Golden Cocker Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

This hybrid breed is a product of crossbreed between Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. Although the exact history of its origin is still unknown. Golden Cocker Retriever is inflated with energy which makes it playful not to be easily exhausted. Thus, it makes a beautiful family dog that adjust to the house and people easily.

It has a sensitive nature and needs maintenance for shinny long hair to remain untangled and clean. The parent breeds are well-known for their characteristics making them a famous dog breed. This hybrid canine was produced as a result of cross-breeding between two beautiful and smart dogs.

Golden Cocker Retriever History

Golden Cocker Retriever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThere’s not much information available about the history of Golden Cocker Retriever. Although it has been observed this designer doggy originated between the last two decades. But looking at the parent dogs it could be understood how it was produced. Golden retrievers originated from Scotland, are well known for their intelligence, abilities, and competitive obedience.

Whereas Cocker Spaniel has its origin in Spain, they were loyal dogs used for hunting with the unique expertise of tracking and startling fowl. The Golden Crocker Retriever is a designer dog fit as a family dog with playful and loving nature. They are also known as Golden Cockers, Cockers Retrievers, etc.

Golden Cocker Retriever Characteristics

The traits can inherit from either side of the parent breed. The coat will usually be of medium length with dense volume, straight texture, and impermeable to non-water. Like both parents, it has a strong body structure with a lot of muscles requiring daily walks and workouts. The canine ears resemble Golden Retriever falling down the face. Golden Cocker Retriever has strengthened paws and well-built parallel legs. The tail is thick and curve-shaped, the dark eyes are inherited from both parent breeds

How Big to Golden Cocker Retriever Get

Golden Cocker Retriever canines weigh between 30-45 lb.’s and reach the height of 20-24 inches. Note that for this breed the size and weight of both male and female dogs are round about similar.  

How Long Does Golden Cocker Retriever Live

As both parents are strong and powerful dogs just like them the life span of this quirky breed is also around 12-15 years. With qualitative food, love, care, clean and lovely environment their life duration can increase as they are loyal and friendly family dog to bond

How Much Does a Golden Cocker Retriever Cost 

Golden Cocker Retriever’s buying price might be around $500-$1500 depending on supplier and breeder. But before going to a buy visit the shelters as they tend to be found there to be adopted. The average medical expense is about $485-$600.

Golden Cocker Retriever Temperament/Personality

Cockers Retrievers has inherited a lot of traits from parent’s breeds depending on which parent traits/characteristics are more dominant. It has a sensitive and complaint nature with a lot of energy to have fun around. They open their heart for other people as well and are social. Due to these qualities, they are suitable family pets as they happily adjust with other pets, animals, and babies as well. 

For highlighting good traits in their personality, the owner needs to work on his early socialization and need to train them well so they are welcoming to other people and animals. They are not great doggy to be left alone at home as they seek interaction. They do not bark unnecessarily but may woof occasionally on a stranger.

Caring for Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Cocker needs maintenance and brushing on their coat. To utilize energy in positive patterns and form a bond, your pup could be given Plastic dog toys and rope and tug toys in which you can be involved to train your canine. For safety and forming a boundary with your Cocker Retriever use dog kennels.

Golden Cocker Retriever Nutrition

The little pup eats three times a day (3 cups a day). They require healthy food intake to function properly and live long. You can use dog food for golden retrievers and can take a suggestion from the dog’s veterinarian about which type of food will suit Golden Cocker Retriever. Use treats for training but remembers your pet can easily gain weight it is important to create a balance in diet and check to weigh every week.

How to Groom a Golden Cocker Retriever

The grooming depends upon the coat it has, bath twice or once a month is crucial to avoid bacteria and fungus to prevail into hair and cause skin problems. The nails need to be trimmed every 2-3 weeks and long ears should be wiped off properly to avoid fungal infection. Once in a while, your Golden Crocker Retriever needs a professional make-over.

Golden Cocker Retriever Activity Levels

It is a strong dog with both powerful and healthy parent breeds. It needs at least 60 minutes of exercise or walk to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and avoid weight gain/health issues. Open farmhouses with fences are encouraged for your dog to explore around and be playful. Two walks per day are generally recommended for Crocker Retriever. Other fun games and activities should also be done to stimulate the mind.

Caring for Golden Cocker Retriever

The hybrid breed needs dental care every day by brushing their teeth to avoid tooth decay. Monitor your dog activity level and keep a weighing machine to avoid excessive gain. Application of puzzle toys for dogs to engage your dog in activities as they have inherited their parent’s intelligence. As they are flexible in training and obedient to their owners, they should form a happy and healthy relationship with the dog.

Golden Cocker Retriever Health

The most common diseases in Golden Cocker Retriever are hip dysplasia, epilepsy, heart disease (not maintaining a balanced lifestyle), ectropion, and entropion. Visiting wet for regular checkups can avoid any serious illness in your pet. 

Healthy eating, cleanliness, basic needs fulfillment, and daily activity can also eradicate the risk of your Golden Crocker Retriever from falling severely sick.

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