American Masti-Bull Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

American Masti Bull Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe American Masti Bull is a hybrid breed, which was developed in America. This dog breed was developed to create an affectionate pet as well as a loyal guard to the family. These dogs are quite easy going and simple to maintain.

They will fill your house with a bucket load of affection they carry for their owners.

American Masti-Bull History

The American Masti-Bull is a hybrid breed that was developed in America in the 1960s. This breed is a cross between the American bulldog and the Mastiff. It also goes by the name of American Bandogge Mastiff.

The idea that the breeders had behind crossed these two breeds was to develop a dog that gets the giant traits of the Mastiff and the guard dog traits of a bulldog. In all, this dog is a combination of affection and aggression. With the American Masti-Bull, you get a companion that is there to support you and to protect you as well.

American Masti-Bull Characteristics

The American Masti-Bull appears large with a huge build, but these are typical lap dogs that will want to cuddle all the time. They are pretty heavily muscled and retain a lot of traits of the bulldog parent. This is a pretty low maintenance breed that won’t keep you on your toes all the time.

How Big to American Masti-Bull Get

Since this breed is under the large breed category, you can expect them to grow to a pretty large size. The dogs of this breed can go up to a height of 23 to 29 inches, with the length being proportionate to the same. Due to their bulky muscle construction, they can weigh around 100 to 150 pounds.

How Long Does American Masti-Bull Live

The American Masti-Bull has a relatively lower life expectancy as compared to the other dogs. They live up to the age of 8 to 10 years. They are prone to some common diseases. But if taken care of properly, they can live a long and healthy life.

How Much Does an American Masti-Bull Cost

These pups can be quite expensive for the pocket. A pure line quality bred breed will cost around $500 – $1000. If you are ready to make such an expensive purchase, be sure to get a proper background check of the breeding ground. If you are in for adoption, there a lot of large dog rescue groups that you can contact.

American Masti-Bull Temperament/Personality

As mentioned earlier, this dog is a big-time cuddler. Don’t get confused and scared by their building; all you are going to get is a watchdog with a lot of love to offer. These dogs are pretty unaware of their huge size, and they would want to sleep on your lap, so be prepared for that. They crave attention and will demand it all the time.

These dogs are not just affectionate but are amazing guard dogs as well. They get this trait from their bulldog inheritance. Their aggressive nature makes them quite protective of their owners. Though this is a great quality, it makes them quite edgy around strangers. It is, therefore, necessary to socialize your pup to different people, surroundings, sounds, and things at a young age.

These dogs are alpha in nature, which means you will have to set rules to keep them in check. This is precisely the reason why the American Masti-Bull is not the dog for first-time owners. You need to be a bit strict with them to manage their aggressive behavior. Since they can switch from friendly to a fierce mode in a jiffy, it is necessary to make them familiarized with different environments.

If made familiar at a young age, these pups can gel well with other pets. Otherwise, it can get a bit tricky to control them. You don’t have to worry about children being around these pups. They are great playmates and companions for your child. However, it is never advisable to leave your child and such a huge breed unsupervised. It can hurt the child accidentally while playing. Traveling with this breed can be difficult if you own a small car.

Caring for American Masti-Bull

This breed does not require a lot of care and maintenance. They are pretty easy to take care of though you can avoid giving them ample attention.

American Masti-Bull Nutrition

Being a large breed, you are required to provide them with enough nutrition that can help them maintain their muscle mass. Serving about 1.5 to 2.5 cups of good quality dry dog food divided into two meals would suffice. You can also add some additional protein components to the food to make it richer.

How to Groom an American Masti-Bull

The American Masti-Bull does not require a lot of grooming. The fur is quite fine and short in length. They shed moderately, so you don’t have to worry about drowning in hair every day. The fur can be brushed regularly to remove any settled debris. You can give it a bath twice a month or depending on the needs of your pup.

American Masti-Bull Activity Levels

If your family is laid back type, this is the pup for you. They are not the extra hyper types, but they do require a regular dose of workout. This is necessary to keep up their build and maintain their health. You can couple up their regular walks with a light exercise routine like playing frisbee or running.

Caring for American Masti-Bull

Taking care of these gentle giants requires only a lot of affection and a lot of attention. Just feed them right and groom them regularly to make sure they are healthy and clean always. With this dog, you are not going to be in a lot of trouble.

American Masti-Bull Health

The American Masti-Bull being a large breed, is prone to health issues. Some of the common health conditions include skin allergies, cataracts, and hyperthyroidism. Seizures are yet another common condition seen with these dogs. Make sure you have regular checkups to avoid complications in the longer run. 

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