5 Best Dog Brushes for Bichon Frise (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you have trouble brushing your Bichon Frise’s fur out at grooming time, the curly hair getting tangled so easily making brushing it a nightmare? Many brushes are too hard on your dog’s skin, causing pain or discomfort with daily brushings, but there are brushes specially made for dogs like the Bichon Frise. These brushes are commonly called Slicker Brushes and they are made to comb out your pup’s fur without yanking or pulling.

After thorough research I have compiled the top five recommended dog brushes for Bichon Frise. Each product will have a short item description to give you an idea of why you should buy that product. At the bottom of the article is a buying guide for extra information regarding the different brushes and features you may want to look at.

Best Dog Brushes for Bichon Frise

Here are our Bichon Frise dog brush reviews.

1. Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats And Tangled Hair – Your Dog Or Cat Will Love Being Brushed With The Grooming Brush

The Hertzko Slicker Dog Brush is made to gently remove the stubborn undercoat of your Bichon Frise without causing pain or discomfort. The brush is good for either cats or dogs, making it perfect for multiple pet owners. The bristles are designed to be easy to clean, simply pull the hair off and you’re ready to go again.

  • Made to remove undercoat without pain or discomfort
  • Works for dogs and cats alike, perfect for multi pet parents
  • Bristles are easy to clean, pull the fur out and go again

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2. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

[upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt Enhanced Five Finger Design Perfect For Dog & Cat With Long & Short Fur 1 Pair

The Delomo Pet Grooming Glove is made for your convenience in grooming your Bichon Frise, just slip it on and pet them. The bristles are made for either long or short fur and can be used on cats and dogs alike. The soft rubber bristles are designed to reach below into the undercoat without cutting or damaging your Bichon Frise’s skin.

  • Made for grooming convenience, put it on and pet your pooch
  • Works on long or short fur, cats and dogs alike
  • Rubber bristles are made for comfort and to get the job done
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3. Pat You Pet Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Tool 2 Sided Undercoat Rake For Cats & Dogs Safe Dematting Comb For Easy Mats & Tangles Removing No More Nasty Shedding And Flying Hair

The Pat Your Pet Grooming Dog Brush is made with two sides for you to use on your Bichon Frise, one for the stubborn undercoat and one for the overcoat. The tool removes matts and tangles without pulling painfully. The combs are made with rounded heads to ensure no scratching or hurting your dog while grooming.

  • Two sided grooming tool for over and under coat
  • Removes matts and tangled with no pain or pulling
  • Rounded heads make for no unpleasant or painful brushing

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4. Glendan Dog Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush Slicker Pet Grooming Brush Shedding Grooming Tools

The Glendan Dog Brush is made for dogs who shed a lot, the bristles reach down into the undercoat with little issue and pull up the loose fur on your Bichon Frise. The brush can be used on either cats or dogs for those multi pet owners convenience. The brush removes matts, dander, dirt, loose fur and tangles.

  • Made for dogs who shed excessively, reaches into undercoat and pulls up loose fur
  • Can be used for cats or dogs, great for owners of both
  • Removes all sorts of skin and fur irritants without pain
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5. FURminator Grooming Slicker Dog Brush

Furminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush For Clean Healthy Coats

The FURminator Grooming Slicker Dog Brush comes in sizes large or small to cater to your personal preference or if you have multiple dogs. The bristles are sturdy without being too rough on your Bichon Frise’s skin. This brush is made for dogs with curly, long or medium coats making it perfect for the Bichon Frise.

  • Comes in two sizes for your choosing, great if you have multiple dogs
  • Sturdy bristles don’t yank or pull painfully
  • Made for dogs with curly, medium or long fur

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Bichon Frise Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

As you can see from the above, there are many different types of dog brushes and they all have different styles and features. No matter what brush you buy, always be sure to not put too much pressure behind your grooming, even the most gentle brush will hurt your Bichon Frise if you put too much strength behind it. So saying there are brushes whose bristles are made too sharp and they will cut your dog’s skin with even the lightest pressure. Always check product reviews and information to be sure you are getting the brush you want.

Removes Fur From Undercoat

When your dog sheds heavily, the reason for that is because all the fur in the undercoat gets caught and then it spills out once it overflows. To stop this you need a brush that reaches into that undercoat and removes the excess fur on a daily basis. It also lowers risk of heat sickness and other irritants getting into the fur.

Removes Dirt, Dander, Surface Fur and Other Irritants

Dirt, dander, fur and all sorts of bacteria are trapped below the fur which means that if you want your Bichon Frise’s coat to be at its best then you need a brush that removes all the previous mentioned things.

Great For Cats and Dogs

If you are an owner of cats and dogs then it is considerably easier for you to get one of these brushes. Having multiple pet brushes can get expensive and storing them can be irritating. If you can find a brush that works for all fur types on cats and dogs then you are set!

Rubber Bristles

Rubber Bristles lower the risk of the brush hurting your dog’s skin but as mentioned before, if you put too much pressure behind the grooming then it will hurt no matter how gentle the brush. Rubber bristles are made to grip the hair while sliding harmlessly off the skin.

Rounded Bristles

These are another way of lowering the risk of tearing your Bichon Frise’s skin while grooming. Many brushes have rounded tips, but you have to check to be sure that the item is equipped with them. If the tips are covered in rubber and rounded then it is even more safe.

Glove Brush Design

This is a new and upcoming feature for dog brushes that is sky rocketing in popularity. You can just slip the glove on your hand and pet your dog like you normally do. The fur is easy to unwrap from the glove and your dog will love their grooming time.

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