La-Chon Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

La-Chon is a small-sized hybrid canine produced by mixing two unique and good-looking dogs: the Bichon Frise and Lhasa Apso. Being toy-sized canines, they don’t weigh more than 20 pounds. They are well-mannered and typically intelligent dogs. It might be hard for them to get along with human fellas as they can be stubborn and conservative. 

The La-Chon is an intelligent, loving, and energetic canine. After spending some time with their human family, they would be extremely affectionate towards them. As they are hybrid, they shed moderately throughout the year, so a moderate maintenance level would require keeping them looking good. 

La-Chon History

La Chon Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe La-Chon is a new dog breed, so there isn’t much to learn about this canine. Let’s look at the history of its parent to get the idea. The Bichon Frise has been known since ancient times, and some people believed that they were first seen before Christ’s time. They originated from Spain and were brought to America by Italian Sailors in the 1300s, and AKC recognized them in 1956. 

The Lhasa Apso is a mountain dog that lived in the mountains of Tibetan. Buddhist monks used them for the protection of their monasteries and temples. These highly suspicious dogs can differentiate between strangers and friends, which makes them good guards and watchdogs. Somehow they made their way to America, and AKC recognized them in 1935. 

La-Chon Characteristics

La-Chon is a hybrid dog and inherits its appearance and traits from both parent breeds. They have a round head with sparkling eyes that can be blue or brown colored. Their muzzle is short, and they have medium-sized floppy ears. They have medium to long-length coats that can come in black, brown, cream, and white color. 

How Big Do La-Chon Get

La-Chon dog is a canine produced by mixing two small-sized canines, so their size would depend on which parent is dominant in them. On average, they weigh something around 8 – 20 pounds, and their height can be anywhere between 10 – 18 inches for both females and males.  

How Long Does a La-Chon Live

Like most little canines, the La-Chon enjoys a more extended life expectancy than other greater canines. They can live between 12 to 16 years. You can tip this number up by giving them good food and enough every day recess. Try to meet their day-by-day prerequisites, as it would be a major assistance in such a manner.

How much Does a La-Chon Cost?

La-Chon is a new dog breed, and they aren’t easy to find as they don’t exist outside their homeland, so finding one of these would be hard. However, they cost something between $450 to $1000. Ensure to crosscheck the dog’s lineage before purchase, and it’s always recommended to contact a reputable breeder. 

La-Chon Temperament/Personality

La-Chon’s temperament would depend on the mood and level of intellect of the human family with a pup. They can be shy and conserved, so spend a good amount of time with them and don’t leave them alone for long periods, as they can develop self-harming and destructive behaviors. Usually, they are highly energetic and love to learn new things. 

The La-Chon get along well after spending some time with their human family. However, it’s not easy to train them because of their stubborn and reserved personality. These intelligent canines don’t allow strangers near them. In fact, they may bark at them, so teaching them to be friendly towards well-mannered strangers would be necessary. 

Caring for La-Chon 

La-Chon doesn’t deal well with loneliness, and it demands constant interaction with its human family to stay put. Because of their high energy, it’s recommended to use a harness instead of a leash, as their small necks may get hurt during running or jogging. They are sensitive to hot weather, so playing outside in hot weather can bring sickness. 

La-Chon Nutrition

Despite high energy levels, the La-Chon don’t eat that much to maintain its body and health. They would be okay with 1 cup of high-quality special dog food per day. You can split their meal into two or more and feed them throughout the day when they need. Meat and vegetables are some of the most important items in their food ingredients list. 

How to Groom a La-Chon 

La-Chon requires a considerable amount of grooming, as they have a long-length coat, brush them at least twice a week with a special dog’s brush to remove tangles and matts. Don’t bathe them too often unless they are dirty, and use only dog shampoo to prevent their skin from drying out. Clip their nails with nail clippers and brush their teeth with medicated toothpaste to avoid dental problems. 

La-Chon Activity Levels

Physical and mental stimulation is necessary for La-Chon to avoid unexpected bad behaviors. Provide them something to play with, like puzzling games or toys. Give them at least 30 minutes a day for playing and exercising. Walking, jogging, and running would also help them to stay healthy and fit. 

Caring for La-Chon 

La-Chon isn’t easy to train due to its moody and independent personality so, try to be calm and patient during their training and learning sessions. Positive feedback and favorite treats would help keep them learning and ensure not use hard methods, as they would get frustrated. 

La-Chon Health

Being a hybrid canine, the La-Chon is likely to inherit diseases from its parent breeds, and it has some of its own. Some of the major health concerns are hip dysplasia and kidney problems. Other minor health issues include patellar luxation, skin problems, and allergies. Your pup’s health should be your priority, so visit their vet twice a month for a full physical examination and immediately in case of emergency. 

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