5 Best Dog Harnesses for Afghan Hound Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Any owner of an Afghan Hound dog that has walked their dog with a cheap and useless harness can attest to the nightmare it was for them and their dog. High performing dogs deserve the best kind of harness available to them; if the best quality is not provided for your pet, specific ailments can arise in your beloved pet. Below is a list of the top five best dog harness options for an Afghan Hound Dog.

Best Dog Harnesses for Afghan Hounds

Here are our Afghan Hound dog harness reviews.

1. Sleepypod ClickIt Terrain Safety Harness

Sleepypod Clickit Terrain Safety Harness

The SleepypodClickIt Terrain Safety Harness has been strength tested to prove that it is the best option as a walking harness and set belt for your dog. Key features include a three-point design for the rear passenger seat, and there is a sturdy loop attached to the Terrain Pack; you can use this feature to connect and release your Afghan Hound Dog quickly. Interchangeable reflective rear patches are included on the harness for night visibility, decreasing the chances of you losing your animal at night.

  • Comfort and control for everyday use
  • Sleeves with shock-absorbing material
  • Durable metal side buckles
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2. Pet Artist Leather Large Dog Harness

Pet Artist Leather Large Dog Harness Heavy Duty Vest Thick Soft For Big Medium Breed Dogs Brown

If you need some extra control over your overbearing Afghan Hound dog, look no further than the Pet Artist Leather Large Dog Harness. It features three-adjustable straps that fit your dog without harming it. Other key features include extra strength rivets and hardware that is heavy-duty nickel-plated.

  • Soft leather providing comfort and luxury
  • No-pull feature to control your dog with less energy
  • Light material made to last long
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3. PetSafe Bling Easy Walk Harness

Petsafe Bling Easy Walk Harness

The PetSafe Bling Easy Walk Harness turns horrid dogs walking into a simple walk in the park. Key features of this harness include no-pull harness, complimentary colored belly strap, and alluring colors. Walk your Afghan Hound in style with this highly-rated sparkling harness.

  • 6” sturdy nylon webbing
  • Front chest leash attachment for steering
  • Sparkling ribbon nylon overlay
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4. One Tigris MAD Hound K-9 Vest Harness

Onetigris Mad Hound Rugged K9 Vest Harness For Medium & Large Dog

The One Tigris MAD Hound K-9 Vest Harness was made for tactical, four-legged living for your Afghan Hound. Key features include a strength tested UTX-durable buckle strap, a zippered poop bag pouch, and a patch panel on both sides for your dog’s name. If your dog gets lost, he or she will be easily identified.

  • Two elastic hoops for small glow sticks and flashlights
  • Durable nylon structure
  • Reliable grab handle
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5. Chai’s Choice Rover Scout High-Performance Dog Harness

Chai's Choice Rover Scout High Performance Tactical Training Military Backpack Service Dog Harness

The Chai’s Choice Rover Scout High-Performance Dog Harness has an excellent reputation for providing reliable services since 2014. The key features of this harness include water-proof material, two detachable utility pouches, and a QR dog tracker. After purchasing the harness, you will be given a QR code to set up some radar if your dog goes missing for any reason.

  • MOLLE strips attached to the utility belt for added convenience
  • Two durable SBS Zippers on the utility pouches
  • 3M Reflective material to ensure high visibility.
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Buying Guide for Dog Harness for Afghan Hounds

As the owner of an Afghan Hound, you might be looking to buy a harness that is unique and complements the unique appearance of your dog’s silky, thick coat of fur and exotic face. Not choosing the proper harness for your dog could lead to joint damage, discomfort, and skin irritation. Make sure you are selecting a harness that will support your dog’s body instead of harming it.

Purchasing the proper harness for your dog can be a tough decision for someone wanting the best for their pet, so take the time out to learn about the best comfort and protection for your dog.


There are four different types of harnesses available to suit the needs of your Afghan Hound, and choosing the right one for your dog is vital for your dog’s health in the long-run. Each type has its strength that will make journeys outside with your dog an easier task.

The step-in harness provides a simple way of restraining your dog without them getting frustrated from it being too technical. This kind of harness is a snap- and go and a no-frills option for your Hound. Your dog will only have to step into the harness, making securing your dog an easier task.

The overhead harness is an alternative way to place a harness on your dog, instead of your dog stepping into the harness. As the owner, you will put the harness around your Afghan Hound’s neck and pull the bottom straps underneath your dog’s belly. This kind of harness is excellent for dogs who might not enjoy stepping into their harness.

The no-pull harness is for untrained dogs. The materials on the harness are durable to withstand a dog that can’t be still. This type of dog harness is essential for dogs who can quickly become rowdy or have the tendency to gain considerable distance from their owner.


The most common materials in making dog harnesses for Afghan Hounds are nylon and leather.

Nylon is a durable, cheap material, and it comes in a variety of colors for a unique flare. It’s not the best material available, but it gets the job done of securing your pet.

Leather is more expensive and does not last long when involving animals. Leather the more stylish choice when comparing it to nylon. Your leather harness will not last a very long time with dogs that like to scratch at their harness.

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