Beagi Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Beagi Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Beagi is hybrid dog produced by crossing the Beagle and the Welsh Corgi (Pembroke or the Cardigan) dog. Also known as a Corgeagle, it appears to be small with different coat colors.

A mix of purebred and famous parent dogs is loyal, loveable, protective, and gentle, making it perfect for the family pet. Look no further if you were looking for a smart and cute pup to keep. We have listed all the care aspects and requirements of Beagi in this article to help you out!

Beagi History

Like all other hybrids, the Beagi has a short-recorded history, but its parents’ background can help. Beagle is a famous dog in the US that traces back to Roman times since the 15th century. However, the standard of this breed was first set in late 1800. The Beagles were prominent due to their sharp sniffing and hearing prowess and hunting hares by the hunters. For several centuries it is famous for hunting and a family dog and was accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

In sharp comparison, the Corgi is an ancient breed of dog with an interesting fictional history. According to some old fairy tales, they came from the Eden of elves and fairies, and they treasured the families who keep them. However, it is a descendant of “Flemish spitz dogs” brought to Wales around the 11th century. It got recognition from various clubs and organizations, including the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

Beagi Characteristics

Beagi is a small-sized enthusiastic dog with a double-layered coat. The undercoat is soft and dense, while the outer one has short and coarser fur overlaying it. It has a sturdy build along with adorable facial features that makes it appealing to the sight.

Below is the list of the Beagi’s characteristics; keep reading!

How Big to Beagi Get

This small-sized canine weighs no more than twenty pounds. Beagi’s average height (both male and female) is about 10-16 inches, while their weight ranges from 10-20 pounds. This pup is small but with a muscular built and high energy levels.

How Long Does Beagi Live

Beagi has the average life expectancy of a small canine, 12 to 15 years, under normal circumstances. Take care of your pup’s health to let him complete his lifespan healthily, and also, you can increase this span with good care.

How Much Does a Beagi Cost

With the qualities of an incredible hybrid and having purebred parent dogs, the Beagi is a famous hybrid, but it is not easily available. You will have to invest a little time searching for a reputable breeder that provides health clearance and lineage proof. With all these prerequisites, your doggy can cost you almost $700 to $800.

Beagi Temperament/Personality

A hybrid dog such as Beagi can vary in temperament contingent upon the parent breed’s prominent personality traits. It is an energetic and lively dog who is silly and smart at the same time. Not only content here, but they also love to be the center of attention.

This adorable doggo has a lot of habits that make it fun to have around. It can do even best in a fun-loving and active family. The agile and active Beagi would not hesitate to go on adventures with its master or the entire family. This pup is a bundle of all things positive, but you must ensure early proper socialization and training.

A dog’s training can be effective if the leader is firm with a patient and consistent attitude. Motivate the pup by giving a pat on the back and little treats to help him train quickly. Socialization is also crucial, along with other training.

Caring for Beagi

A pet parent must know before buying a dog that he will have to invest his time and money to keep the puppy happy and healthy. Here are some simple and prompt aspects which can help you with your Beagi’s care.

Beagi Nutrition

We recommend you to feed your Beagi with a specially formulated diet for a smaller-sized dog as the little dogs have small tummies that are quickly filled; more keen observation is required for their calorie intake. On average, feed him one cup full of high-quality kibble split into 2-3 meals per day.

How to Groom a Beagi

Having a tight, short, and smooth coat for the grooming of Beagi is an easy task. It is seen to be a clean dog who usually cleans himself like a feline. However, it may develop a doggy odor, so make a bathing routine after every 3-4 months. Other maintenance includes teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping of your puppy.

Beagi Activity Levels

The Beagi is a very active puppy; rather, it is fun-loving and very sociable that loves to play around kids and other pets. Its small size suggests that it is perfectly suited to living in, but in case you must take it outside every day. A daily 30-40 minutes of outside activity can keep this dog’s energy levels on point.

Caring for Beagi

Your Beagi follows a love-giving and attention-seeking relationship. It has a double coat that helps survive in all climates; however, you must keep it safe from harsh climatic conditions.

Good maintenance keeps good hygiene, giving away to a healthy life of the pup. Being a small-sized dog, it can be a little clingy and love to be in your lap sometimes.

Beagi Health

In general, Beagis are healthy dogs except having some diseases if not cared for properly. The health concerns to which this doggy can be susceptible are Elbow and Hip Dysplasia, ear infections, and allergies.

Follow a health regimen for your puppy and seek medication as organized by the veterinarian. Especially if you notice anything unusual with your pup’s behavior, take it to the vet immediately.

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