caring for Carkie

The lovely Carkie is dependent on its pet parent, so you must give it up to the mark care levels.  The early life training of your pup is your foremost responsibility. Along with this, you have to take care of its living conditions, diet, and exercise.

Keep your Carkie safe from harsh climates, and don’t even take out for exercise in the heat.  It is not a suitable puppy for the owners who don’t have plenty of time for them as it can be suffering from separation anxiety in case of loneliness. The primary care is of your dog’s health which is given below.

Carkie Health

The Carkie is a healthy designer hybrid that is not prone to severe diseases. As a small breed dog, it can have issues like patellar luxation, hypoglycemia, early tooth loss, and diabetes.

To ensure your pet’s health, buy it from a reputable breeder and avoid dubious breeders who carelessly breed the doggies resulting in genetic issues.  It is best to adopt the doggy from a breeder that offers you a health guarantee as well.

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