Flandoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Flandoodle, also known as Bouvipoo, Flanpoo, and Boviourdoodle, is protective, gentle, and loving. These large-sized dogs adopt these admirable traits from their parents, both of which are attractive and well-known dogs in the dog world. It is a hybrid dog that results from the cross between Bouvier des Flandres and a standard poodle.

These family dogs are quite adorable. Even though they are large, there is a cute element that makes them one of the most admirable dogs that one can own. They usually reach an average height of 25 inches and an average weight of 70lbs. You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to their coat color.

Flandoodle History

Flandoodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowFlandoodles originated in the 1990s. But there is not that much we know about them, so let’s look at the history of their parents to get to know them better. The poodle is a famous breed registered by the American Kennel Club (AKC) around 1887. They have their origins in Germany, where they were known as Pudelhund.

Bouvier des Flandres on the other hand, originated in Belgium. They are believed to be a mixture of Spaniel, Mastiff, and sheepdogs. Some even consider them to be the decedents of Beauceron and the Griffon. They were developed in the 1600s, and there were used as cattle dogs, which was the reason behind their different names, including Boeuf, Koehond, and Vuilbaard.

Flandoodle Characteristics

Flandoodles are large, fluffy, and adorable. They are one of the most gorgeous, elegant, and cutest dogs that you can get, and they are hypoallergenic as well. Not all of them, but most. They can either have a curly or wavy coat; it depends on the kind of genes they get. The one with a wavy coat tends to shed more than the curly coat type, but it is generally less than other dogs. 

Their coat colors have a lot of variety. The possible coat colors that this dog inherits include; black, white, brown, gray, red, and blue. This coat is typically dense with medium-length hair. They have large floppy ears on a large head and a moderately long muzzle.

How Big do Flandoodle Get

Flandoodle is a large-sized dog. The males have an average height of 24 – 28 inches and an average weight of 65 – 85lbs. The females have an average height of 22 – 27 inches and an average weight of 55 – 75lbs.

How Long Does a Flandoodle Live

Large-sized dogs typically live shorter lives as compared to small-sized dogs. But this cute dog has an average lifespan of around 10 – 12 years. You can increase this number by taking good care of them. 

How much does a Flandoodle Cost

As a well-known and beautiful dog, the Flandoodle does not come cheap. You can expect to pay around $400 – $800 for a puppy and $800 – $1200 for fully grown ones. Other expenses you’ll have to consider may include medical expenses and non-medical expenses, which can be things like brushesnail clippers, and ear cleaners.

Flandoodle Temperament/Personality

Flandoodles are faithful, loving, and energetic. These goofy canines make wonderful family dogs as they love to spend time with their human family, play with them, and get their attention. They like to be involved in any activity that their humans are doing. Their alert, energetic, and intelligent side makes them wonderful watch and guard dogs.

They are usually good around other children and pets, but their hunting instinct can cause them to chase smaller pets, so be on the lookout when taking them out and keep them leashed with a strong leash for dogs that pull.

Caring for Flandoodle

Caring for your pup comes down to paying proper attention to their curly or wavy coats, feeding them adequately, using the right kinds of products, and ensuring that their activity needs are met. Keep on reading to know everything necessary to take proper care of your fluffy canine.

Flandoodle Nutrition

Flandoodles are large and have high levels of energy. This means that you will have to feed them more to keep up with their daily caloric requirement. On average, this dog will do well on three cups of high-quality dog food every day. Taking the vet’s advice regarding their nutrition is advisable.

How to Groom a Flandoodle

Grooming a Flandoodle can be a little challenging if they inherit a curly coat as it can get tangled and matted easily. You’ll have to brush them at least 3 – 4 times per week with a wire bristle or hard-bristled brush. It would be best if you also made it a habit to clip their nails and clean their ears at least once a week.

Flandoodle Activity Levels

Flandoodle is active, alert, and agile. They have a high energy level that needs to be vented for them to stay healthy and stable. It would help if you aimed to give them around 90 minutes of exercise every day. This can be in the form of walks, games, or even a hike. Their hunting instinct will make them chase small animals like squirrels and rabbits, which is a good way to exhaust them. 

Caring for Flandoodle

As an intelligent breed that requires constant love and attention, the Flandoodle becomes prone to separation anxiety if left alone for long periods. This can give rise to boredom which causes them to develop self-destructive behaviors. So, ensure that you’re spending a reasonable amount of time with your pup, take them on walks, so their energy is used up, and they don’t become lazy or obese.

Flandoodle Health

Like all the other dogs, the Flandoodle is prone to diseases that are found in their parents. But there is no surety that they will adopt any or all of these as each dog is different, some more resilient than others. The possible health concerns include; Sebaceous Adenitis, Hip Dysplasia, Gastric Dilation Volvulus, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Megaesophagus, and Laryngeal Paralysis. Some dogs may occasionally suffer from Entropion, Mitral Valve Disease, and Addison’s Disease.

Breeds Similar to Flandoodle


Best Dog Food For Flandoodle

Wellness Core Ocean Whitefish, Herring & Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best dog food for Flandoodle is Wellness CORE Ocean Whitefish, Herring & Salmon Recipe Dry Dog Food. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, glucosamine, and probiotics that are ideal for body growth. This product takes care of the overall health of your Flandoodle.

  • Supports well-built muscles and body weight.
  • Crafted from 100% poultry-free protein.
  • This product extracts high protein from fishes.

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Best Puppy Food For Flandoodle

Merrick Grain Free Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Flandoodle is Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food. The presence of glucosamine and chondroitin maintains healthy joints and hips. The product comes in a small kibble size, convenient for your little Flandoodle.

  • Includes boneless chicken, source of high protein.
  • Omega fatty acid adds to the luster and shine of the skin and fur.
  • Grain-free product.

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Best Dog Crate For Flandoodle

Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Flandoodle is Lucky Dog Sliding Double Door Wire Dog Crate. Available in five different dimensions, this dog crate acts as a second home to your Flandoodle. Stabilizers help to eliminate accidental collapse, which is very convenient.

  • Developed from strong and steady material.
  • Crate remains hygienic due to the leak-proof pan.
  • Easy entrance through sliding doors.

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Best Dog Bed For Flandoodle

Furhaven Curly Fur Bolster Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Flandoodle is FurHaven Curly Fur Bolster Dog Bed w/Removable Cover. Available in two shades and three sizes, this comfy bed provides satisfactory naps to your Flandoodle. Even if the exterior coat gets dirty, you can easily remove and wash it.

  • Stuffed with fabric derived from recyclable bottles.
  • Its dish-like shape protects your Flandoodle.
  • The woven liner can be restuffed.

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Best Dog Harness For Flandoodle

Puppia Black Trim Polyester Back Clip Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Flandoodle is Puppia Black Trim Polyester Back Clip Dog Harness. Available in four sizes and shades, this harness provides maximum comfort to your Flandoodle. You can enjoy daily walks with your Flandoodle with the help of this harness.

  • Air mesh padding supports comfort.
  • Quick-release buckle is super convenient.
  • Crafted from pure polyester.

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