Doberman Greyhound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Doberman Greyhounds are intelligent, caring, and active. They adopt these highly admirable traits from their well-respected parent breeds. As a hybrid dog that result from a cross between the Greyhound and the Doberman pinscher, these Calm, athletic, and alert dogs are good for anyone looking to adopt a peaceful companion. 

These large-sized dogs are loving and affectionate. They are quite laid-back, independent, and docile, which means you won’t have to worry about your personal space being invaded all the time. Their high energy and intelligence mean that you will have to pay special attention to their daily exercise. They have a short, dense coat with straight hair. 

Doberman Greyhound History

Doberman Greyhound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThese awesome dogs were developed initially to serve the role of a designer dog. Their origins might be pretty unclear. And we don’t know much about their histories as well. But looking at the histories of their parents can give us a better insight into these dogs.

The man behind creating the Doberman breed is believed to be Karl Friedrich. He was a letter-man who felt unsafe while delivering letters to neighborhoods with bad reputations and wanted a loyal companion who would accompany him through this for protection. The Greyhound is considered an ancient breed with origins dating back up to 4000 years. They were a popular choice among the nobility, and their main purpose was to act as a hunting dog.

Doberman Greyhound Characteristics 

Doberman Greyhounds are well-built, athletic, and compact. They have long straight legs, which gives them the ability to run fast and stand tall. They get this trait from the Greyhound, which is known for its hunting abilities. Their eyes are dark, round, and deep, which makes them look wise. Their long and tapered muzzles have a round black nose on their tip.

Their coats are sparse, silky, and lightweight. It lies quite close to their skin. You will find rust markings on top of their eyes and on the muzzle, throat, and chest, which is normal. The possible coat colors may include black, blue, fawn, brindle, and red. Their ears are usually triangular and floppy from the tips.

How Big do Doberman Greyhound Get

Doberman Greyhounds have a medium size and a lean athletic body. They have an average height of 26 – 30 inches for both males and females. The males usually weigh between 65 and 85lbs while the female’s weigh around 65 and 75lbs.

How Long Does Doberman Greyhound Live

Usually, the larger canines have shorter life spans as compared to the small-sized dogs. But Doberman Greyhound is a different case. They have an average lifespan between 10 – 14 years. You can tip this scale positively by taking good care of them and providing the adequate attention they need.

How much does a Doberman Greyhound cost

Doberman Greyhounds are not that easy to get. This may be because breeders usually focus on breeding the more popular breeds. But on average they cost between $500 and $1500. Other expenses may include Grooming tools, medical expenses, and accessories like Chew toys, dog houses, and dog beds.

Doberman Greyhound Temperament/Personality

Doberman Greyhound is alert, sensitive, and protective. They get their energetic nature and protective instincts from the Greyhound. As a result, they don’t do very well with new faces. Their ideal environment is away from people, in a quiet household, preferably households that are away from the city and with older children.

As opposed to the Doberman, this breed doesn’t have enough aggression to act as a guard dog, despite its protective instincts. On the contrary, they are more of companion dogs. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train, and their laid-back attitude means they won’t be mingling in your business so much.

Caring for Doberman Greyhound

Doberman Greyhounds are easy to care for. You have to keep certain things in mind, and you’re good to go. The first thing is their grooming, which doesn’t require much work. Then comes their daily requirements, nutritional and activity-based. Continue reading to find out all that you need to know about caring for a Doberman Greyhound. 

Doberman Greyhound Nutrition

Doberman Greyhounds are large dogs, and their energy level is quite high as well. Consequently, they require more food to meet their daily caloric requirements. On average, they eat around 3 cups of dog food per day. This can be given to them as three separate meals to keep their metabolism running.

How to Groom a Doberman Greyhound

Grooming a Doberman Greyhound is not difficult, thanks to their short, self-sufficient, and lightweight coats. Brushing them at least 2 – 3 times per week will ensure that the oils produced by their scalps are distributed throughout their coats. You can even use essential oils available in the market. And don’t forget to brush their teeth regularly and clean their ears 2 – 3 times per week.

Doberman Greyhound Activity Levels

When it comes to exercise, these canines require a lot of it. Their high energy levels and alert nature makes them prone to anxiety and self-destructive behavior. So it is advisable to take them on long walks and engage them in different games. They are also quite intelligent, so this will prevent them from getting bored. On average, you should aim for at least 60 minutes of exercise daily.

Caring for Doberman Greyhound

As a calm and collected dog, the Doberman Greyhound is quite easy to deal with. But they are fast, agile, and alert. When you take them out, make sure that you keep them on a leash because they may run away within seconds, and then catching them will be almost impossible, thanks to their godly endurance and sprinting capabilities.

Doberman Greyhound Health

Doberman Greyhound is among the breeds which have lower health problems than its parents. However, they may still have potential health issues, including Hip Dysplasia, Wobblers’ Syndrome, Cherry eye, and Bloating.

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