Why Does My Chihuahua Growl At Me?

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Why Does My Chihuahua Growl At MeChihuahuas are known to be the world’s tiniest dogs, but that doesn’t limit their personality. They are adorable, joyful, and the most fun breeds you could ever pet. A Chihuahua will charm you with their intelligence and a lively spirit instantly. If you have a Chihuahua breed, you already know how remarkably cute they are.  

It’s quite surprising, but they believe that they are tougher than other dogs, and sometimes they can definitely be tough. Nevertheless, their growling only comes off as a cute trait. But this will make it tough for you to keep them calm as the growling increases in the future.

We have got you covered on everything you would want to know about your Chihuahua’s growling!

Why is your Chihuahua growling?

There could be endless possibilities to interpret what your Chihuahua’s actually trying to say to you. It is definitely important to know why they are growling so you can help avoid it further. You should always check in with your veterinarian to understand what’s going on. But for now, here are a few common interpretations of what your pet’s growl usually means.

Lack of training

It is essential that when you own a puppy, you provide them with proper puppy training, and this applies to all breeds. However, a Chihuahua is an exciting dog breed, so it’s rather difficult to tame them.

You could try to get hold of better resources and credible agencies to train your Chihuahua pup. But if the training fails to keep your Chihuahua calm, then the growling’s going to be a problem when they grow up.

Leader of the pack

Chihuahuas are usually treated differently than regular-sized dogs. Since they’re tiny, humans are more likely to shrug their inappropriate behavior as adorable. But in all honesty, all Chihuahuas want to do is to lead the pack, and the pack is their tolerable owners.

Your pet is basically begging to be in control and assert their dominance. Moreover, this makes the Chihuahuas perceive humans as weak because they give in to their pet’s growling, jumping, chewing, excessive barking, etc.

Pain and fear

Sometimes, your pet’s health can cause them to keep growling to let you know that they need comfort. It’s highly possible that the growling is just a reaction to some sort of pain. In this case, try to check for other symptoms of injury or illness such as affected appetite, weight loss, biting, licking certain areas on the body, hair loss.


Sometimes, the growling could also come from a place of fear. It is a reflex reaction to strange situations, specific people, and unfamiliar places where your pet Chihuahua could be feeling uncomfortable. In this case, just shower them with love, but not too much. It could turn into excessive fear and growling. If this happens, you should quickly contact a behavior specialist.

How to stop your Chihuahua from growling?

Now that you have analyzed why your little pet has been growling, it is time to see what you can do to help them. These are tips on how you can help to avoid your Chihuahua from growling, but in extreme cases, you should surely contact a veterinarian.

  • You should regularly play with them to make them feel like you are paying attention to them. Amidst your busy calendar, make time to bond with them, and give your pet a little social time.
  • Avoid using a louder tone when you talk to your Chihuahua. This will help them know that they are safe and not cause any stress or anxiety to your pet.
  • If your Chihuahua starts to growl at strangers, do not quickly assert yourself. Instead, gently tug on the leash to let them know that you both are in a comfortable space.

To sum up

There might be many reasons why your Chihuahua is growling. You probably have analyzed and helped your Chihuahua, but we always recommend that you contact a veterinarian to find out the exact reason for this behavior. Simply put, shower your pup with attention and love so that they know you are there for them.

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