How Big Do Afghan Hounds Get?

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How Big Do Afghan Hounds GetAre you in search of a dog that can make heads turn around? If a royal looking breed is what you have your eyes on, then the Afghan Hound is your match made in heaven.

Afghan Hounds are a very dignified section of the dog breeds. Their personality is as distinguished as their looks. These dogs are gentle and stubborn on one side and fiercely protective of their loved ones on the other side.

This elegant slight-hound is a unique blend of intelligence and playfulness. However, when you indulge them in a training regime, they tend to be a handful. But once you form a bond with them, they will put you over everything.

Keep reading to find out more about the magnificent Afghan Hound.

The average height of Afghan Hounds

Afghans stand proud and tall with the male Hound at approximately 27 inches and the female at about 25 inches. They have quite a striking appearance and carry themselves very well.

Afghan Hounds have a long narrow head with an arched neck. Their hips are strong and prominent and have large paws with a comparatively short tail.

The ideal way of helping them grow and maintaining their appropriate height is to indulge them in exercises, runs, and playful activities every day.

How much does an Afghan Hound weigh?

These dogs usually weigh in between the range of 50 to 60 pounds (23 to 27 kg). They are quite hyperactive, so they burn calories much faster than the other breeds. However, the weight also varies according to their gender as well as their age. 

For a female Afghan at about six months of age, the average weight should be between 19 to 24 kgs. Most Afghans reach their ideal adult weight after almost a year.

Now, the average weight, according to the size of a 6-month-old Afghan male, is the same as a 6-month female hound. However, as they grow into an adult, their weight can go up to 33 kgs.

How tall does an Afghan Hound get?

Afghan hounds are an energetic breed, and they require a strenuous exercise routine to maintain their weight and height as well.

Afghan Hounds can run at a speed that can be compared to the fastest horse in the world. A lot of credit for this speed comes from the advantage of having long legs and a tall body.

They can grow up to 61 to 74 cm high, which makes them one of the tallest breeds. Because of this height, coupled with a fast pace and protective abilities, they are originally known to be hunter dogs.

When is an Afghan Hound fully grown?

These hounds reach their complete and appropriate height by the time they are almost 16 months. Since they are a tall, purebred breed, Afghan Hounds take time to grow.

As a matter of fact, along with their height, they also tend to reach their ideal adult weight by 16 months of age.

These dogs are not couch potatoes, and their energy levels are on an all-time high. They need to be in a caring environment and follow an active routine for them to reach their ideal growth in terms of height, weight as well as mind.

To Sum It Up 

Overall, Afghan Hounds are a fun breed to have around. They are caring, loving, and despite their royal attitude, they can sometimes surprise you by being really comical!

With a unique, silky, flowing coat and some special needs, they require a good deal of grooming. However, once you have taken care of that, they are all about showering you with love and protecting you for life. 


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