Chipit Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Chipit is a hybrid dog. This dog was produced from crossing two adorable breeds, the American Pitbull Terrier and the Chihuahua. Their size can be small or large, as both of their parents have quite a lot of differences in their sizes, so this will depend on the dominance of the parent.  

Chipit is a well-tempered dog who is great with small kids and other pets. It would be best for your pup if you socialize it when it’s young. Their coat can be long or short. The possible coat colors are white, gray, brown, brindle, and fawn. Due to their friendly nature, they are perfect for apartments.   

Chipit History

Chipit Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowChipits are believed to be originated from the United States, and they have been known since 2003. Their actual origins are unclear, and they are quite new, so their parent’s history would help find more about them. Many people believe that Chihuahuas are known since ancient times, and they were used as food. But the common belief is, they were originated from Chihuahua (Mexican town), from where they got their name. AKC registered them in 1904. 

The American Pitbull has their origins in the United Kingdom. People used them for dogfighting championships before these championships were outlawed. Later on, they were used for hunting vermin and rats. These dogs are easy to handle due to their gentle nature. This pup was registered by AKC (American kennel club) in 1936. 

Chipit Characteristics

Like most of the hybrid dogs, Chipit’s characteristics and physical traits depend upon the parent’s dominance in them. They can have a short or long coat. In the case of a short coat, it would be hard and stiff, and the long coat will be coarse and rough. The most common colors of their coat are tan, merle, brown, chocolate, brindle, white, gray, golden, black, or a mix of these colors.  

Chipit has a muscular body and broad back. This pup has almond-shaped, deep eyes, and the color can be amber or brown. They have a round head with a medium-sized muzzle, and the nose can be black or brown.  

How Big do Chipit Get

Chipit is a small-sized canine. They don’t get that big. The average height of males ranges from 14 to 18 inches, and they weigh around 20 – 35 pounds. However, the average height of females is 12 to 16 inches, and the average weight is 15 – 35 pounds. 

How Long Does Chipit Live

Chipit is a healthy dog breed, and with proper care, it can live a long life. Their small size benefits them, and they live longer than bigger dogs. On average, they live around 11 – 15 years. You can enhance their life by taking good care of them. 

How much does a Chipit cost

Chipit is a hybrid god, and the price of a hybrid dog can vary according to several factors like the area of purchasing, reputation of breeder, and lineage. The price of this pup can be anywhere between $800 to $1000. 

Chipit Temperament/Personality

Chipits are devoted, warm, and caring. They are family-friendly and love to spend time with you. They can’t handle loneliness, and they may develop separation anxiety and destructive behaviors whenever left alone for a long time. These pups are good with small kids and other pets, but early socializing with other pets is recommended. These canines are overly protective of their family, and they wouldn’t fear to pick a fight with other dogs, even double their size or more. 

Chipit is easy-going and adaptive. But sometimes, they might be difficult to train due to their stubbornness, so you would have to be patient while dealing with them. Positive feedback and encouraging behaviors might be a big help. Strangers are their enemies, and they would bark excessively if they see one coming closer. This ability makes them a good watchdog.  

Caring for Chipit

Chipit is a playful, active, and energetic little dog. Due to their high energy, they need regular playtime to keep themselves in the best shape. Take care of their diet and groom them accordingly to keep them healthy and happy. Continue to look through to know more about your fella. 

How to Groom a Chipit

Chipit needs a moderate level of grooming. It may have a short or long coat. If they have a long coat, you would have to brush them daily using a special dog brush to avoid tangling and matting. If they inherit a short coat, brush your pup at least once a week to keep their coat shiny and untangled. Don’t bathe them unless they are really dirty, and use a special shampoo made for dogs to avoid irritation and drying out of the skin. Cleaning of their ears and eyes is also necessary when they need. Clip their nails only with a nail clipper specially made for dogs. Brush their teeth several times a week using special toothpaste made for dogs to avoid dental issues. 

Chipit Activity Levels

Chipit is a small dog, but it’s full of energy. I need at least 60 minutes of daily activity to stay in it’s best shape. These dogs love to run and play fetch. If you have a yard and it’s fenced, let them play freely to quit boredom. They are likely to develop behavioral problems if they don’t get an adequate amount of daily activity. 

Caring for Chipit

Chipit is a friendly, loving, and caring dog. They are fond of attention from their loved ones, so spending quality time with them will be your responsibility to keep their mood joyful. Do not leave them alone around small kids without supervision, as their small size won’t help them, and they might get hurt. 

Chipit Health

Chipits are fairly healthy dogs, but they may inherit some of the diseases from their parents. The major health concerns are Hip Dysplasia, Color Dilution Alopecia, and Patellar Luxation. Don’t forget to visit their vet at least once a month and give them medications regularly if they need any.

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