Aussie Pom Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

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The Aussie Pom is a mixed or hybrid dog, and with the Australian Shepherd as one parent breed and the other a Pomeranian, it would be difficult for this designer breed not to be charming and cute. You can adopt this dog irrespective of being a novice dog owner.

This cute little doggo with least bother you with its grooming exercise and other needs. It is very easy-going and well-suited to all types of living environments.

Aussie Pom History

Aussie Pom Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBecause the Aussie Pom is a new crossbreed or hybrid dog, there is a little history of how it began. It is easier to look back to the two-parent breeds of this hybrid. The Australian Shepherd is a newer breed tracing its origin to the 19th century. The place of its origin is California. There are traces of herding dogs like Basque Shepherds, the Australian Shepherd dogs in its lineage. The Australian Shepherd has become one of the most popular companion dog breeds in the US.

On the other side, the Pomeranian, also known as a Pom, is a cute little furry dog. The dog got its name from a region in northwest Poland known as “Pomerania.” This Spitz-type breed was a favorite among the royals and the nobles. In the 1870s, Kennel Club England firsts registered this breed. Moreover, it is also recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a part of the German Spitz breed. The modern-day Pomeranian is smaller than its older version. In 1888 the American Kennel Club officially registered it as a breed.

Aussie Pom Characteristics

Aussie Poms perfectly balances their parental characteristics as they are small Shepherds with Pomeranian facial features. Usually, it is a medium-sized dog with a dense coat with wiry medium-length hair. The eyes are deep and shiny, expressing innocence, the nose cherry black while the ears are dropdown. The body is longer than it is tall, and the tail is feathery.

How Big to Aussie Pom Get

The Aussie Pom is a smaller doggy that weighs around 10 to 30 pounds and stands 12 to 17 inches at the withers. The bitch is marginally smaller than its male dog.

How Long Does Aussie Pom Live

Expect your Aussie Pom to live for about 12 to 15 years. You can increase this life expectancy with care, love, and attention, and a healthy diet.

How Much Does an Aussie Pom Cost

A pup like Aussie Pom will run you almost $500-$800. You’ll likely need to go through a breeder to get your hands on your puppy, as procuring a puppy could be a bit of a challenge. They rarely show up in rescue homes or shelters, but you can search.

Aussie Pom Temperament/Personality

The Aussie Pom Temperament is s intelligent, active, loyal, protective, and playful dog specially bred to be a companion dog. Other than just companion these dogs are even happier if given a steady job or activity to do. Thus, they can be good working dogs, companion dogs as well as watchdogs.

As a very active breed, it is known to become destructive if it doesn’t receive adequate exercise. It does well in running families where they can get a variety of activities. It is not a yappy or barky dog but can be a little noisy if it doesn’t see people around for a longer duration.

These little dogs may become restless and destructive due to boredom. Generally, this dog is easy-going and balanced, but when it comes to family members, they may be more reserved with strangers. To make their bonding smooth with children and others, ensure proper socialization.

Caring for Aussie Pom

Owning an Aussie Pom has its advantages and challenges. Hence, it is important to know how to care for this breed, both physically and mentally. This section goes into a detailed discussion about the requirements of keeping this dog as a pet.

Aussie Pom Nutrition

The Aussie Pom food consumption is around 1-2 cups of Food for Small Dogs per day. Divide the meal into small portions so they don’t overeat. A healthy diet is crucial to keep them away from any ailments and remain healthy and fit.

How to Groom an Aussie Pom

The Aussie Pom requires regular grooming, but they are good going and enjoy bathing and brushing. You need to brush their wiry soft fur with a Dog Brush regularly. Generally, they have a fairly low odor which you can reduce using a dog deodorizer. It is particularly important to keep this crossbreed’s ears clean as the hair that grows in them can trap dirt and other contaminants.

Aussie Pom Activity Levels

Physical and mental activity is a high priority for your Aussie Pom. If they cannot meet their exercise needs to pent up their energy, they will be on the verge of getting separation anxiety. You will need to schedule at least two hours of exercise daily for this active and playful dog.

Caring for Aussie Pom

You can handle Aussie Pom even if you are a first-time pet holder. It is not very demanding except for your love and attention. It would help if you kept up with their grooming routine considering all the factors, e.g., tooth brushing, nail trimming, hair brushing, bathing, and hair trimming.

Keep this little doggo safe from harsh weather. Ensure it wears a Dog Sweater when going out cold and use Cooling Vests for Dogs in warm weather. Extreme weather can be very harmful to him.

Aussie Pom Health

The Aussie Pom is less likely to incline towards little prone to the diseases that plagued its parents. Few health concerns that it can get are Hip dysplasia, ear infections, obesity, and skin allergies. Use Coconut Oil for Dogs to prevent skin itching and dryness. Moreover, avoid all these diseases by taking your pup regularly to a veterinarian as a part of its health regimen.

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