Foodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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Foodle is energetic, spirited, and smart. They adopt these admirable traits from their parents, both of which are popular and in-demand breeds. This dog is a hybrid that results from a cross between the Poodle and the Fox Terrier, or Toy Fox Terrier, to be more specific. 

They have an active nature which makes them playful and adventurous. Their alertness makes them a good watchdog who will ensure that no intruder enters your private space. But they are more commonly used as companion and lap dogs. Their small size means that you can keep them in an apartment if you take care of their activity needs.

Foodle History

Foodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowFoodle is a comparatively new breed with not much going on the pages of their history. So, to gain a better perspective, we will look at their parent breeds. Fox Terriers are believed to have their origins in the 1500s England, where hunters used them for hunting medium-sized game like fox and Vermin. The Toy Fox terrier originated in the 1800s as a result of crossing the Smooth Fox Terrier, Chihuahua, and Manchester Terrier.

The Poodle that was also known as Pudelhund, has its origins in Germany. They have been known since ancient times. It is believed that Egyptians and Romans used them for hunting ducks and truffles. The AKC (American kennel club) registered them in 1887.

Foodle Characteristics

Foodle has a small, cute, and cuddly appearance. These adorable pups made their entrance into the list of designer breeds recently. The prominent features of this dog are its tiny legs, a furry tail, and large pointy ears. These ears stand erect on a round dome-shaped head with a short muzzle that supports a small black nose.

Their coat shows a lot of variation and is dependent on which parent breed dominates in them. If they take after their poodle parent, their coats will be thicker, short, and curly. On the other hand, if they resemble their Toy Fox terrier parent, their coats will be thin, medium in length, and wiry.

How Big do Foodle Get

The size of this dog can vary according to the breed of Fox Terrier used in the cross. But normally, the males have an average height of 10 – 13 inches and an average weight of 10 – 13lbs. The females have similar proportions, and their height maybe a little less, averaging between 10 and 11inches.

How Long Does a Foodle Live

Small-sized dogs like the Foodles have longer lifespans than the bigger and medium-sized dogs. On average, they live between 12 and 15 years. You can tip this scale towards the upper limit by taking good care of them, feeding them appropriately, and taking care of their activity needs.

How much does a Foodle Cost

The price of any dog depends on various factors like the breeder’s reputation that you’re buying from. On average, they can cost you anywhere between $800 and $1500, but if you are buying it from a more reputable breeder, you’ll have to pay much more than that. You’ll also have to spend extra on their accessories, including ToysBeds, and Bowls.

Foodle Temperament/Personality

The Foodle is loving, loyal, and energetic. These energy balls are always ready to go along with you no matter where you go. They love to form tight bonds with their human family and receive a lot of attention from them. These little canines are fond of cuddling, especially in the bed or on the sofa, where they can fall asleep and take quick naps afterward.

Due to the Terrier blood in them, they tend to chase smaller animals like rabbits, pigeons, and kittens. So, it would be best to supervise them when they are alone with your smaller pets if you have any. These intelligent dogs are good at learning new things, so training them would be a piece of cake. Socialize them early, so they don’t cause problems when you take them out for walks. 

Caring for Foodle

Your dog needs proper care to thrive and stay healthy, so there are a few things to be kept in mind when it comes to caring about your canine. You’ll have to feed them properly, take them on walks to meet their activity needs, and groom them properly. Keep on reading to find out all you need to know.

Foodle Nutrition

Foodles are small canines, but they have high energy levels, so you need to ensure that they are getting enough calories to keep up with their daily energy expenditure. On average, they do well on two cups of high-quality dog food every day.

How to Groom a Foodle

Grooming the Foodle comes down to the type of coat that they inherit. If they have a thick coat like the Poodle, you will have to brush them at least 3 – 4 times per week. Additionally, you may also have to take them to a professional groomer for proper grooming. And if they have a thinner coat like the Fox Terrier, brushing the twice per week with a hard-bristled brush will be sufficient.

Foodle Activity Levels

Foodles have hunting blood in them, so naturally, they have a high need to work. To remain normal and healthy, your dog needs to exhaust its energy. You can accomplish this by taking them on walks or playing games with them. If you have an open yard, feel free to let them play around and exhaust themselves. On average, they will require at least 45 – 60 minutes of exercise daily.

Caring for Foodle

As an intelligent breed, this cute little canine will get bored quickly if left alone. They need to be stimulated continuously, or else they’ll start acting dull and may develop behavioral issues. It would be best if you spend at least one hour with your best friend and let him know that they’re not alone. 

Foodle Health

Generally, Foodle is considered a healthy breed. But some of them may develop health issues like Patellar Luxation, Mitral Valve Disease, Gastric Dilation Volvulus, and minor concerns like Entropion, Deafness, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Cataracts.

Breeds Similar to Foodle


Best Dog Food For Foodle

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The best dog food for Foodle is Diamond Naturals Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Formula Dry Dog Food. This product is made with real chicken, which provides protein to help develop strong muscles. It is grain-free and includes sweet potatoes for wholesome nutrition.

  • This product includes prebiotic fiber from dried chicory roots to help stimulate better digestion. 
  • It obtains antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables to promote good skin and coat.
  • Does not include corn, wheat, or any artificial ingredients.

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Best Puppy Food For Foodle

Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Foodle is Purina Pro Plan Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. The product is formulated with chicken and rice to help promote growth and strong muscles. This puppy food is easy to digest, and it also provides essential antioxidants to help boost the immune system.

  • DHA is obtained from fish oil to maintain the health of the eyes and the brain.
  • Calcium and phosphorus are present in just the right amount to promote strong teeth and bones.
  • Live probiotics are present to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system.

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Best Dog Crate For Foodle

Petmate Single Door Collapsible Soft Sided Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Foodle is Petmate Single Door Collapsible Soft-Sided Dog Crate. The crate comes in two different sizes and is very comfortable. It is easy to set up and can be folded without any hassle; hence it is ideal for traveling with. 

  • There are climate control window covers on the crate which can also be rolled up and clipped on the sides.
  • The inside of the crate is very soft and comfortable as it includes a foam bed.
  • The fabric is of very high quality and is water-resistant. 

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Best Dog Bed For Foodle

Best Friends By Sheri Orthocomfort Sherpa Bolster Cat & Dog Bed

The best dog bed for Foodle is Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Sherpa Bolster Cat & Dog Bed. The bed is round in shape, which allows the dogs to curl up comfortably in it. The bolstered walls present around the bed provide head and body support. 

  • This bed can be washed in the machine and dried in the dryer.
  • It is made from ultra-soft Sherpa fabric, which is not only comfortable but also very cozy.
  • The bottom of the bed is made from nylon fabric which keeps the dirt away.

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Best Dog Harness For Foodle

Sporn Training Halter Nylon No Pull Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Foodle is Sporn Mesh No Pull Dog Harness. This harness is veterinarian-approved as it does not restrict movement. The harness also has elasticized chest bands that move expand while walking, providing a very comfortable experience. 

  • The padded sleeves on the harness enclose the front legs in comfort.
  • This harness is made from the best quality nylon, which is durable.
  • This product offers a lifetime warranty.

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